Friday, November 18, 2016

5 Reasons Why People Avoid "Minimalism"

Minimalism is one of the many trends of the culture. While I do believe there are certain aspects of the lifestyle that are beneficial, such as creating breathing space, not having an overwhelming amount of clutter, etc. it's something that I don't believe I could maintain; not because I can't, but because I simply do not want to. The reasons per individual differ and of course, this post is generally speaking and not my reasons may not be true for everyone, but these are the things I'm currently dealing with in regards to maintaining the clutter. 

Also, I am currently somewhere in the middle of a transitional phase of my life where I'm being elevated to a different position (which, I'll write about later). . So, I figured this would be an opportune time to write out the reasons why people, namely myself, fear the concept of minimalism. 

1. Not accustomed to having a lot of material things. There's a stinging sensation in my chest anytime I bring myself to say 'I didn't have much growing up', especially now with the understanding that what I did have was sufficient. My parents spoiled me with experiences; I was able to travel the world, go to the best schools, participate in sports, attend concerts, do things that connected me to other cultures. I was always well fed and loved unconditionally, and those things will forever be of more value than anything money could buy. However, I never owned the newest pair of Jordan's, never owned anything name brand, and there wasn't spare money laying around to just go out and buy everything I so desired, which brings me to the point: a lot of my adult expenses are compiled of things I don't necessarily need, because of feeling like I missed out on society's fabricated version of wealth.

2. Too much pressure to be perfect. Probably the most standout reason why I can't seen myself committing to minimalism lifestyle, there is this underlying pressure to be perfect, where everything is airy, whimsical, and organized in proper and orderly fashion. All over social media, blogs, and popular Instagram accounts, the common theme is minimalism, pressed against a super clean, all-white background. Life is not that way, so I never wanted to stage my life to appear that way for aesthetic purposes. 

3. Associating the idea of blessings with tangible things. This goes hand in hand with my own childhood, because there was a reoccurring lesson in the experiences that my parents sacrificed so much of their time, money, and resources for: the best things in life are the things that can't be seen or touched. Knowing this, however, doesn't stop me from the dominating joy of having full access to all the first world luxuries, i.e. iPhone, car, shoes, and so forth. 

4. Sentimental attachment. There are a lot of trash-able items that hold memories that make it even harder to let go. People collect things with the belief that if they decided to throw it away, they wouldn't have the memory anymore, which isn't true, because memories are in our hearts. I believe even when we become stricken with age and memories began to beget us, certain ones remain in our spirits forever. 

5. Letting go is extremely hard for some of us. I am one to hold on to something way longer than I should, like my favorite t-shirt that belongs to a former [nameless] lover or the other half of the B.F.F. necklace I had with the childhood bestie I don't even speak to anymore. In fact, someone in this world has even had their dead pet stuffed and as wild as that may sound to some people, I get it, because when the dog, who was my saving grace died unexpectedly last year, I definitely considered doing it too.

As I evolve into this new space, I just have to accept that cutting down on the clutter is so crucial to my life at the moment and although it's becoming harder for me to accept that some things just have to go, literally and metaphorically speaking, I know it has to be done. Adapting to a more minimal lifestyle, I just have to find out what works for me, hold on to what is truly special, keeping in mind those things which are truly essential:

peace of mind...

Wish me luck. 



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