Sunday, November 12, 2017

12. ending with a beginning | #30Layers30Days

As we are preparing our tables for the traditional feasting with family and already setting up decorations for Christmas time, it's hard to believe that the year is almost over. Even in the midst of holiday spirit and chaos, many people find themselves contemplating the year in retrospect and evaluating progress going into the new calendar year. Personally, this year has been somewhat of an emotional, mental, physical whirlwind, but my motto transitioning from one year to another is: life is good, even on days it could be better.

While 2017 is quickly coming to an end, so are many things I've been holding onto for way too long, whether that be toxic relationships or bad habits. I know from experience and from speaking to other people about their experiences that God opens doors when we learn to walk away from the things that do not serve us, as well as the spaces in which we do not belong. In order to move forward in life, it's important to be willing to let go of all the things that are not worth holding on to and make room for the blessings we hope for. 

I am ending 2017 with a beginning in mind and preparing myself to walk into new doors of opportunity, new levels of independence, and new ways to manifest the life I wish to create for myself without neglecting the chance to be thankful for the life I am currently living. Romans 8:28 says that "...All things work together..." therefore, ending with a beginning allows me to to be optimistic about what lies ahead and opens my eyes to see the bigger picture. Closing a chapter or finishing the book allows me the opportunity to move on/dream forward without once feeling bad for leaving certain things behind. 

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