Thursday, September 22, 2016

Music Collective: vol. 50 {One Dance x Needed Me #SoulFoodSessions x Kiana}

Have I been hiding under a rock? Apparently so, because this gem recently came across my radar and I don't understand how I missed it. By the time I came across this video, well over 2 million people viewed it and she's already surpassed 67,000 followers on Twitter. I also had no clue she's an actress, so I'm super late, but it's okay; better late than never

In case you're like me and have been listening to the same albums and play list in rotation, allow me to "introduce" Kiana Ledé, accompanied by Emmy/Grammy nominated producer and pianist, Mike Woods on the keys, as she covers an epic mash up between Drake's 'One Dance' and 'Needed Me' by Rihanna.


Listen + Connect: Kiana | Mike Woods |  @KianaLede  | @MikeWoodss

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