Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Journey

When I started The Sweetheart Chronicles in 2009, I had no clue blogging would become what it has become. Now that pretty much everything is digital and technology is constantly moving in a progressive motion, blogging has grown to be the mega focus of communications/social media culture. Because of the direction in which society is moving, there's a certain expectation and pressure to produce content that brings in numbers rather than content that matters to the blogger. 

Although I'm not exactly sure what the original significance of the name was, I started blogging with the intention to document my life, my writings, and to have a platform available to house the things I am passionate about. Choosing to resurrect The Sweetheart Chronicles for a brief period erupted out of a sort of nostalgia for what blogging used to mean to me, but it dawned on me that I'm not there anymore and it's time to let go of that period of my life. I've grown so much as a person and it was no sense in subconsciously trying to rewind time by holding on to a title that held so much weight once upon a time.

I understand that my "success" as a blogger has a lot to do with my lack of consistency, but I don't know if I care enough to make this a profitable side hustle anymore. I'm really at a place in my life where I'm more concerned about doing what's in alignment with my personal happiness. Keeping in mind that I have the freedom to change my mind when it feels necessary and doing what I want when it comes to my little corner of the internet goes back to prioritizing my happiness above anything else without feeling guilty about it.

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