Thursday, April 28, 2016

Music Collective 46: 31 Days of Album Reviews

Every day in the month of May at 8 pm (EST) a new post will go live as a spin-off of the Music Collective series here on the blog. Ranging from old school classics to albums I grew up loving all the way to recent releases, I am challenging myself to write one album review per day for 31 consecutive days. This will give me an opportunity to re-publish reviews I've already written, catch up on some reviews that I've been meaning to dive into, as well as re-explore what I like, love, and dislike from my own collection.

For all the music-heads who would like to participate in 31 Days of Music challenge, share your reviews via Twitter @ChymereA using the hashtag #MusicMayChallenge. It's definitely a commitment, but I think it will be a lot more fun if other bloggers got involved, so I really encourage you all to at least give it a shot. Also feel free to email me and/or post links in the comment section on this post, so I can tune in to what you've been listening to that particular day, share it with my followers, and maybe even fall in love with something new to my hears.

Who knows? I may even do a special give-away at the end of it to see who was committed enough to join me. I can't make any promises as of right now, but I will definitely look into it.

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