Monday, November 6, 2017 a ghost | #30Layers30Days

suspended in air like a ghost, like a cloud
with nothing but space and air around
I am floating,
but a sober consciousness keeps me sound
not phased
by this gravity
when you are my reality

where there is love, there is power
the choice is now ours
and even when sweet days turn sour
we can never lose sight
when God is our light
it's worth it to take a chance at doing love right

Here are the 3 golden rules:
  1. Keep God involved
  2. Give to God the problems we can't solve
  3. never change, just evolve
I'm eons above moons
a love beyond physical barriers and views
you're the one I choose

Nothing in this world is better than this
amazed by how well you compliment my happiness
I'd rather be here caught up in your bliss

star struck I'm in awe,
by how incredible together we are,
I am floating,
with no desire to touch the ground
not phased
by this gravity
when you are my reality

Chymere Anais | 11.06.17


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