Sunday, December 13, 2015

Music Collective: vol. 40 {The December Mix Tape}

By nature, I'm a sensitive person who feels everything everything so very deeply, so it's very typical of me to be overly sentimental during the holiday season. I'm surrounded by things that remind me of love and family and home, which is basically everything I feel so far away from at the present moment. However, I'm learning how to embrace my emotions, rather than dismiss them, so I usher the feelings in as they come. This play list is a reflection of where my emotions and thoughts have decided to travel lately; the music just helps me process everything better. I've fallen so in love with this compilation and its probably one of my favorites thus far.

What's on your musical radar these days?

{Sidenote: If I am fortunate enough to get married/marry the man of my dreams one day, this would actually be a great starting point for a wedding reception play list.}

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