Sunday, October 2, 2016

14 Things to Do This Month | October 2016

Inspired by Cosmopolitan Magazine's monthly "things-to-do" monthly mood boards, I've decided to come up with a spin-off of that concept, composed of short term goals/things I want to push myself to do in the month of October. I'm pretty bad at following a monthly schedule, as I tried to do with the monthly favorites, but I'll try my best to compile at least one every other month from here on out.
  1. Socialize more. Put myself out there. Be more open to making new friends and connections.
  2. Continue to vlog and create content for both my YT channel and blog. The important thing is to just have fun with it. I tend to be so hard on myself when-most of the time-it's really not that serious. I'm also trying not to shy away from vlogging in public, because let's be honest one really cares as much as you think they do. Also, I haven't been blogging or writing in general at all lately, so I have to be more proactive about that as well.
  3. Speaking of writing (as if there isn't so much on my plate already), I have to make time to write this book I've been brainstorming forever seems like
  4. Organize IG theme. I'm not exactly sure if I really want to make my profile public anytime soon, but  if you decide to follow me, please interact with me via Twitter and tell me you're following me in the comment section. I like to be aware of who is following me. 
  5. Start a new ongoing Sports segment on the blog. 
  6. Re-organize Spotify play list and sort through my music library. 
  7. Explore more. Try a new local restaurant. Go on a hike. Find fun (free) things to do in/out of town. Attend local shows and art exhibits. Go on more simple adventures. Be open to discovering new things in the area.
  8. Get back on a regular exercise regimen and join a master's swim team in my area. This is extremely important., because...#FADE. Only half-joking, but I really do miss swimming and training.
  9. Learn how to move on without reconciliation. Every time I cut ties with someone who I've either outgrown or are simply toxic, I always feel the need to seek closure, which I'm starting to see as not always necessary. 
  10. Invest in and restock my "grown woman" perfume collection. Current favorites include Prada Candy, Chance by Chanel, and Chance Noir.
  11. Find small ways to upgrade my wardrobe, because it's been a while and all my clothes feel a little...dated at this point.  
  12. Work on design portfolio. (I'll talk about that in deeper detail later...possibly on a future vlog)
  13. Make plans (now!) to travel more in 2017; I feel like I say this every year. The inaugural year for ComplexCon is coming up next month and as soon as I first learned about it, I knew that would be something I was interested in. However it's not realistic to try to fit it in my budget so that I'm able to go. 
  14. Try to not be a complete buzz kill during #GHOE2016. In case you are wondering, GHOE is a trademark acronym for my university's homecoming, which stands for Greatest Homecoming on Earth. This year, I'm not as excited as I probably could/should be, however, I do have to remember some of the best friends I could ever ask for, who all live in a different state than I do, will be in town, so I owe it to them to try to have as much fun as possible. 

What are some goals you have for the month of October? How are those goals pushing you closer to your dreams?


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