Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year, Same Blogs | 25 Blogs to Carry into 2 0 1 7

Before I wrapped up post for 2016, I wanted to curate a list of blogs I follow closely, some of which I've been following for years now. Not included in this compilation are obvious favorites like Complex, The Fader, and HYPEBEAST , but I'd really like to get into the blogs with smaller platforms, yet developed by creatives who are dedicated to their brands and consistently deliver content I personally look forward to reading. 

Although the blogs listed vary in content, each of these bloggers have all inspired me in some way, shape, or form to stay creative, cultivate my passions; to continue to walk my own path-no matter how crazy it gets, revel in my own truth, and utilize my own voice, despite who I think notices. I'm intentional about the people I've chosen to follow on every platform I occupy. Without further ado, here are 25* blogs that I plan to take with me into the new year and highly recommend:
  1. BAUCE Magazine  |  @BauceMag
  2. Jocks & Stiletto Jill   | @StilettoJill
  3. Twenties Unscripted  |  @tyunscripted
  4. The Indie Byline  |  @IndieByline
  5. Life with jrdn  | @LifeWithJRDN
  6. Marevoli  | @MelodyOnTheMove
  7. A Journey East  | @ajourneyeast
  8. Emmelie De La Cruz  | @EmmelieDeLaCruz
  9. Vic Styles  | @TheVicStyles
  10. Cozy Girl Squad | @bydonette
  11. From a Wildflower  | @fromawildflower
  12. Kimberly Luxe  | @KimberlyLuxe
  13. xoNecole  | @xoNecole
  14. Brittni Pope  | @BrittniPope
  15. The Active Spirit  | @DisaChantel
  16. The Reign XY  | @TheReignXY
  17. So She Writes | @SoDreWrites
  18. Bronze Bombshell  | @bronze_bombSHEL
  19. Amber-Janae  | @WhoIsAmberJanae
  20. Pretty, Brown, & Nerdy  | @pbntweets
  21. All the Many Layers  |  @GGReneeWrites
  22. Brandon Braxton  | @Dante_Diable54
  23. Lasers of Six  | @SixLasers (null)
  24. The Stylish Standout  | @StylishStandout
  25. The Cool Out Corner  | @92Verbs
sidenote: As you may notice, the last 4 blogs are men in the blogging world whose work I really admire and even though this list is in no particular order, I did group them together intentionally. In 2017, can we please encourage more black boys to start blogs...something like a #BlackBoysWhoBlog {shoutout to Morgan for creating the #BlackGirlsWhoBlog counter movement}? I really think my list-although the bloggers listed are incredible-could use a masculine balance, so if you have any suggestions on male bloggers worth following (and please not the self proclaimed relationship gurus who spend their time writing think pieces on how women should think, act, feel, etc.) leave their links in the comment section, so that I can check them out. 



  1. Definitely going to check out some of these blogs today! Thanks for these recommendations

    1. no problem!!! looking forward to your blog re-launching and if it has already, where's the link!?

    2. I just posted on there it's it's been a long time coming.

  2. Awesome recs boo and I am so honored to be included!!!! Ayyye, thank you so much!!! I think your blog is a must-read too :)

  3. Thank you so much for including me and following my blog through all of its ups, downs, and changes girlie! Will def be going to check out the others mentioned as well!

    Keep up the great work in this space. As always, I love your writing.


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