Wednesday, March 15, 2017

12 Things to Do This Month | March 2017

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It's already mid month already, and I haven't really thought long enough to be able to sketch out what I want to accomplish this month. Plus, there are still things I'm working on from last month's list. The point was to keep small bite sized goals at the forefront and work at those bigger goals one step at a time.
  1. Pick back up on two-a-day workouts. This past week, I slipped into the trap of making excuses for not working out, due to being out of town most of the week, but that's just what they were: excuses. 
  2. Take another social media hiatus; perhaps, just a week this time around. 
  3. Participate in my first podcast. Although I'm a little anxious/nervous about it, it was such an honor to be asked to work with Unscripted Podcast, so be on the lookout for that! Until then, feel free to listen to the podcast via itunes
  4. Call mi abuela more often.
  5. Work on consistency in all areas of my life. 
  6. Create an editorial calendar, as well as increase weekly production for #TheSkyBoxSuite, which-in the case that you didn't/care to know-is a sports, music & style blog that I've just made official by purchasing a domain. In case it's hard to tell, I'm super excited about that! lol. 
  7. Book a photo-shoot to re-introduce myself to my blog/brand.
  8. Work on articles to pitch to other publications. 
  9. Register for classes for next semester and finish up paper work for financial aid. 
  10. Engage more. Although I'm an avid social media {@ChymereA on IG & Twitter} user, I'd like to do a better job at sharing/complimenting other people's work. Not only is it important to do this as a way to network with other bloggers + creatives, but it's always nice when someone takes the time to connect and reach out to someone about the work they've done. As creatives, we don't always get enough credit. 
  11. New ink? Possibly...maybe...hopefully.
  12. Pick up a few books to read and complete before the end of April. There are a few reads that have been on my radar, just haven't had time to dive into. 
p.s.-I need that coffee mug in my life!

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