Sunday, November 15, 2015


I think we know way ahead of time that certain things are going to fall apart...but we choose to go forth anyway. Why do we listen to our hearts when it comes to what we think we want, but don't listen to our gut right before we’re entering a danger zone, if those gut feelings are essentially the same thing as listening to your heart when its right? And I understand the concept of taking risk, but what about the moment you realize whatever it is you’re going after isn’t worth the risk in the first place? I’ve just been convinced that we are built with these instincts to just KNOW...and it really doesn’t get any more simple than that.

Something my ex said that I'll always remember: never tell people what can hurt you, because one day they'll use it to their advantage. It was a tid-bit I locked in the back of my mind, but I didn't always believe that people were actually like that. Now...I just wish I applied that knowledge sooner. That way I wouldn’t have to always learn the hard way...maybe. However, I appreciate the lessons.

Recently, I spent an entire year-maybe even longer than that-ignoring all the things that made me unhappy and uncomfortable, rarely speaking up for or expressing myself, especially when I allowed other people to be the root of it all. That entire time, nothing in me clicked, partially because I wasn’t ready for the truth of the matter. I wasn’t ready to take responsibility for certain things I was accepting and allowing. I wasn’t ready to face the demons I’d manifested. What a difference a year makes...but then again, sometimes a year doesn’t change a thing. Now, I’m just at a point where I have to re-adjust; really begin to listen to myself and stop choosing paths and people that don't choose me also, because everything in life boils down to choices. I have to stop believing that my heart alone can manage being a good leader (of self) and rationalize my steps more often.


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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Music Collective: vol. 39 {Eryn Allen Kane}

The popular sitcom, which is also my favorite show on television right now, Being Mary Jane, is becoming notorious for its stellar music selections. Like the last play list posted, I've found not only a new song to love via this soundtrack, but an artist to fall in love with as well. She goes by the name of Ms. Eryn Allen Kane and surprisingly, I'm the one that's been under a rock. Publications such as 'Essence' magazine and 'The Fader' have already landed interviews with this talented and absolutely beautiful young singer/song writer, so I'm sure music bloggers across the spectrum were already hip.

The scene begins, the song plays, and suddenly my attention went from watching how the rest of the show played out to researching who this girl was; it was such a breath of fresh air. Thank you Shazam, for immediate results.  It kind of reminded me of that time I fell in love with Janelle Monae back in the day or even Tori Kelly, who I absolutely adore. This time, however, it was...different, because it's a new sensation every single time something like this happens. Then, I rushed to Google to discover that she was as beautiful as her art. Naturally, it became a blog post.

All I can say is this girl has absolutely won my heart before the beat dropped. Timeless vocals. Thought-provoking lyrics. Incredible, jazz inspired instrumentals. I am personally anticipating what's in store for this young artist. 
Press play. 


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Christmas Wish List: Nov/Dec 2015

Christmas Wish List II

When I was younger, my parents would encourage me to make a list of the things I wanted for Christmas, so around this time, I would start brainstorming of all the different items to put on my wish list. Although I didn't always receive exactly what was on the list, it gave them a general idea of what to get me. I can't begin to imagine how much they had to sacrifice to make my life better, but it makes me happy to know that they put genuine effort towards making sure we had gifts to open every time gift-giving season came around.

Now that I'm older, I do a majority of my personal shopping throughout the year on my own. I'm also realizing that the items on these lists are becoming more and more expensive each year. Fortunately, creating these lists gives me something to look forward to and some things to work for, because earning/working for everything I want in life was a standing lesson in my household growing up.

If I don't receive anything else this year material-wise, I really do appreciate all the things I've accumulated this year alone. Not to sound boastful or anything of that nature, but I bought a car this year, so I can honestly say I've been blessed beyond measure and I don't take any of it for granted. This is just a brief list of some of the things I've been coveting for quite some time now that give me a sort of shallow incentive, as well as a general idea of what I want for Christmas:
  1. MacBook Pro: Believe it or not, this is actually more of a necessity than a want. With all the work and projects coming up, I need something  it's been time for me to update my life for a while now; I just haven't had the funds to do so. 
  2. Yeezy Boost 350: I have no clue where to find these on retail. Even if I do, I doubt I buy them, but a girl can dream, right?
  3. Sony NEX-5TL Mirrorless Digital Camera: It has been my intention to get my YT channel up and running again. This year I'd like to participate in Vlogmas 2015, which is right around the corner and it's a shame that I'm ill prepared. 
  4. H&M Biker Jacket: This jacket caught my eye while window shopping recently and I remembered to make a mental note of what it looked like.  Not only have I not been able to find a replacement, but it also fits my "style" pretty well.
  5. Rampage Bondage Crossbody messenger bag: I'm not a huge fan of large totes and I don't have many bags in my wardrobe as is, but I like this one because it's something simple and versatile. 
  6. Happy x Clinique: This could possibly be considered as my signature scent, something I think every young lady should discover by the time she turns 21. The smell itself is fresh and feminine, yet subtle and flirty. Another one of my faves that I definitely need to re-up on is Chance by Chanel, which reminds me of everything my grandmother taught me about her personal favorite, Chanel no.5.  
  7. Darci Pavé Sable Watch: This Michael Kors watch is absolutely stunning-from the gorgeous sable color to the chic design. A good friend of mine who works at one of the high end stores showed it to me and I immediately fell in love.
What are some items you're lusting for this season?


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Journey

When I started The Sweetheart Chronicles in 2009, I had no clue blogging would become what it has become. Now that pretty much everything is digital and technology is constantly moving in a progressive motion, blogging has grown to be the mega focus of communications/social media culture. Because of the direction in which society is moving, there's a certain expectation and pressure to produce content that brings in numbers rather than content that matters to the blogger. 

Although I'm not exactly sure what the original significance of the name was, I started blogging with the intention to document my life, my writings, and to have a platform available to house the things I am passionate about. Choosing to resurrect The Sweetheart Chronicles for a brief period erupted out of a sort of nostalgia for what blogging used to mean to me, but it dawned on me that I'm not there anymore and it's time to let go of that period of my life. I've grown so much as a person and it was no sense in subconsciously trying to rewind time by holding on to a title that held so much weight once upon a time.

I understand that my "success" as a blogger has a lot to do with my lack of consistency, but I don't know if I care enough to make this a profitable side hustle anymore. I'm really at a place in my life where I'm more concerned about doing what's in alignment with my personal happiness. Keeping in mind that I have the freedom to change my mind when it feels necessary and doing what I want when it comes to my little corner of the internet goes back to prioritizing my happiness above anything else without feeling guilty about it.

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Music Collective: vol 38 {The November Mixtape}

For so many people all over the world, fall presents itself as a sentimental time of year. The holidays light up our streets and neighborhoods, the weather shifts and falls into a sort of solemn kind of beauty, and the leaves are turning beautiful despite the fact that they are actually dying.  It's a new era for some, just another season for others. Fortunately and unfortunately, this time of year tends to bring out the best and the worst in us.  

My mood has certainly shifted with the weather. As much as I love the coming of autumn, nights are spent mostly inside, seeking warmth under the covers on my bed, because it's too cold or too unpredictable to do anything else. It's the best time to unwind from a hectic week by relaxing and binge watching on my favorite shows.  Although it doesn't seem like the most fun activity for a young person to do on a Friday night, lately it's been the perfect peace and exactly what I need. And on nights when my thoughts are racing one million miles per minute, the music becomes my happy place. 

On that note, I've compiled a play list of songs that get me through the night these days/nights to help me sort out my thoughts; most of which I heard for the first time/was reminded of while watching my most recent favorite show, Being Mary Jane. Speaking of music, I really have been slacking in that department, but it's almost too many gems to keep up with this year! Some are sad, some are just mellow, but they all remind me of this time of year when sad things are most welcome and they all relate to the idea or topic of love on some level. Perhaps I'll go into detail about why that is later, but for now, here's the play list:

What have you been listening to lately?

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