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Chymere Anais is a personal brand dedicated to my life, the soundtrack, and everything in between. Essentially, it's a collection of all things deemed positively and creatively dope. When I first began the blogging journey circa 2009 under The Sweetheart Chronicles, I had no clue what blogging would become, but this platform has become an essential part of my being that has allowed me to learn more about who I am as a person and how I'm evolving as time progresses. 

Who is Chymere A.?

Chymere A. is a young queen with dreams who is, essentially, a veteran blogger and self-proclaimed writer. Wearing her crown as a multi-dimensional creative, she is also sports enthusiast and former athlete who prides herself in having excellent taste in music. 

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, I am someone who is molded by ambition, empowered by God, and driven by make-believe concepts of success and happiness. She lives to create, loves to build things, and aspires to one day be able to change the world with her immaculate ideas.

Chymere A. is also the founder/owner + editor-in-chief of #TheSkyBoxSuite a sports//music//style blog, that was officially re-launched in November 2016. 

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