Wednesday, November 1, 2017

01. when you promised | #30Layers30Days

The moment you made promises,
only to break them,
I remember how much I believed you.
As I stared at the shattered glass on the floor,
I contemplated how to fix it.
I hurt my back trying to reconstruct the empty truth,
I felt like I needed to know
how to put together the pieces
in order to be whole again,
in order to love completely again.
But much like the time I spent loving you,
my effort was in vain,
so I gave up,
but not because it was tough;
simply because I had to figure out
how to love myself enough
to not go through the trauma
of fixing what I did not break in the first place.
For my own sake,
I moved on without worrying about the mess,
because I refuse to continue to live in stress.
I breathe freely now;
I couldn't let you destroy me too.
I just learned that the broken promises you told
that flowed like polluted rivers from your lips
taught me how to be my own super hero.

Chymere Anais | 11.06.17


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