Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Music Collective: vol. 35 { S U M M E R V I B E S I I }

Summer has almost run its short course and quite frankly, I'm not prepared to watch it leave. It hasn't been the worst summer ever, but it most certainly wasn't the greatest either. Perhaps, if I get the ball rolling with a beach trip soon, I may be a little more satisfied with how summer turns out for me; the season is still young. 

 Music-wise, it's been hard to keep track of what I've been listening to and loving; it just plays in the background while I'm doing other things. However, daydreaming of sun, sand, and ocean inspired the sequel to my S U M M M E R V I B E S compilation, made up of tunes - dated and recent - that remind me of living life to the fullest and all the beautiful sensations associated with summertime bliss. Press play.

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