Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Art Muse | Tripoli Patterson


It's always like American Christmas when I come across a creative I've never heard of before. My entire world lights up with the bursting hope of possibilities. I become immersed in learning more about them, wanting to study everything from their lifestyle to their inspiration. It's just the same as meeting someone for the first time and being completely intrigued by their presence to the point where you want to know everything about them as a person. 

One of the main goals of bringing The Artistic Misfit project back to life was to create a platform for individuals who move effortlessly within their unique artistic habitat. It's been on my mind to add a new on-going series to called Art Muse, dedicated to these multi-faceted artist I come across that inspire me. Being a lover of ocean and art myself, I thought it would be fitting to commence this series with highlighting world renowned surfer/art dealer, Tripoli Patterson. 

In 2009, Tripoli opened his own art gallery in the luminous city of Southampton, New York. Based on strategic demographics alone, this art gallery was destined to be a hit. After years of participating in art shows, his initial contacts were instinctively friends who were artist, as well as other local artists he met at shows and on his daily commute on the train. I thought it was admirable that even in a city saturated with old money, industry, and high profile investors, his focus has always seemed to stem from a place of authenticity and that's what made it special.  

For Mr. Patterson to be as well-known as he is in the both the art world and water sports arena, he's still very much under the radar.  In a recent interview for Ralph Lauren Magazine, he made a statement that makes sense of why that is: "I like being behind the scenes. I think I have a good eye and good taste—it isn’t confusing for me to tell what I like and don’t, and the artists that I believe in. So it was a natural role to take, being a curator and an art dealer."

That statement resonated so closely with me. As private as I can be - even as a "public" blogger - I can definitely appreciate people, especially artist, who aren't overly concerned about exposure, because it's not about that at all; they we just want to have the freedom to create and immerse ourselves, as deeply as possible, into the fullness and depth of art culture.

I'm truly inspired by people like Tripoli Patterson who make time and room in their lives to harmonize everything they love without losing passion or focus. The average person works better with laser focus, but it's not suitable for everyone to be one-dimensional, where they have to pick and choose which passions deserve attention and which ones don't. For a long time, I thought I had to (choose) in order to be successful, but what a relief it's been to learn that it is indeed attainable for a multi-dimensional creator with a variety of interest to be happy/successful.


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