Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Look Book | Fall Essentials

The Essentials Series

Once again, I'm gravitating towards a neutral, earth-inspired palette this year. By working around colors that compliment my skin tone, I'm able to easily maintain a simple, accessible, yet classic theme for my evolving wardrobe/style.  Not only is this particular color choice a reoccurring thing, but so are the items (i.e. watches, messenger bags, denim) that are almost always a guaranteed feature on pretty much every look book I style for inspiration. Another accessory that is going to become a staple this season are bow ties. At some point in time that I can't recall exactly, I lost the confidence to just be me and wear whatever I want to wear. Now that I feel myself gaining that confidence back, I'm definitely going to invest in things that bring happiness to moi.

At the beginning of fall on the east coast, the outdoor climate tends to switch between freezing cold one day and super hot the next, so it's really important to dress according to those changes. This ensemble is perfect for going to class on a day where I want to look nice, but I'm unsure about the weather's mood.  It's that perfect blend of relaxed/casual and feminine/masculine that I love so much, which makes it a pretty versatile fit. 

What are your fall essentials? Do you have a go-to color palette? 


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