Monday, February 27, 2017

Keep working...

Creativity is an interesting world, because you can put so much time, energy, sweat into a passion project, put it out there, and no one even notices. And people have such short attention spans, we barely take the time to engage with other people's masterpieces unless it's criticism. People barely even hear you unless you have a huge platform to speak on. On the other hand, I know to just keep working, remember why I started, and stop looking for an applause.

The right people always show up when you're focused on what you have going on. The right people will be there to give you the extra push you need when you feel defeated. Some people will wait until you blow up to acknowledge the work. In the meantime, enjoy the journey and appreciate those individuals who have chosen to be a part of it in positive ways.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Music Collective: vol. 56 {Hymn}

Everything about this video is breathtaking; the choreography, the words, the melody are just crafted to perfection. I don't know much about the artist himself, but I am in love. Definitely adding this song to my Life in Sounds play list.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Consistency is K-I-N-G.

The main lesson I am constantly learning about is the art of consistency. It's one of those redudant lessons that repeats itself over and over again, primarily because I have yet to apply that knowledge to real life situations. A lot of the time, I'll find myself going in circles, just because I have yet to truly grasp what it is I'm supposed to be learning. That's what mistakes are designed to do; to teach you, and if you never learn, the cycles will continue until you do.

Although it makes me move at turtle speed when it comes to actually accomplishing certain things, I think I'm finally starting to catch on, finally starting to see how inconsistency confuses things, how it negatively affects the choices I make, and what kind of image it creates around my reputation. The only aspect innately positive about being inconsistent is the hope that it teaches you how to be more consistent, which-over time-has personally enabled me to get laser focused on the right things without getting distracted by nonsense and choosing to only dedicate myself, energy, and time to what propels me forward.

For instance, it does me no good to keep up with the process of constantly giving up and, in turn, constantly starting over. Consistently doing things that don't add value to my human experience is moving backwards and certainly not helping me accomplish anything. I've had to learn this the hard way, but now I know; better late than never.

This journey is all about trusting the process and I'm beginning to consider just how much forcing anything contradicts that law. If I'm forcing something to happen, especially when it comes to things that aren't properly aligned with my belief system nor my destiny, it interrupts the natural order of the universe. It's not to say that I should expect things to happen without any effort involved, but I presume that most of us understand very well and can sense when something isn't exactly flowing the way it's supposed to. 

Making small, consistent efforts towards something-whether it's cultivating an idea, building a relationship with someone, or whatever-will accomplish way more than force ever will. There is no need to rushing either, because as we become a part of the flow, we start to question why we didn't put more trust in the journey in the first place. We begin to better understand why certain things had to happen. Most importantly, we make room for things to manifest in such an organic way, that when things finally do fall into place, it feels right and noble and authentic, at least for me it does.

One thing I believe I've mastered, as it relates to doing what needs to be done to activate my dreams, is being able to move in silence; eventually, the work will speak for itself. There's a science behind being social without broadcasting my every move, even for someone who is active on most social media platforms.

Also note that people are always going to think/feel what they want about you. Why? Because, "Perception is 9/10 of the law." People are going to pry, speculate, discuss amongst themselves, offer unsolicited advice, whether you explain yourself or not, so it's really no point in dishing out intimate details, unless you feel inclined in your spirit to do so. I've gotten to a point where nothing I do is for validation, so whether a person decides to ignore me or watch me from the sidelines, it's a waste of time for me to entertain any of it. Regardless, I'm still confidently walking in my purpose, listening to what God has called me to do, and marching to the beat of my own drum.

That's where I am right now; silently and consistently working, not forcing anything, just constantly keeping my goals at the forefront of my mind and being mindful of where I am without neglecting to take small steps daily towards where I want to be.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Update on the #WhenSilenceSpeaks writing challenge: Apparently, I'm not that great with daily writing prompts, which is probably why the whole journalism route likely isn't for me. It's not only tedious, it also feels very forced in a way that bores me and I'm really not on that wave anymore. That's the main reason I was prompted to get back to the basics with blogging and write when I feel inspired to write. I think it's great that so many people are profiting from this and turning it into thriving businesses, which is what I plan to do with my other blog eventually. However, in this space, I want to simply be...and be myself, so it was nice while it lasted but...that's over, it's cancelled. (lol) Here are links to what I did conquer: 

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

11. to bloom in chaos

"Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace."

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Friday, February 10, 2017

10. fighting for love

After countless letters scripted, nights full of tears of hopeful longing, I finally gave up; because I no longer knew how to distinguish the blurry line between fighting for love and believing what is meat to be will be…and trusting that the universe is constantly working in perfect order. And not really knowing if love is supposed to be this confusing. If I’m being patient, what is it that I’m waiting for?

Perhaps, I didn't give up completely. Pieces of my heart are still fighting-fighting for hope, fighting to keep my faith in us alive, fighting on your behalf, fighting to function without you in the meantime, fighting to forget that people have free will, which has a tendency to destroy destiny’s map, but also a free will that you have chosen to not choose me. So again, I pose this question to myself, what am I even fighting for? Am I fighting for a chance? Am I fighting for reconciliation? Or am I fighting for to know the truth of if you would ever be able to love me again?

All I do know is, I miss the love of my life.
The love of my life is missing from me.


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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

07. controlled by confusion: en route.


It's been a while since I've sat down to write an impromptu post, but like I stated here, most of my attention-as far as blogging goes-has been redirected to the sports + music blog. Don't get me wrong; I have been so proud of myself lately and absolutely loving the content I've been putting out there. However, when it comes down to the more personal side of things, I haven't had much to say  other than what has been written a million times already. 

This post is already turning out to be like that awkward moment while you're having coffee with someone you haven't seen in years. 

The other day, someone posed a very triggering question: do people even read blogs anymore? For some reason, the question alone was discouraging. Given the pop up of blogs everywhere, it's become even harder to find new blogs with unique content and many of the blogs I love are falling off in a sense, or simply don't post as much or as consistently as they used to. And although it's nice in theory to attend local events and reach out to other bloggers in my area, I really have no interest in "networking" if I'm not building genuine connections in the process. 

For this to now officially be a personal blog, there isn't much personality here anymore. I think I've even lost sight of what I wanted this blog to be by listening to other influencers telling me what it should be and comparing myself to other bloggers who surpass me in every sense of the word. And maybe I am being too hard on myself, but I've reached a really odd mental place in figuring out how I want to go about continuing. All I know for sure is I don't want to stop simply because I find myself at a crossroads. Often times, I'll even have these perfect little life moments that I either draft something and talk myself out of posting it or don't document the moment at all. With that being said, I think it will do my soul well to play catch up and participate in #WhenSilenceSpeaks, a 30-day writing challenge, hosted by GG Renee of All the Many Layers. Not sure if it's in my best interest to write every single day, especially considering how late I started, but I will at least give it a try. 

And has been something I'm slowly chipping away at and something I haven't been 100% honest about, as I'm now approaching 10 years...yes, a full decade...since I graduated high school and have yet to graduate college. It's been a tough journey for a few different reasons, most of which I take full responsibility for and some due to surrounding circumstances. The problem isn't that I don't want to finish; it's just another one of those things I'm still trying to figure out.

"...(Hey Mama) I know I act a fool but, I promise you I'm going back to school
I appreciate what you allowed for me
I just want you to be proud of me..."

For some people, a degree isn't a big deal, but for me it's a huge deal, especially since it has literally been a bullet point on my goal list since I was a kid. Not being done and well in my career by now can be one of those haunting things that are easy to get lost in; I constantly have to remind myself to not fall into the trap of 'I should've done things right the first time around' and focus on what can be done and what needs to be done from here on out.

I know this post was all over the place, but honestly...this is what my life looks like to some extent, because I've unintentionally taken the unconventional route: searching for purpose and direction. trying to retrace my steps to better understand where I'm coming from without getting stuck in the quicksand of my past. Sorting through all the mixed signals I'm likely putting into the universe to gain some sort of clarity and peace of mind. All the while, making 'be positive. stay focused ' a daily practice.

So here's to another pointless rant. Thanks for letting me vent.

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

05. everyday madness (realistic morning routine)

so, I'm really starting to dig this conversational approach I'm starting to take when it comes to the personality aspect of branding. who knew it took so much vulnerability to just be naturally casual and at ease? 
anyway, I was tagged by Disa to do this morning routines post a while ago. the post itself has been sitting in my drafts since then and today's prompt was everyday madness, figured it would go up today.  now that I'm beginning to settle thrive happily in a new and less chaotic morning routine and I seem to be much happier these days, I think it's perfect timing.

Work day: 

As the title suggest, I'm not a boss yet, but I'm working to get there, I don't have the luxury of creating my own schedule (yet). Lately, I've been waking up earlier, going to bed later, barely sleeping at all to be honest...or maybe, reserving sleep for the weekends. Either way, it works for me, because it gives me just enough time to "lounge" in the mornings and a window to work on other things (i.e. my blogs) after I get off.  Some days I can run on fumes and be okay; other days not so much. 
  • circa 5:45 a.m. first alarm goes off. Actually it sounds more like a high-pitched, yet serene awakening and I'm not sure if that was intentional in the new iOS update or what, but I enjoy it. 
  • Normally, I'd toggle between Gmail and other apps, then scroll through my varying social/news feeds for a good 45 minutes before getting out of bed. pretty then, I'll be replacing this with swim practice, but until then...
  • make my bed. brew a pot of coffee. cup of coffee #1 
  • 6:00 am Most days I'll grab a quick breakfast, like a green smoothie or toast, even though it's supposed to be the biggest meal of the day (if I'm not mistaken).
  • Now it's like...6:30 a.m. press play on whatever play list or album I'm listening to at the moment. Shower (10-15 min). Hygiene (5-8 min). Hair (a quick wash-&-go). 
  • grab pre-packed gym back and cup of coffee #2 [to-go]
  • 7:15 am Head to work. Sit in traffic. Jam session in my car. 
  • 8 am work day begins. 
  • If I'm able to, I'll get some studying and homework done at work.
  • 4:30 pm work day ends. 
  • More traffic. More time to listen to music to derail attention from road rage. 
  • I've been good about maintaining a consistent workout routine, so I head to the gym. I do a 10 min stretch followed by a 2-3 mi. jog/run and I'm out. If I don't go to the gym, I'll work out from home with the help of my favorite fitness apps. Next month, I'll be starting my two-a-day workouts for swimming.
  • Make it my business to be home by 5:45 PM so I can watch #TheSix, new fave sports talk show on SportsCenter. bra off...finally. lounge wear on. Find a cozy spot on the couch, work on fresh content for my blog and/or do some creative work while the TV is on, depending on what day it is. Multitasking at its finest.
{Oh yea...I moved back in with the parentals for a little while. 
By 2018, all the madness will make sense, believe me.}
  • Like I said, I stay up all night pretty much. On a good day, I'll wind down by 11:30 pm with bengal spice tea, mellow music, and my iphone...maybe a book, and fall asleep by 12:15 am.
  • Repeat.

Off day:

  • Oh the possibilities!!! No alarms. No to-do list, unless I'm running errands. No set attire. No schedules. To go on an adventure or do absolutely do nothing all day is my biggest conudrum. I know...I probably should do better at maximizing my productivity on the weekends, considering the amount of projects I'm working on right now, but...I'll get there, ideally.
  • circa 9:00 am, wake up. lay in bed + listen to music. browse through magazines. catch up on sports news. write in my journal. read. lounge a little, careful too not lounge too long, because I am the queen of staying in bed all day if i can. 
  • At this rate, I'll probably skip the gym if I've been proactive about going during the week. If I skipped a day this week, I'll go once I wake up. 
  • cup of coffee. 
  • by 11:00 am, I'm awake awake. turn the music louder. make bed. shower. hygiene. hair. 
  • Depending on my mood, I'll whip up an on-the-go smoothie 
  • 11:15 am dressed and out the door
  • Being realistic, I'm probably back home before the sun sets, because I just don't find much fulfillment in the night life anymore. 
  • 6 pm home. bra off. lounge wear on. Glass of wine? perhaps. If I'm feeling lavish I'll throw on a face mask, try a new recipe (my pinterest board is full of them), and mayyyybe start on a new Netflix series.
  • ...or I'll fall asleep by 10pm and wonder why I can't seem to do this on the days I need to...
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Thursday, February 2, 2017

12 Things to Do This Month | February 2017

Photography by: Jazmin Quaynor {via Unsplash}
Although I didn't get everything done from the monthly things to do, I've conquered at least 75% of what I said I was going to do thus far, so that's good enough to celebrate and with the right amount of leverage to move on to a fresh new list, adding only a few goals from previous list. That  being said, this goal format is turning out to be pleasantly productive and easy to manage.
  1. Talk less, do more
  2. Renew passport + purchase new luggage set*
  3. New ink. I already know the placement and exactly what I want to get. I'm thinking about making this my Valentine's Day treat to myself, but we shall see.
  4. Make weekend trips to the farmer's market more of a thing.
  5. Get back in the habit of buying myself fresh flowers...although it probably wouldn't even be considered a "habit", since I've only done this a few times. 
  6. Try this recipe (DIY Perfume Oil). By the way, the vegan chocolate ice cream attempt went swimmingly well and I'm excited to now have a more healthy alternative to my ice cream obsession.
  7. As a former athlete who has been steadily working at getting back into swimmer mode, two-a-day workouts slowly started making a comeback towards the end of January 2017. Not only do I need to drop some of this weight, I want to be back in peak performance shape. You heard it here first, folks; hold me accountable.
  8. Continue pushing and promoting content for The Sky Box Suite, which I am learning that although having a niche that's so heavily based on numbers, facts, and statistics requires a little more work, especially in trying to keep it as unorthodox as possible, it's been absolutely rewarding. This journey has honestly made me wish I kept going when I tried it the first time around. 
  9. Purchase a '.com'
  10. Take more pictures. This iPhone 7 Plus camera quality is literally everything, but maybe I don't get out enough to use it to its full potential. I definitely need to change that.
  11. Put in volunteer hours and invest time in things that matter to me.
  12. Pick back up the book I was writing and start working on it again. 
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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

01. a different world

Most of us are familiar with the popular 90's sitcom, 'A Different World'. Loaded with references and nods to the HBCU experience and full of characters we could easily relate to. Back then, my favorite was Freddie Brooks and Denise Huxtable. When the new class came to Hillman, I became a huge fan of Lena James. However, as I binge watch the series in full, now that it's on Netflix, I'm beginning to see the show in a brand new light. 

It wasn't until I was older that I was able to relate to a really understated character in my opinion, Jaleesa Vinson-Taylor, a character played by Dawn Lewis, who was much older and more experienced than her fellow peers. After going through a tough divorce and probably a few failed attempts at trying to make it in the real world as a black woman without a degree, she made the decision to return back to college. Of course, she got a lot of side-eyes and negative attention at first, but it never stopped her from doing what she came to do. And eventually, the ones who questioned her position were the same ones who had the utmost respect for her when it was all said and done. This is why she is now me. 

Returning to school is something that I tend to overthink and end up feeling defeated about. Somehow, watching this show again made me revisit all times I told myself 'it's never too late', yet allowing my doubts and insecurities get the best of me...or allowing others to influence decisions that I have to make myself. I have to remember that it's not a race, that some of us take longer to get our lives together and that's OK. That's why it's nice to have little reminders to stay focused and keep going.

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{This post is a part of the #WhenSilenceSpeaks writing challenge, hosted by 
GG Renee of All the Many Layers.} 
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