Friday, January 26, 2018

Music Collective vol. 63 In My Zone (Side A // Side B)

Most of the albums I loved from 2017 - over the past couple of years, actually - are still in heavy rotation. Projects such as Ego Death (2014) and 99.9% (2016) are aging like fine wine and I listen to those records often. Having recently compiled the annual Musical Year in Review on The Sky Box Suite, many of my favorite releases from last year, like 4eva is a Mighty Long Time, Flower Boy and Ctrl, still get weekly spins from me, so don't mind if you notice some kind of repetition happening on this play list. I've just been super satisfied with my collection lately, which is partially why I haven't posted something music related much on here, aside for the year end compilation. Some old, some new, a lot of Drake for whatever reason, and somewhat random of a compilation, here's what I've been listening to lately. In My Zone (Side A // Side B) will be available for your listening pleasure on Apple Music + Spotify 01.27.18. 

+ S I D E  A :
  1. Diplomatic Immunity - Drake
  2. Whip It - Bia
  3. So Am I - Ty Dolla $ign ft. Damian Marley
  4. Dat Side - Cyhi the Prynce ft. Kanye West
  5. Neon Guts - Lil Uzi ft. Pharrell
  6. Worth It - Dave B. 
  7. Walk It Talk It - Migos ft. Drake
+ S I D E  B :
  1. Not Discuss It - St. Beauty
  2. Sweet Holy Honey - Sango & Xavier Omar
  3. Buzzin - Alina Baraz
  4. Rather Be - H.E.R.
  5. Call Me - Hudson East & ESTA.
  6. After the Storm - Kali Uchis ft.  Tyler,  the Creator & Bootsy Collins
  7. High - Ledisi
  8. Selfish - PnB Rock
  9. Anita - Smino ft. T-Pain
  10. Never Be the Same - Camila Cabello
+ A L B U M S +
  1. November - SiR
  2. Skin&Earth - Lights
    • sidenote: Shoutout to LJ | A Journey East for recommending this incredible album. As I was listening to it early, I realized that this album is probably the first time I've ventured outside of hip-hop/R&B/soul scene in quite a while. I'm so impressed.
  3. blkswn - Smino
  4. No_One Ever Really Dies - N*E*R*D
  5. War & Leisure - Miguel
  6. Nothing Was the Same - Drake
    • It blows my mind that this album is slick a "throwback" now...
  7. P2 - Dave East

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

How to Live Your Best Life and Be a Success Symbol in Any Industry | The #CreativeBossBae series

It's the first month of 2018 and the #CreativeBossBae series is finally back!!! The most recent segment, 8 Steps to Becoming the Woman of Your Dreams, premiered Summer 2017 and goes hand in hand with this one, so the continuation of the sequel was long overdue. Because my creativity has been heightened by the ambiance of a new year, I figured what better time than now to bring this series back. 

 I created this life guide of sorts, because I'm surrounded and inspired by so many creatives in varying fields. The whole purpose of this series is to highlight some of the things I'm constantly learning on my own creative journey. Hopefully, it inspires someone who is actively seeking insight on what it takes to chase dreams the creative way (because the "right way" doesn't necessarily exist). With that being said, I present my 7 tips on how to live your best life and be a success symbol in any industry: 

Photo Credit: Melissa B. Cortez via Unsplash
01. Live on Your Own Terms 

We all have the freedom to define what success means, whether it's having a bomb career, taking care of a family, both, or something completely different from the norm. Who cares if everyone thinks college is a waste of time and money? If education is important to you, pursue it. If you want to climb the corporate ladder, do that. If your only aspiration in life is to work, read, and travel the world, do that shit. On social media especially, we're so exposed to so many different opinions about how people should live their life, but at the end of the day, it's your life. Your dreams - no matter how crazy they are to outsiders looking in - are valid, so don't allow society to alter what matters to you. It's all a matter of...

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Music Collective: vol. 62 {Drippin' in Finesse}

It all began yesterday afternoon with Bruno Mars tweeting about a midnight release of his collaboration with Cardi B., remixing Finesse, a track that premiered on Mars' 3rd studio album, 24k Magic.  A few hours later, he mentions Ms. Cardi B, casually teasing about dropping the video as well. 

Watch the video + read my thoughts on it here 

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

When Preparation Meets Opportunity | Cheers to the Next 10 Years

Photo by Joe Hu on Unsplash
As I spent some time towards the end of 2017 reflecting on the year, I started to think about the last time I sincerely believed a year was my year. It's around this time that people are typically putting stake in the claim, entering a new calendar cycle with this whirlwind of optimism that was bound to sizzle by April. I know for a fact that I've been this person many times before, where - almost naturally - blank canvas and new beginnings excite me, but the momentum dies down by mid-year, if not, early spring at best. However, something about two thousand eighteen just feels...different. 

I looked to my old journals for reference, because I really wanted to know what my thought processes were over the past several New Years. I finally found my answer. Although I'm always pretty optimistic, the last time I truly believed within myself that it was my year was back in 2008 and honestly, I don't have much to show for it now. Damn. 

With that time frame in mind, I gave some more thought into what my intentions are for this year. The concept of 10 whole years going by was pretty surreal to me. I could remember being that young, bright-eyed girl; so care-free and full of excitement and hope for the future. Then, my mind couldn't stop thinking about what happened to her, like that version of myself was just some rag doll I traded for a fair shot at adulthood, and I really started to miss her. 

Slowly, but surely, the person I used to be crept into my quiet time as a reminder to my current "grown-up" self that that same girl is still very much alive, and all I needed to do to revive her is let go of all the fear that has been holding me back, all the pressure to fit into a certain box, and just believe again.  It was that simple.

Strangely enough, this conversation I was having with myself inspired how I want to move in 2018. Considering the last time I felt super amplified by a new year was a full decade ago, I decided on the spot that everything I touch this year will be a set up or preparation for the next 10 years, therefore if another 10 years flies by before I feel like I've reached a pinnacle again, I can look back knowing that I 1000% maximized the opportunity to make 2018 my year. I'm entering a very pivotal phase in my life where I really want to focus on purpose and making sure everything within my reach has long-term value.  Time is precious, so - in my mind - I only have one shot to get it right and for whatever reason, that kind of pressure leads me to think that this is going to be one of my best years yet. 

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