Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Mastering the Art of Putting Myself Out There

For years, I have been using this platform to share my thoughts, opinions, and varying perspectives of the world. When I started this blog in 2009 under The Sweetheart Chronicles, I had no idea blogging in itself would become such a big deal. I had no way of predicting the rise of social media or that it would one day be a legitimate way for people to generate income. 

Even when I started to realize what blogging had become, I still didn't mind doing it for free, not willing to actually make something of it. I had no desire to become someone I'm not. I did I want to compete for popularity or connect just for the sake of collaborating. Even upon having adapted a more tolerable attitude when it comes to networking, sometimes I'll watch it all play out like some twisted version of Mean Girls, and I reach this point where I'm like: you know thank you, keep ALL of it. 


I've recently decided it was time for a different approach. I wanted to get to a place where I wasn't afraid to put myself out there anymore, so I decided to stop sleeping on myself. I was going to boss up and share the work I was so damn proud of. That confidence didn't come overnight.

It wasn't that I didn't think I was good. All my life I'd been told writing is my gift, something I was naturally good at, and I believed them. People would singe praises about my work. I'd even quietly applaud myself for the things that came out when I simply allow my words to flow. However, I didn't see the point of promoting any of it.

As you can probably imagine, promoting myself was a little frustrating at first. Although I felt like a vet in the game at that point, I was getting rejected like a rookie; no one wanted to take a chance on me.  I spent all this time researching different brands and who to talk to, developing well articulated emails and cover letters, but would rarely hear anything back from anyone. Nothing I pitched was good enough and I felt invisible. Gradually, I resorted back to my little world, slowly losing hope and  closing myself off again. I remembered why I didn't care to put myself out there in the first place. I can't lie and say I don't still have days where I feel discouraged. In fact, a couple times a month, where I want nothing more than to crawl back into my shell and allow people to find me on their own. That's how it used to be and it worked just fine back then.

However, we do live in a different time now. I'm learning how to accept that more each day. 

Instead of shunning the market by shying away and hiding away in this little unknown corner of internet diaspora, I began to look for opportunities to promote myself more and creative ways to connect with brands that aligned with my passions and my interest. Rather than resist times changing, I can learn how to make the shift benefit me and reevaluate what I'm aiming to accomplish through content creation. 

That's the thing about listening to those dreams that God places in your heart; there's always going to be this powerful force beyond you that keeps pulling you back to the thing you love. You keep trying, you keep grinding and you continue to push the envelope. It won't let you give up. 

Now that I've allowed myself to fall into that gravity of always finding reasons to keep pursuing what I love, the results are slowly starting to pay small and significant ways.

Brands are reaching out to me first, requesting services I never ever even promoted in exchange for compensation. The Sky Box Suite is starting to gain more attention and publicity that is well received. Some of my best journalistic work is now being featured on broader platforms like xoNecole and I'm learning so much in the process. No matter how many times I thought no one was tuning in, there is some satisfaction in finally being heard. Sometimes, being recognized by the right people at the right time, makes all the years of hard work so worth it.

There was a quote I came across that read: 
"Sometimes it takes 10 years to get to that 1 year that will change your life."

I'm realizing that there may actually be some truth to that. Like I've said many times to myself and a few times on the blog: when I'm aligned with my purpose, things start to fall into place. Doors begin to open. The right people and opportunities magically show up. 

To the content creators who often feel overwhelmed and overshadowed: At the end of the day, it's all a matter of perspective and perseverance. The industry you're in doesn't matter. Just keep working. Keep creating and/or coming up with new ways to be creative. Most importantly, never stop believing in yourself. 

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

What the Netflix series, 'Friends from College' Taught me About Settling

The other night, I was wide awake in the wee hours of the morning, reflecting on life and other things After binge watching the Netflix series, Friends from College. Somewhere in between me praying for guidance and stressing about my to-do list, a thought crossed my mind about settling and how often people force themselves to fall in love with the life they have and accept the cards that have been dealt, simply because they didn't end up with the life they actually wanted.

While entertaining, there were a few wildly familiar concepts that the show brought to my attention. It warranted this idea that some decisions we make result in consequences we are obligated to live with forever. On the other hand, some consequences are simply a part of the lesson, where we make a mistake (or make a choice), deal with the repercussions, and are eventually presented with another opportunity to go about things differently. However, more often times than not, the difference between permanent and temporary consequences is a blurred line.

For instance, people will miss out on the love of their life, for whatever reason, and opt for the next best thing. Perhaps, something happened on their individual paths that caused them to walk in different directions. Eventually both parties decide to choose someone else, because life is way too short to wait on things to align perfectly in order for these two people to choose each other, right? However, every now and then, those lingering curiosities pop up and suddenly, the normal routine they've built as the foundation becomes a little less dependable than it once appeared to be. What do we do when we are faced with the daunting questions of what would've/should've/could've happened when there is no way to change what did happen. After awhile, it all becomes utterly exhausting to dwell on, so we either act on it those emotions and risk losing everything, understand the grass isn't always greener and focus on the present moment, or distract ourselves with the life we've already established.


Saturday, December 2, 2017

Faith. Finance. Focus. Fitness. [Almost 2018]

A new cycle of 365 days is upon us and no matter how much we try to stray away from creating resolutions, it feels almost unnatural not least for me it does. However, instead of creating this prodigious list of goals to conquer, I go into each year with a theme of sorts. For instance, 2016 was all about consistency, gaining clarity, and protecting my peace. That was the energy I started the year with and the universe met that expectation gradually. 

For 2018, I've come up with 3 words to set the tone for the year: faith, finance, focus, and fitness. My lessons in each department have been on-going and a struggle at times, but it's time - beyond time - to take what I've learned thus far, apply it, and continue to cultivate each area.


Faith is a very personal part of my life, something that varies from person to person. My relationship with God seems to be getting better, deeper, sweeter every moment, but because I am human with doubts, fears, insecurities, and slip and fall like everyone else, it's absolutely one of those things that I have to constantly keep in check. Faith over fear and faith over failure.


Listen...I think we are all finding our way in this department. Obviously, there are people who are doing very well for themselves in their twenties, but for many of us - including myself - managing finances, building credit scores, saving money, etc. is a struggle. The silver lining is the struggle doesn't last forever, so it's a process. And by becoming more financially savvy, I will then be equipped to reach out to educate other people and communities about financial literacy.


An area I struggle with constantly is staying focused. Managing The Sky Box Suite was actually an ambitious project I took on that truly tested my level dedication and consistency. After celebrating 1 full year not too long ago (November 2017, to be exact), I realized just how much I am able to achieve when I dedicate at least one year to consistent effort. Laser focused on all the ambitions I have honestly been so lazy about pursuing, one step at a time. Right now, getting my finances in order is obviously a priority, as well as stepping back into academia, and I know how hard it is to balance both. To accomplish these things, I know I have to get serious, even if it means making a weekly practice to eliminate all distractions (i.e. social media) in order to get things done.


To my final theme, getting back in peak performance shape is going to be the aim this month leading into next year. Typical, but my argument against that is having been an athlete (swimmer) most of my life, so training won't be new territory for me. Aside from overall health, the most important thing about it is making more of an effort to do what I love and swimming has always played a huge role in doing what makes me happy. It's something I've been putting off for a while, so it's long overdue. The second I get the momentum going, I'm good to go, which is why I'm headed to get an early morning workout it at the conclusion of this post.

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Friday, December 1, 2017

16 Layers in 30 Days: The Archives

Writing every single day can be difficult, but I'm glad I at least attempted to complete every day for the #30Layers30Days writing challenge. I wrote more poetry than anticipated, which was cool, because it's literally been years since I actually finished one, although I have plenty drafts on my phone. Some days I either couldn't find anything to write for that particular prompt or just didn't have the time. However this challenge caused my creative juices to flow and I'm proud of what I was able to accomplish this month.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

21. walking in circles | #30Layers30Days

"Maybe I should kill my inhibition, 
maybe I'll be perfect in a new dimension.
Maybe I should pray a little harder, 
or work a little smarter.."

[Journal entry: 11.22.17 AM]

I do consider myself to be creative and ambitious, I sometimes wish I was better at execution or didn't lack direction in general. I just feel like I've re-structured my dreams so much, only for my heart to drift off to the same places and I'm back at square one all over again. Walking in circles. And when I take the time to reflect, all I can really think about is how much time I've wasted and where the past decade went...and I would hate to wind up in that same, perpetual thought cycle 10 years from now. 

This is why the opening lyrics to 'Anything' by Sza resonates with me, because I am fully aware that a lot of this internal battle falls back on what I'm doing-or not doing, rather. I'm the one who is to be held accountable and I'm the one who has to make the necessary changes and adjustments.

Who's to say that if I made better choices in life, things would be better than they are right now? Who's to say that if I married that person or went to that school that I would be in a better place? I'll never know, so I might as well always start here, no matter how many times I think I've been "here" before. 

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

16. a single voice | #30Layers30Days

Speak Up

There is a voice inside all of us, beyond the fibers of physical make up
A voice that is quiet and calm and honest
Bearing the essence of the thoughts and dreams that sit in confinement
That little voice, just waiting to make a difference
But we being composed with trained qualities like fear
Are too afraid to be heard loud and clear
Too afraid that if the curtain is pulled that the spotlight might turn us to ashes
Or the defense for what’s right won’t be liked by the masses
A deep dark penetrating fear that blocks the blessing to ears
So the chaos continues, people ignorant of current issues
Children misguided by the mere silence
A mind plagued with guilt and fatigue
From thoughts fighting to be released
All because no one is brave enough to speak

Chymere Anais | 12.22.08


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

14. chills up my spine | #30Layers30Days

There are many previously written poems
About lovers who aren't lonely, but still lovers alone
For years, self-love has been a process, steps taken day by day
Sometimes I felt close to being paired with the one, but never here to stay
As a woman who has found great comfort in solitude,
sometimes desires for companionship interrupts and changes my moods
where suddenly, I'm craving those long mid-day discussions
and those sweet and soft late night touches.
I vaguely remember  those kind and unexpected 'I love you' gestures,
or the simple forehead kisses to apologize after bad weather.
I miss the quality time with someone who was mine
and the mutual chemistry that gave me chills up my spine.

But I began to adapt the beautiful mystery in loving myself so completely,
that I'm only chasing after God and the dreams planted in my heart, never settling.
In due time, if true love waits for me
I will be blessed to honor my king.
If I am to be a queen, with no spouse as close to kin,
I'll just have to be eternally comfortable in my own skin.
The chemistry I experience will be in the small things I find
to be thankful for a life that was creatively designed.
On the days of stormy weather
I'll place my trust in God that things eventually get better.
There isn't pressure to find a love that exist in full inside of me,
because I am whole and I am free.

Chymere Anais | 11.06.17

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Monday, November 13, 2017

13. caught off guard | #30Layers30Days

inspired by what could be, 
to a love that does not yet exist...

After the whirlwind of a relationship between me and my first love ended, I made a conscious decision to avoid writing about relationships on my blog, other than a love poem here and there. Years went by before I ever publicly mentioned the mere possibility of letting someone new in and when I finally did, even that turned out to be a complete disaster. Therefore, I resorted back to the anti-love campaign, keeping my trust to a minimum and my precious words far away from the likes of men with ill intentions. This act of defiance in my writing was pretty much a reflection on how I was guarding my heart, shielding it from forces designed to destroy such a fragile and vital organ to survival.

But I am realizing why the heart is so closely associated with feminism; it is a muscle-no matter how delicate it is-that is designed to be strong, resilient, and functions as the core of an anatomical system that would fail completely without it. Understanding this allowed me to be a little less guarded, a little more open to what the universe had it store for me, a little more receptive to the gift of companionship, and genuinely see the beauty of second chances. This all started within myself and was an essential part of my self love journey. Little by little, I released the hurt I was holding on to and I felt the stars aligning. The future was unpredictable, but the possibilities became infinite, and there was peace in that.

Completely caught off guard, I found myself falling in again, allowing myself to feel again, and giving myself permission to write through it.  Quite unexpectedly, like a blessing out of the clear blue sky, a friendship has blossomed into something more and given us both, two previously wounded individuals, an opportunity to face our fears associated with love and conquer those fears together. Not only have I been fortunate enough to know a someone who challenges me to excel and reach higher levels as a friend, I've also found a partner whose presence feels just like the peace of mind I've spent my whole life searching for. It's too soon to proclaim I'm falling in love; I just know I'm falling in something and to say it feels so damn good is an understatement. The way he makes me smile so effortlessly and how he makes me feel absolutely beautiful in my most vulnerable state confirms that this is something worth exploring.

It's such a breath of fresh air to go from heartbreak to restoration and to experience a connection with someone that instantly felt like home, even if moving and moving on is something that could happen after a while. Life is full of surprises, so neither of us truly knows what the future holds and a lot of personal reservations are still hanging in the balance. However, in this moment, I am so incredibly thankful for whatever is brewing between us and optimistic about the road ahead.

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

12. ending with a beginning | #30Layers30Days

As we are preparing our tables for the traditional feasting with family and already setting up decorations for Christmas time, it's hard to believe that the year is almost over. Even in the midst of holiday spirit and chaos, many people find themselves contemplating the year in retrospect and evaluating progress going into the new calendar year. Personally, this year has been somewhat of an emotional, mental, physical whirlwind, but my motto transitioning from one year to another is: life is good, even on days it could be better.

While 2017 is quickly coming to an end, so are many things I've been holding onto for way too long, whether that be toxic relationships or bad habits. I know from experience and from speaking to other people about their experiences that God opens doors when we learn to walk away from the things that do not serve us, as well as the spaces in which we do not belong. In order to move forward in life, it's important to be willing to let go of all the things that are not worth holding on to and make room for the blessings we hope for. 

I am ending 2017 with a beginning in mind and preparing myself to walk into new doors of opportunity, new levels of independence, and new ways to manifest the life I wish to create for myself without neglecting the chance to be thankful for the life I am currently living. Romans 8:28 says that "...All things work together..." therefore, ending with a beginning allows me to to be optimistic about what lies ahead and opens my eyes to see the bigger picture. Closing a chapter or finishing the book allows me the opportunity to move on/dream forward without once feeling bad for leaving certain things behind. 

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11. another reason | #30Layers30Days

When I take the time to reflect on my life and the decisions I've made leading up to this point, sometimes I'm frustrated by how many times I've stunted my own progress by making excuses rather than using outside circumstances to fuel my growth. Even stopping to be upset and wishing I'd done things differently back then is just as detrimental as those "bad" choices. What's done is done. I've lost count of how many times I've had to tell myself that and refocus on wherever I am and whatever I'm doing in the present moment. 

We are not our mistakes. We are not the mountains that come in our way and those mountains are not a stopping point or a sign to quit; they are strategically designed to test our resilience and faith and move us to a higher level. Often times, they're mere figments of our imagination. Yes, we are molded by varying experiences, including the inevitable consequences of our actions, but one of the most beautiful things to embrace/experience is evolution. Life is full of the unexpected and in light of that, we aren't always prepared to make the best moves. However, we're given opportunities to learn, move forward, and do better the next time we are presented with either the unexpected or similar situations to previous ones we've encountered. And we continue to make mistakes on this journey, many of which are repetitive mistakes, but all of them are subconsciously toning our ability to handle life better and adjust accordingly going forward. 

I have learned that the mountains are just another reason to be great, but never a reason to settle in the valley just because the climb may be difficult. Never trade excellence for excuses.

"...Stop the excuses, don't believe the lies, and make up your mind that you've gotta try instead of making mountains out of molehills when they're not even real..."

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Friday, November 10, 2017

10. the phone call | #30Layers30Days

February tenth, two thousand and eight

{9} I vividly remember the phone call like it was yesterday...
The doctors said you fought the good fight relentlessly,
but in the end, weren't as victorious as we prayed you'd be.
It wouldn't be the first nor last the time I felt hell break loose inside of me
Though I wasn't brave enough to say I love you, I also never thought you'd leave
Your existence was yet another presence I took for granted,
which meant more empty lonely days spent moping and roaming this planet,
blaming God for another soul lost too soon,
and yet another tragedy my mind would eternally consume.

{8} That's when I had to stop myself from assuming the guilt,
Perseverance was something you embodied well, you wouldn't want me to quit
The highlight of my adolescence was meeting you at the tender age of eleven
We didn't get a chance to meet at the altar, but I know we'll reunite in heaven.
The biggest lessen that I didn't comprehend until several years later
that as much as we like to make our plans, God's plans are always greater.
Adjusting to life without you here, I had to learn how release my will to be selfish
allow God to heal my heart, fill the void, and give me a fresh perspective.

{14} Fast forward to the present, which is still blooming into an era of acceptance
Although I can recall the pain, I can also choose to remember you in essence.
It's become a daily ritual to remind myself to really focus on the present,
cherish the memories, without forgetting that knowing you was a blessing.
There is comfort in knowing your soul is finally free to simply be
without the constraints of physical sickness and disease
It took a while to smile again, but I'm a vessel of hope these days
No longer do I question God, who is perfect is all His ways.
What used to leave me feeling lifeless now brings me inner strength.
Your presence lingers in the atmosphere when the void of your absence is too intense.
The fact that you'll forever exist in spirit increases my faith in a higher force above.
I ascend this poem to heaven's gates, wrapped and sealed with all my love.
I pray it reaches you in Godspeed - 9 years, 8 months, 14 days removed from February 10, 2008 -
to wish a happy earth day to the love of my life and a friend I can never replace.

Chymere Anais | 10.21.17


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

08. where I live | #30Layers30Days

There's a myriad of positive things to say about Atlanta, the city that birthed me and raised me, yet the place I'm constantly striving to get away from. Although I do love it in many ways, I don't necessarily keep leaving because I hate it here; sometimes I'd just rather be somewhere else and I've learned the hard way that the grass isn't always greener. Plus, I have a hard time "staying put" in general. No matter how far I go or how detached I become at any point in time, this city will always have a special place in my heart. Despite the love/hate relationship I have with Atlanta, there's no place quite like home. 

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

07. beautifully broken | #30Layers30Days

It's Tuesday night and finally winding down after a productive day. Days like this make me incredibly thankful for the smallest of things, because I can recall a time when it was a chore just to pull myself out of bed. Facing the day, taking on each challenge as it comes, and smiling to myself in awe about how far I've come when no one even knew where I was. As I cuddle up with my lap top and a chai tea latte, Sabrina Claudio swoons softly in my earbuds, and I simply allow the words to marinate. The lyrics resonate, as this is the exact place I'm in at this point in my life. 

It's so beautiful to now live in the comfort of my own skin, where I'm no longer ashamed of exploring the dimensions of myself and not afraid to live on my own terms. And although I don't always have a clear view of what's next, I don't allow that to stop me from pushing forward regardless if I can see what's ahead or not. 

The brokenness I've struggled with in the past seems almost non-existent and though I'm far from perfect, there's something so phenomenal about being a broken for a season. Once I become whole, God is constantly breaking me down to become a new person and to live life according to a divine purpose, but how I handle that break down now and the adversity that comes with it is much different from what it was just a few years ago.  Being beautifully broken means allowing God to mold and reshape me into the woman I am called to be and it really doesn't get much more more beautiful than that.

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Monday, November 6, 2017 a ghost | #30Layers30Days

suspended in air like a ghost, like a cloud
with nothing but space and air around
I am floating,
but a sober consciousness keeps me sound
not phased
by this gravity
when you are my reality

where there is love, there is power
the choice is now ours
and even when sweet days turn sour
we can never lose sight
when God is our light
it's worth it to take a chance at doing love right

Here are the 3 golden rules:
  1. Keep God involved
  2. Give to God the problems we can't solve
  3. never change, just evolve
I'm eons above moons
a love beyond physical barriers and views
you're the one I choose

Nothing in this world is better than this
amazed by how well you compliment my happiness
I'd rather be here caught up in your bliss

star struck I'm in awe,
by how incredible together we are,
I am floating,
with no desire to touch the ground
not phased
by this gravity
when you are my reality

Chymere Anais | 11.06.17


Sunday, November 5, 2017

05. a cracked door | #30Layers30Days "open" letter about this guy I sorta like...

The risky text was a line of a poem I'd written. To some, that's not a big deal; just a compilation of rhyming sentences from a talented poet. For me, it was the start of something special. It cracked open a door to my heart that I'm not all the way ready for him to see yet. Slowly, but surely, the walls of Jericho protecting the love I have inside of me are falling down. Perhaps, he didn't/doesn't/won't see it that way, considering we share music play list and participate in lyric exchanges regularly. 

He is not the first one who has inspired me to write - he may not even be my last - but as an artist, it takes courage to be show art in the form of vulnerability...or rather, vulnerability in a form of matter who it may be inspired by at the time. Here I am, both ridiculously nervous, yet surprisingly calm, feeling both weakness and strength in the same breath, sensing that he will applaud it, but not sure how he'll perceive it and perception is vital.

Hopefully he sees this door as an opportunity to get to know me more, to peel back each layer with precision and attention to detail. I want him to take his time, because in all truth, I'm not going anywhere, any time soon. In the meantime, I'm just happy to have found an exceptional friend, who appreciates music as much as I do. 

"don't know if you feel the same, so I'll keep my thoughts hidden / we both agreed to be friends, but emotions have risen..." - Jazmine Sullivan, Silent Tears

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Friday, November 3, 2017

03. over too soon | #30Layers30Days

Remember those days when we used to laugh until our stomachs hurt about nothing, really or how we used to stay up until 3 AM discussing our dreams and ambitions? How about that time we all found ourselves in a pool after hours, overtaken by spirits with the purest of joy in our hearts? Do you remember slow dancing to Michael Jackson's Butterflies and it was right then and there that I realized just how deeply I had fallen for you? 

Have you ever been in a situation, as a memory is being created in real time, and it suddenly dawns on you how much you'll miss that moment once it's gone? And every second thereafter seems to move by at what feels like light speed?? Then, in the blink of an eye, the moment has passed and all you have from it is a memory, maybe a picture or too. Times like that are always over too soon. 

Tell me what's your November...?

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Music Collective: vol. 61 {4Eva is a Mighty Long Time}

On October 27, 2017 at midnight est, Big K.R.I.T. released the highly anticipated, 4Eva is a Mighty Long Time, available on Apple Music and Spotify. Immediately, I added it to my digital library. The following morning, I made my way to my local Best Buy [#notsponsored] to purchase a hard copy and support the movement. It has only been 3 years since Cadillactica dropped, which isn't a huge gap for passive fans, but for K.R.I.T. fans like myself, this record sounds like the highly anticipated project we'd been waiting on since 2010. 
             Click here to read the full review!             

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

02. the idea of you | #30Layers30Days

Letter to my future self:

Often times, I get caught up in whatever is troubling me right now, trapped in the struggle of that perpetual 20's crisis, which makes it hard to envision you in the future. Although I want the best for you, sometimes I have a hard time deciding what that looks looks like. It's been strange to think about, because thoughts have power and choices determine outcome 90% of the time. Hopefully, my decisions align with my prayers, as well as God's will and destiny for my life.

[Jeremiah 29:11-13]

Nowadays, however, I'm so in love with the idea of you. I can't help but think you are wildly successful. I've never been the type of woman to plan her wedding day or put herself in scenarios with children she doesn't have yet. However, I've always had this determination to do great things, even though that ambition was sometimes idle, because I didn't always know what to do with it. It's not hard to recall the days where I felt worthless and all the uplifting songs, sermons, and self-help books in the world weren't enough to make me feel different. Now look at you: a college graduate and entrepreneur, glowing with self-love and the favor of God. Success really does look amazing on you.

The family is proud and everyone around is in good health and good spirits. You've been able to exceed all the expectations that were set out for you and surpass the standard that seemed too high to reach once upon a time. Pay attention to the ones who have been rooting for you all along, who could see your potential in you way before you stepped into purpose to unlock it. 

And this amazing relationship you have with that gorgeous man you call the love of your life is all God. Here is someone who chooses you and shows up for you daily, prays with you, for you, and on your behalf, supports you, who adores every inch, every layer, every sacred/secret crevice, who is patient, kind, loving, and respectful...he's a keeper, and obviously, you know by now that all the past heartbreak and disappointments seem invisible at this point. Sometimes the love you share may not seem real and fear will trick you into thinking it's too good to be true. God heard your prayers, sis, so just enjoy each moment and don't take it for granted.  [Song of Solomon 8:4]

I can just imagine that bright, beautiful smile spreading across your face as you re-read this love letter to you, to us. You've transcended life's storms gracefully and everything makes sense now and everything ultimately worked together, just like Romans 8:28 said. Nothing will ever be perfect, except the timing and will of God, so remain faithful, even as you're striving towards greater goals. 

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

01. when you promised | #30Layers30Days

The moment you made promises,
only to break them,
I remember how much I believed you.
As I stared at the shattered glass on the floor,
I contemplated how to fix it.
I hurt my back trying to reconstruct the empty truth,
I felt like I needed to know
how to put together the pieces
in order to be whole again,
in order to love completely again.
But much like the time I spent loving you,
my effort was in vain,
so I gave up,
but not because it was tough;
simply because I had to figure out
how to love myself enough
to not go through the trauma
of fixing what I did not break in the first place.
For my own sake,
I moved on without worrying about the mess,
because I refuse to continue to live in stress.
I breathe freely now;
I couldn't let you destroy me too.
I just learned that the broken promises you told
that flowed like polluted rivers from your lips
taught me how to be my own super hero.

Chymere Anais | 11.06.17


#30Layers30Days Writing Challenge

Although I'm technically 3 days late at this point, I'll play catch up tonight and try my best to follow along the challenge. It's been a while since I've done something like this, so hopefully I'll be able to complete it and get the creative juices flowing again.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Currently Reading (Because You Liked...)

A few months ago, this girl {@keyairruh on Twitter} this really epic thread of book recommendations based on albums you liked on Twitter. I am naturally drawn to anything involving music, so I saved the ones I was the most interested in for future reference.

After reading up on all the books, I was on a mission to try to find them at my local library. Out of the six I intend to read, I've recently finished the first one, 1/6, which was absolutely incredible and I'm strongly considering writing a book review on it. I am currently reading a second one from her list:
  1. 'American Street' by: Ibi Zoboi 
    • based on: Pretty Girls Like Trap Music - 2Chainz 
  2. 'The House on Mango Street' by: Sandra Cisneros
    • based on: A Seat at the Table - Solange 

Monday, October 2, 2017

13 Things to Do This Month + Life Update | October 2017

Exactly one year ago today, I started a Things to Do This Month series- which was, essentially, a spin off of a popular magazine's on-going segment - as a way for me to keep track of my personal and professional goals each month. It became an on going series on this blog and although I didn't always accomplish every single thing listed, it certainly helped with accountability.

Well...the last time posted was earlier this summer, June to be exact, and that's just because this summer, my life has been a whirlwind, a circus of ups, downs, changes, and disappointments that happened all at once. When the circumstances became heavy and things in my life were practically falling apart, it was difficult to try and find some level of motivation to write out my goals. Briefly, I even lost sight of my goals and everything became a matter of survival, which is as depressing as it sounds, trust me. It's not so much an excuse as it is a reason, but in short, it's been a while. 

Recently, I moved back home, back to Atlanta, GA. It was more by force, rather than choice, but choice played a part as well, because I checked out in my mind long before I was forced to leave. The details aren't necessary, but it just wasn't for me. That's the biggest thing I've learned (and still learning) this year: you don't have to chase what is for you. The main reason things worked out as soon as I landed in Nashville is because I chased them; I made things happen. While being a go-getter is an awesome thing in most instances, it's important to be able to decipher the difference between what is and isn't exactly what we need.

Now that I'm home again, I honestly have no intentions to leave anytime soon, but I'm open. I've cured my little travel bug - at least for the moment. New York has crossed my mind a few times, but I'm really just focused on planting roots here as an adult and sitting still long enough to give myself a real opportunity to get my shit together. Tennessee was so random! Although the move itself did through me off track a little bit, it was a lesson learned. I'm determined to live my best life regardless of where I end up.

Here are my 13 Things to Do in the Month of October:

  1. Get back in the gym. Get back in the pool. Get back on the court. I don't know how many times I've written this down as #goals and not followed through, but it really is important for me to get back into fitness and maintain balance withing training by finding time to participate in the sports I enjoy.
  2. Find a new job.
  3. Don't shy away from promoting my blogs via social media and avoid shying away from talking about my blogs when I encounter new people.  
    • But also, spend less time on social media
  4. Be willing/open to connecting with new people; never know what opportunities those connections can lead to.
  5. Significantly increase content on The Sky Box Suite this month, which shouldn't be hard to pull off with regular season basketball and football happening around the same time mid-October. 
  6. Attend as many free local events as I can. I already have an art showcase booked to support a friend of mine, who is one of the featured artist in this particular exhibit.
  7. Friday, the 13th tattoo (?) strongly considering it.
  8. Learn how to travel via public transportation. I've never been much of a MARTA person, but this traffic is no joke! Since it's an available option, it makes since to utilize alternative means of transportation.
  9. Continue to build myself spiritually, spend more quality time with God and with people who are also on their own faith journeys.
  10. Start creating a strategy to get some very important business projects up and running at some point next year. 
  11. Begin the journey to learning to speak Spanish fluently. 
  12. Do something festive and fall related, like go apple picking. 
  13. Apply what Missy Elliot tweeted last night: 

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Music Collective: vol. 60 {Fly in Love + Chill: The Mix Tape}

These aren't all necessarily classified "love songs", this play list carries a close to perfect vibe, collectively creating the perfect soundtrack for lovers/potential lovers. For some people - including myself - sharing music is just as intimate as exchanging love letters, so please enjoy accordingly.

Per usual, I will be updating this post and Twitter with the links to play list on Apple music + Spotify. 

S i d e  A :
  • Best Part - Daniel Caesar ft. H.E.R.
  • Luv U - BOSCO
  • I Choose You - Kiana Ledé 
  • Best One - NxWorries
  • Lavender + Velvet - Alina Baraz
  • Garden - Sza
  • Home - Snoh Aalegra
  • Adore You - Nao ft. Abhi Dijon
  • Smile - Leven Kali
  • When It's Magic - Elijah Blake
  • Belong to You - Sabrina Claudio
S i d e  B :
  • She's Mine, Pt. 2 - J. Cole
  • Intentions - Terrace Martin presents The Pollyseeds ft. Chachi
  • November - Tyler, the Creator
  • Still Got it - J.Robb ft. Naji, Olukara, Solis, & Vada
  • Unique - GoldLink ft. Anderson.Paak
  • Signs - Drake
  • Live For - Bas
  • The Need to Know - Wale ft. Sza
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Sunday, August 27, 2017

missing u...niversity

Photo credit by: PeLo - image source
It's hard to believe that freshman move-in day at North Carolina A&T State University was 10 years ago; it's even harder to believe that the same memories still plague my mind, repeating like a broken record on my heart until I'm good and numb. The decade has passed by swiftly and it honestly doesn't feel like that much time has elapsed. Despite the memories made "post-college", I still think those years were some of the best days of my life.

It was the year that changed everything; the year that molded our first ideas of freedom.  Being on a college campus, vibrant with ambition and comradery, gave us that safe space to begin to really explore the world around and within  us. College was this new and exciting world that completely sucked us in; enamored by the thrill of it all.


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Spotless Mind

Perhaps I wrote home too soon on my blooming "love" for this city, because less than 4 months later, I'm questioning why I thought it was a good decision to move to Nashville. I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but something is missing and it's a very unsettling feeling. Even in the midst of it becoming a thriving city, I just don't see myself being here long term. If I'm being completely honest, I'm starting to feel a little out of place - a little uncomfortable even-  in areas where there is a general lack of representation and culture, that is simply majority white, which is something totally different from being diverse. 

Don't get me wrong; there are so many great things that this city has to offer and I wouldn't want to deter anyone from moving to Nashville if that's what they are lead to do, but I have yet to find my footing or my groove here. The only thing I can honestly say I somewhat enjoy is my job.  At times, it seems like my workplace is my only escape. Who wants to live in a place where the only thing they look forward to is going to work everyday? If that's not misery, what is it? That's another thing: this city lacks ambition and I can't afford to be influenced by that kind of complacency.

I deserve to be in a place I absolutely love, in a city where my goals and dreams are able to thrive, especially if I'm going to be paying a substantial amount of money each month for rent. Who even knew it was so damn expensive to live in Nashville? Maybe, I haven't worked hard enough to be so entitled or maybe I haven't given the city a real chance. Perhaps, it has more to do with just not having found "the one" yet. Whatever the case may be, I'm already brainstorming a plan to get the hell out of here as soon as I can with minimum repercussions to my finances. Lately, I've even been giving some thought to New York...

...which is another topic for another day, so I digress.

Regardless of where my mind wanders off to, I do think it's odd to want to bounce so soon when I literally just got there, because this is typical me: not happy home, so I leave; not happy elsewhere, so I go back home. I'm definitely no stranger to uprooting my life and moving somewhere completely different. However, aside from my wild California experience a few years ago, I have never missed home quite like I do now. I don't even think it's a matter of me missing home per se, I just always crave home/places like home when I feel myself losing balance.

As much as I desire a certain level of stability at this point in my life, it seems like I'm never truly satisfied. For example, moving to Los Angeles was a dream I'd been holding on to since I was a freshman in high school. Long story short, it just wasn't what I was all. Obviously, there's somewhat of an internal conflict happening that I haven't quite figured out how to resolve or else I wouldn't be constantly trying to seek happiness outside of myself and/or in new environments. On one hand, I get that I'm unattached (single, no children, etc.), so being open to exploring what exist outside of my comfort zone is warranted and encouraged. On the other hand I'm forced to question if I'm ever going to find whatever it is that I'm looking for. 

At this point, I seriously do not know which is worse: to suck it up and give this city another chance or accept that it's simply not for me and go back home to figure out what I want to do/where I want to go next, if I must leave at all.

...whichever comes first. Who knows? In the next couple of years - knowing me - that may no longer be a sarcastic statement anymore.

"...I started as a love song, 24 years in the making / moving from place to place and / I never really settled down / without a place to call home / I got so used to the changes..."

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Music Collective: vol. 59 {Heavy Rotation Songs, According to the TL}

Some time last month, I hopped on the 'questions thread' theme that occurs ever so often in the wonderful world of Twitter and asked a sequence of 14 questions. Question #10: What song(s) are you listening to in heavy rotation at the moment? It took a while to sort through the overwhelming responses, but I finally did and decided to make a (rather eclectic) play list of songs the lovely people on Twitter has on rotation. I will curate a full play list on Apple Music + Spotify ASAP!


Sunday, June 25, 2017

We Are Who We Choose To Be | Ranata Suzuki

We are not simply the sum of our life experiences – we are fundamentally who we choose to be. While it is true that every person we have met and every place we have been has played their part in shaping who we are – it is us and us alone that decides how we allow them to shape us. 
That is what defines us… because life will bring great pain and sadness, that is one of its only certainties… but it also has the potential for so much love and happiness if you keep your heart open to others despite your pain. 
I have been hurt. 
I have been hurt more times than I can count in ways you cannot even imagine, and yet the only hate I have within me is of the notion of inflicting what I have experienced onto someone else
...the only spite I am capable of is to carry on peacefully in spite of all that has befallen me. 
The energy we hold within us flows through our bodies and out of our fingertips like tendrils into all that surrounds us… 
We can choose to spread love or we can choose to spread pain… 
The pain I bury. 
I bury it deep within me where I know it can never hurt another and feel content in the knowledge that when I die – it dies with me; I never passed it on to someone else because I knew exactly how it felt and could not bear the thought of another person ever feeling it. 
And it is love that gives me that strength. 
It is love that enables me to control my pain and give only my love to others… 
And if love can keep pain like that under control… 
then surely love is the greater force.

—Ranata Suzuki

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Moving Forward, Finding Freedom

Graphic Artwork by: Lexx Valdez |  @Lexx_Valdez on IG + @Lexx_Valdez on Twitter

It's been 4 years since the shooting of Trayvon Martin...

3 years since Mike Brown

1 year since Philando Castile

and a few days shy of the tragedy of Charleena Lyles

...with several cases reported and too many left under the radar.

It just continues to happen and no justice is being served. Right before our eyes, men and women of color are being unjustly murdered at the hands of the police. We are well aware at this point that African-American people are not being protected, yet we are-for the most part-desensitized and we don't have yet to come up with any long term solutions. Sure, we can march around and protest and climb impossible barriers in order to take down waving confederate flags at state capital buildings, but when is it ever going to be enough? How long will we walk barefoot on hot coal before we're able to break down the institution of racism? Will we ever be able to trust that our justice system is capable of playing a vital role in our survival? Or will we remain in a place where we are constantly fighting to stay alive?

These words certainly don't feel like enough. I recall scripting letters a few years ago to the Ferguson Police Department, contacting the Missouri House of Representatives, and providing resources for those who didn't exactly know what to do in that moment of darkness. I didn't hear back from anyone. I voted and it didn't make a difference. And when a presidential candidate who built his entire campaign around greed and racism became the 45th president of the United States, that painlessly numb sense of hopeless crept in again, because none of my efforts-none of the efforts of those who believe in the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement-made a real difference. 

How are we supposed to move forward? How are we supposed to be free?

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

8 Steps to Becoming the Woman of Your Dreams | The #CreativeBossBae Series

Girl crushes. Role models. #GOALS. We all have that one woman/cluster of women who automatically come to mind when those words pop up. Ranging from our own mothers to former First Lady Michelle Obama, she's the woman who epitomizes everything we hope to one day be and has something or many things that we all strive for in this lifetime. Even down to our chosen tribe and the lady friends we keep in our vicinity, there's something incredibly empowering and magical about being surrounded by women who inspire us. 

However, I want us to focus our attention inward. Envision the best version of yourself, and for a moment, happily exist in your own Glo-Up. What does she look like? What does she have that you don't have right now? What are her relationships like? What is her occupation? Is she living out her purpose? The most important question: how did she get there?

Quite frankly, these are all questions I'm still answering myself, as my ideals about success and happiness have evolved over time, but what I'm realizing - via my own progress - is that I am slowly, but surely, becoming the woman of my dreams.  As cocky as it sounds, it took a lot of self work to even feel like I'm almost there, but - of course - there's always room for improvement, no matter how far along we've come.

You probably won't become the woman of your dreams overnight, however, a good place to start is by following these 8 guidelines, designed to help you walk confidently in that direction:


Sunday, June 4, 2017

12 Things to Do This Month | June 2017

If you've been reading the blog lately, you may already know that I've recently moved and I'm a few days settled in. I left Atlanta immediately following Memorial Day and spent the weekend relaxing with my family before I leave, nothing too major. It's a little bittersweet, but I'm confident that I made the right decision to relocate and looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead.  
  1. Get acclimated to my new city
  2. Find a fitness routine that goes along with my schedule and join a local master's swim team.
  3. Be open to meeting new people and making new friends.
  4. Redesign the blog 
  5. Work on media kits + business cards for my sports blog, The Sky Box Suite.
  6. Book a photo shoot where I am the main focus/muse/model.
  7. Pitch articles to some of my favorite online publications + blogs. 
  8. Go on one of these summatime dates, as suggested by The Reign XY...
  9. Link up with Unscripted Pod for my very first podcast collaboration that I missed back in March. I truly enjoy tuning into their show (no matter how much they slander Kobe, the Great), so it should be a good time. 
  10. New ink? It's definitely been on my mental wish list for a while now, but we shall see. If anyone knows any tattoo artist in Nashville who does dope work, I'm open to recommendations.
  11. Get back in scholar mode. I found some free courses offered at MIT, so that will keep my mind sharp this summer and prepare me for the upcoming semester. 
  12. Plan a bestie-cation to the beach for our birthdays next month! 
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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Music Collective: vol. 58 {Loving at the Moment}

Although I post quite a bit over on my sports, music, and style blog, it's been a while since I've curated a play list for the CA Music Collective. This playlist is on the slow tempo/mellow side with only one song that's a couple years old (streetcar), but a summertime playlist will soon go up on The Sky Box Suite, so be sure to head there circa June 02 to get into the more upbeat bops that I've been loving/listening to. In the meantime, here's a short + sweet play list of the songs I've been loving lately: 

Listen on Spotify + Apple Music


Friday, May 19, 2017

moving to a new city...again

Photo by: Kari Shea
Over the years, I've learned how exhausting and daunting relocating can be, especially as an adult. After the initial excitement subsides, you're left trying to figure out how to navigate this brand new, foreign city with no friends and no connections to anything closely familiar, other than the few times in your life you've visited. Now, it's time to settle in to your new home.

Please, understand that I am writing from my personal experiences, as I'm well aware that all our experiences in new places differ. I've just had my fair share of uprooting my life to explore something new, which has molded my perspective, which also may or may not be different from your own. 

With that disclaimer aside, it's that time once again to uproot my life to explore something new. For the past several years, I've been back and forth between my comfort zones in Georgia and the Carolinas, Atlanta being where I grew up, NC and SC was where I spent many summers with family, and Greensboro (NC) was the town/city I moved to when I first went off to college. Of course, Atlanta will always be home and there will always be a place in my heart for those other places in the Carolinas, they just don't feel like home to me anymore...for reasons I don't wish to elaborate on. 

Without even realizing it, all this time had flown by and still hadn't truly felt a home-or at least not one I created for myself as an adult. I think the importance of this grows as we get older and are more concerned with the stability and security that comes with being rooted in one place. And this is not to dismiss any of my wanderlust dreams, because I still would like to travel as much as possible; it's just becoming increasingly vital for me to establish a home of my own to come back to.   

This brings me to my big announcement, yet another thing I'm generally super private about. Now the cat's out the bag involving a majority of the people close to me, I am comfortable sharing the news, only because I assume it will just be another blurb that no one will take the time to actually read:

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Ultimate Girlfriend's Playbook: Surviving Playoff SZN 101

photo: @antsoulo
In light of NBA playoff season, I've created a fun, go-to guide to help the girls, especially the ones who live or spend long periods of time with a s/o, who want to play a role in something her man spends most of his time enjoying and to to feel a little less dismissed/ignored during the whirlwind of playoff season. On days when no one else is available to hang out with and all you want to do is spend time with your man while the game is on, this fun little playbook is designed to help you ladies out a bit.

Before we go any further, allow me to give you a very brief run down of major post-season playoff dates for basketball, football, and baseball. Please note that they all end with a finals series, as well as a final game, but we'll get to that:

  • NBA {current}: April 15th-May 16th
    • May 14th: conference finals begin
    • May 16th: NBA Draft Lottery
    • June 1st: NBA Finals begins, end date varies
  • NFL{2018}: January 6th-February 4th (SB LII)
  • MLB {2016}: October 5th-October 25th

Games are pretty much broken down into a best of 7 series and conclude with an annual grand finale at the conclusion of the season, such as the Super Bowl, which is typically fun for everybody. Baseball has the World Series circa early November and a NBA championship game is held in the summer for basketball. Exact dates for these final competitions vary per sport, but usually occur around the same time each year.

Now, I know this is not a lot of information, but for the sake of time, let's continue with a really simple 4-step guide to surviving playoff SZN.

             TAKE ME TO THE PLAYBOOK!             

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Monday, May 8, 2017

7 Tips on Creating a Positive Work Environment + Creative Space | The #CreativeBossBae Series

If you're anything like me, it's easy to get spend an endless amount of time, scrolling through Pinterest for office and home decor inspiration. As someone who studies architecture, I've always really intrigued by the functionality and design of everyday work/play spaces, which leads me to the topic I'll be diving into today. For visualization purposes, I'll also include images of different office and living spaces that I'm personally inspired by.

Keep it light

One of the best tools with staying focused and being more productive is having a clean space. Although the minimal, all-white-everything approach isn't for everyone, clutter can be a distraction, so assigning a specific place for everything helps a lot, as well as finding physically appealing ways, such as color coding, to organize your work area. If you're a paper person, it may be best to invest in a file cabinet that makes it easy to keep everything organized. There are also various software programs that allow you to scan files and upload and store them to your computer's hard drive, making it easier to have instant access to all the documents you need. 

Surround yourself with images/quotes that inspire you

I love having inspirational quotes printed and hung in my office space. Currently, Good Things Come to Those Who Hustle is a one I keep in a spot right beside my desk. It motivates me to get shit done, even on days when I don't feel like doing much of anything.I really like having that at eye level, where I can see it daily to give me that extra push whenever I need it. I also like to keep frame pictures of my family and close friends. In the future office of my dream home, it would be ideal to have a theme that goes along with my industry, so that might be a good way to activate creative juices as well.
Check out these Free inspirational Prints for Boss Babe Offices via 


Monday, May 1, 2017

14 Things to Do This Month | May 2017

This spring/summer, I really want to lock in on all the things I'm passionate about, whether it's consistently creating quality content for the blogs or training and getting back to the sports I love (swimming + basketball). None of this is to be in competition with anyone other than myself and to not be too afraid or too limited to challenge myself and push boundaries.
  1. Back in the gym. Back in the pool. Back on the court. Back to good healthy eating habits. It's time to stop putting off the very things that keep me alive and level up in that department.
  2. Do a juice cleanse or some sort of detox this week + go back to a vegetarian lifestyle. What seems to be my pattern is that I can easily commit to vegetarianism most of the year, but every once in a while I crave chicken. When I do eat meat, I only eat chicken. That seems to be more reasonable for my lifestyle. 
  3. Focus more on what can be done, rather than stress over things I cannot control. 
  4. Find and list brands that I'd be interesting in collaborating with in the future and work on pitching articles to some of my favorite online publications that accept submissions.
  5. A girls' trip to the beach is a MUST! If not this month, make concrete plans for a much needed beach getaway in the near future. 
  6. Attend the annual Atlanta Jazz Festival (Memorial Day weekend)
  7. Treat myself to 1 of 2 things I've been wanting for a while: new ink or a new fragrance. Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent as well as Coco Noir by Chanel have both been on my radar, so I'm thinking one this month and one for my birthday in July...hmm...
  8. Explore local events to key in on the calendars and commit to attending.
  9. Sign up for a few free courses offered at MIT to prepare for the upcoming semester.
  10. Touch up on different skills like coding and relearning Adobe suite
  11. Figure out my next move and execute. This includes some major/minor professional changes, as well as personal ones, making my mind up about where I want to root myself for the next year or so, etc.
  12. Create a budget for personal and business expenses, sort out finances + prepare to restore my credit and be absolutely debt free
  13. Buy a physical copy of Kendrick Lamar's latest album, DAMN.
  14. #CreativeBossBae is a new series I introduced to the blog last week that is a guide that sort of helps young women like myself who are interested in starting businesses, especially in the creative field. My goal is to not only follow my own advice throughout, but to attract a different kind of audience and provide helpful resources to individuals who need it. It's also the gateway to something I'll be developing in the future. 
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Saturday, April 22, 2017

5 Tips on Staying Creative, Maintaining Balance, + Finding Peace | The #CreativeBossBae Series

photo credit: Chymere Anais. iPhone 7+. Sun in My Belly Cafe ATL
Lately, it feels like I've been in a creative funk, where I haven't been able to focus on much of anything or refuse carve out time to dedicate to the projects waiting to be completed. Even this post was something that was put off for a while, because it felt hypocritical in a sense, because I wasn't at peace with what I was building and creating.

Now that I'm in a much better place creatively, I figured what better time than now to release my personal thoughts on staying creative, as well the introduction to #CreativeBossBae, which is a brand new blog series that aims to be a go to guide for inspiration, motivation, and resources for the art of the hustle. Not sure if this will be bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly; I'm still working out the kinks, but hopefully it's something consistent.

The most important thing is to allow things to flow, although this just might be one of those easier said than done things. We all have deadlines, whether they are implemented by our boss or ourselves, so things need to get done, but it's better to think about quality and not rush through something half-ass. 

Learning how to work on a strict schedule is tough. For freelancers, 12-16 hour days to work on their own dreams may not even start until they clock out of a full time day job. And then having somewhat of a social life and getting a decent amount of sleep is added to the madness. It's the age of the hustle for most millennials, I get it. Your go hard or go home work ethic and steadfast ambition will take you places, but it's still all about balance. Take an hour or two per week to evaluate your schedule and find ways to level out the playing field more efficiently to avoid driving yourself completely insane, ultimately burning out while neglecting other important things in the process.

In other words, stop and smell the roses. Often times, creatives tend to trap themselves in caves until they finish an assignment. I certainly do this, especially when I'm super invested and my motors are running, because I don't want to lose my idea or slow momentum. However, I'm learning that simply going outside to get some fresh air helps me focus a lot better. Go for a walk. Find a quite place to gather your thoughts and relax your mind a bit. Catch up with a close friend over brunch. All of these things are rather simple ways to stay balanced and not get so caught up in work that you forget that a world exist outside of your work/creative space.

Gather your belongings and change the environment in which you work. Sometimes, all you need is a change of scenery. Most coffee shops offer access to free wifi with any purchase. When I lived in Greensboro, NC, I loved to go to places like Geeksboro to fulfill task I could quite do at home. It may even be a helpful to do things the old fashion way using pen and paper and brainstorm ideas outside or at the park.  Perhaps, you live near and are able to afford renting out creative/work spaces like Nex AtlantaWeWork, or Jig+Saw, so it may be a good idea add that to your monthly budget. Take a day or two to explore your local town or city to find some cool places that provide a cozy atmosphere that you are able to work in. 

I'm super bad at this, because I'm obsessed, but it's definitely something I'm working on. We all know how addictive social media can be, especially when there are so many different applications (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) to sort through, but try to be cognizant of how much time per day you're essentially wasting scrolling through and refreshing your feeds. Actually, it can be a barrier that's stopping your own thoughts/ideas to flow freely as they could, as well as disabling you from getting shit done. Because the internet can totally be a distraction, breaks are absolutely necessary.

Listen to an uplifting podcast read a book by an industry expert and/or celebrity you're personally inspired by without distractions. Have a conversation with someone in your support system or someone you can exchange ideas freely with. Allow other reliable people to guide you in a more positive direction.

I truly hope this guide helps. Although it can be quite challenging to stay focused in such a hyper active realm of technological advancement, always know your ideas matter. Yes, there's a world that is waiting to receive what you have to offer, but protecting your peace is just as important as producing quality work and what better way to respond to your purpose than to start with peace of mind?

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