Thursday, February 2, 2017

12 Things to Do This Month | February 2017

Photography by: Jazmin Quaynor {via Unsplash}
Although I didn't get everything done from the monthly things to do, I've conquered at least 75% of what I said I was going to do thus far, so that's good enough to celebrate and with the right amount of leverage to move on to a fresh new list, adding only a few goals from previous list. That  being said, this goal format is turning out to be pleasantly productive and easy to manage.
  1. Talk less, do more
  2. Renew passport + purchase new luggage set*
  3. New ink. I already know the placement and exactly what I want to get. I'm thinking about making this my Valentine's Day treat to myself, but we shall see.
  4. Make weekend trips to the farmer's market more of a thing.
  5. Get back in the habit of buying myself fresh flowers...although it probably wouldn't even be considered a "habit", since I've only done this a few times. 
  6. Try this recipe (DIY Perfume Oil). By the way, the vegan chocolate ice cream attempt went swimmingly well and I'm excited to now have a more healthy alternative to my ice cream obsession.
  7. As a former athlete who has been steadily working at getting back into swimmer mode, two-a-day workouts slowly started making a comeback towards the end of January 2017. Not only do I need to drop some of this weight, I want to be back in peak performance shape. You heard it here first, folks; hold me accountable.
  8. Continue pushing and promoting content for The Sky Box Suite, which I am learning that although having a niche that's so heavily based on numbers, facts, and statistics requires a little more work, especially in trying to keep it as unorthodox as possible, it's been absolutely rewarding. This journey has honestly made me wish I kept going when I tried it the first time around. 
  9. Purchase a '.com'
  10. Take more pictures. This iPhone 7 Plus camera quality is literally everything, but maybe I don't get out enough to use it to its full potential. I definitely need to change that.
  11. Put in volunteer hours and invest time in things that matter to me.
  12. Pick back up the book I was writing and start working on it again. 
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