Sunday, December 4, 2016

11 Things to Do This Month | December 2016

{Update from October 2016's Things to Do: I'm willing to admit that-even with a 2 month time span- there are still things to be done from that month's list. Life has been so...crazy lately that I can't even begin to explain the neglegence on my part. That being said, please don't be surprised if some things show up multiple times, especially the ones I'm constantly working on.}

Although I feel like I say this at the end of every year, it's hard to believe we're at the end 2016 already and Christmas is right around the corner! This year hasn't necessarily been the greatest for me personally, but that doesn't mean I don't have the opportunity to end it on a positive note.
  1. Visit Detroit for the first time and have coffee with LJ
  2. Despite the circumstances, words have been just flowing to me like crazy lately and I've made a huge dent in the book idea mentioned on October's Things to Do. It's been pretty amazing, because it's been a while since I've been inspired to just write. I'm loving the direction so far, so the goal here is to simply keep writing.  
  3. Work on business plan. I wrote out a fresh list of goals in my journal, outlined with specific deadlines for the next 2-3 years and more calculated details than what's here. Sometimes it's necessary to take a few steps back to figure out what you really want and now that I've finally realized what's stopping me, it's now time to start #PLOTTING and setting myself up for long-term success. {message}
  4. Create more content for my blogs. As far as my YouTube channel goes, I think I want to put that on hold for a while once vlogmas is over or at least until I figure out a more clear direction for it, but I do plan to participate in vlogmas (vlogging everyday in the month of December) this year; however, I'll be doing things a bit differently by vlogging daily, posting weekly. 
  5. Speaking of blogging, I'll be launching new blog project very soon, as I mentioned on the previous post...wait on it! 
  6. Find quiet time and time to unplug. Connect with the people I love. Ignore all the bull shit. Protect my peace of mind.
  7. Rededicate myself to health + fitness and prepare to join a master's swim team by January, because to say a milkshake a day  and no exercise whatsoever isn't good is an understatement. #FitGirlThick2017
  8. Read at least 2 books geared towards entreprenuers, such as this one and the one I'm currently reading. Look for ones specifically designed for blog/social media, or ones that are highly recommended by entreprenuers I personally admire. The one pictured has been on my radar for a while too and I finally picked up a copy, so I'll probably read it on the plane on the way to Detroit.
  9. Start planning to take an EPIC birthday trip next year. Aiming for Jamaica!
  10. Prepare to move back to home sweet A T L A N T A  and get ready to adjust to a new schedule. I don't think I'll be going too much into detail about why I'm moving, but for those who are curious, just know I'm just doing what I feel is best for me. 
  11. Fill up my 2017 agenda with birthdays, different events, and tentative plans, to set the tone for a busy, yet fulfilling and well-balanced year. 

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    I want to read as well, I read 3 books this year but with all the school reading and interviewing that I've done this year, I couldn't find the time.

    I am signing up for the gym once I get into my new schedule, because HEALTH is important.

    I also want to create a financial plan for 2017, I'm trying to walk into 2018 with a better credit score and savings outside of my ROTH IRA!

    Girl, B-day trip, I'm going to do my first SOLO trip to San Fran in June/July or Mexico. JA is my family's native home, you'll love it! Its beautiful.


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