Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Look Book | I ♡ Fall

I Love Fall Look Book

Like I said in a previous look book, I've been really gravitating towards blush tones. I still love this color and I think it's a really subtle way to add a touch of feminism to any outfit. 

Fall is approaching, which excites me for a few different reasons. Not only do I tend to dress up a little more, but this year, I'm planning to upgrade my wardrobe in a pretty major way. The same way this look book implies, the look I'm going for this year is more feminine/sophisticated and I want my closet this to reflect a more professional side of who I am. Of course, I will always have love love for my standard ripped jeans and leggings, but there's a time and a place for that. This outfit speaks volume for the look I'm going for this season. I'm absolutely infatuatated with the specs of the new Apple watch and it sits high on my wish list for Christmas, so I figured I'd throw that in this look book as well.

This outfit could work for a few different occasions: date night, brunch, business lunch or any work related event that's sort of casual, or a fun night out with the girls. It's simple and classy, yet still very cozy and casual.

I'd love to know, what looks are you gravitating towards this month?


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Music Collective: vol. 50 {One Dance x Needed Me #SoulFoodSessions x Kiana}

Have I been hiding under a rock? Apparently so, because this gem recently came across my radar and I don't understand how I missed it. By the time I came across this video, well over 2 million people viewed it and she's already surpassed 67,000 followers on Twitter. I also had no clue she's an actress, so I'm super late, but it's okay; better late than never

In case you're like me and have been listening to the same albums and play list in rotation, allow me to "introduce" Kiana Ledé, accompanied by Emmy/Grammy nominated producer and pianist, Mike Woods on the keys, as she covers an epic mash up between Drake's 'One Dance' and 'Needed Me' by Rihanna.


Listen + Connect: Kiana | Mike Woods |  @KianaLede  | @MikeWoodss

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Striving to Be Happy

More than anything, I just want to be happy, for everyone I love to be happy, and I'd like to believe that it's a common goal across the human race. There is too much going on in the world not to be happy. There is too much hatred in the world to not hope for happiness...and peace...and love...and the power of a sound mind. I think most of the time-especially in cases where there is an oppressed group of people who have been conditioned to feel like they don't deserve it-we forget that we still have the ability to be, thrive in, and maintain that happiness.

"People don't think there's a process to being happy."
-Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) 

Despite that burning desire, I honestly haven't been truly happy in what feels like years. Lately, there's been a lot of chatter about mental health issues, which begets a lot of resources for those who are struggling with things such as depression, anxiety, etc. However, it hasn't dawned on me to actually reach out to a professional and allow them to assist me with whatever it is keeping me back from my own happiness. A part of this is because I don't think my "depression" is that bad, or if I can even rightfully call it that. Another reason is I haven't shifted to a mental space that believes this is a real disease. As crazy as it may sound, I'm one of many black people who aren't ready to talk about mental health, especially in regards to myself. Although I'm openly discussing this right now, as I've been trying to be more vulnerable, I know many people don't read these kind of long, emotional rants on my blog and the people who do read it are typically kind and sincere in their approach, so it's easier to write in this space. It may seem selfish, but at least it's honest.

The trauma my people face on a regular basis doesn't help. Watching mothers lose their sons and black children lose their fathers, not due to natural causes, but at the hands of those there to 'protect and serve' doesn't help. The negative news and media's exhausting attempting to mold how much information we consume by the hour doesn't help. And every time I read about another hashtag, I instinctively crawl into myself, pray for this nightmare to be over, and wish a black man I'm in love with (who loves me also) was there to hold me until I stop crying. Unfortunately, misery loves company and it's really hard to be sad in a world like this...alone. Again, I know it sounds selfish, but my heart is heavy and love is the only solution I can think of to truly escape the ugliness that tries its best to dismantle all the beauty that does exist.
"Love is the revolution."
-Maria Hamilton, mother of Dontre Hamilton

In terms of being happy, I continue to fight to achieve personal happiness and cherish the things in this life that bring me joy (music, family, adventures, to name a few), because whether outsiders looking in realize it or not, it is a process. Some lows are more difficult to overcome than other low points, but I continue to humble myself in gratitude daily and consider that, even on my worst day, I still have so much to be thankful for. I still carry enough light to go out and be a positive force in the world...and hopefully, that counts for something. 

♡ @ChymereA


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Summertime (June | July | August) Favorites

June | July | August Favorites ♡

June | July | August Favorites ♡ 

It wasn't my intention to go this long without doing a monthly favorites post; this post has been sitting in my drafts since July. According to the gap between the most recent compilation of my favorite things and this one, monthly favorites are, essentially, going in the direction of seasonal favorites, which I don't mind, considering I don't find or shop for new things that often.  For the sake of content, here are some of the things I've been loving, reading, and listening to this summer and as of late.


Style + beauty:

  • Dove Purely Pampering body wash in Coconut & Jasmine
  • equate Moisture Care Aloe Cool body lotion w/ Aloe Extract


Blogs 2 Love + Around the WWW:

  • 'Black Cool: One Thousand Streams of Blackness' by: Rebecca Walker
  • 'Between the World and Me' by: Ta-Nehisi Coates
  • mintGreen 2016/17 Planner (Walmart)
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