Sunday, November 5, 2017

05. a cracked door | #30Layers30Days "open" letter about this guy I sorta like...

The risky text was a line of a poem I'd written. To some, that's not a big deal; just a compilation of rhyming sentences from a talented poet. For me, it was the start of something special. It cracked open a door to my heart that I'm not all the way ready for him to see yet. Slowly, but surely, the walls of Jericho protecting the love I have inside of me are falling down. Perhaps, he didn't/doesn't/won't see it that way, considering we share music play list and participate in lyric exchanges regularly. 

He is not the first one who has inspired me to write - he may not even be my last - but as an artist, it takes courage to be show art in the form of vulnerability...or rather, vulnerability in a form of matter who it may be inspired by at the time. Here I am, both ridiculously nervous, yet surprisingly calm, feeling both weakness and strength in the same breath, sensing that he will applaud it, but not sure how he'll perceive it and perception is vital.

Hopefully he sees this door as an opportunity to get to know me more, to peel back each layer with precision and attention to detail. I want him to take his time, because in all truth, I'm not going anywhere, any time soon. In the meantime, I'm just happy to have found an exceptional friend, who appreciates music as much as I do. 

"don't know if you feel the same, so I'll keep my thoughts hidden / we both agreed to be friends, but emotions have risen..." - Jazmine Sullivan, Silent Tears

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