Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Look Book | Kid @ Heart

Kid @ Heart

The child in me will always love Disney's very own Mickey Mouse character. The Mickey Mouse theme adds a child-like innocence to this outfit that makes it more adorable than sexy. I can definitely see myself out and about on a perfect summer day, flourishing, in this outfit. I love everything about it-from the iPhone case all the way down to the shoes. Although it's hard to tell from the picture, the sunglasses are so fun and similar to the cool flip-up ones Dwayne Wade was notorious for rocking in the 90's sitcom, A Different World. I've always wanted a pair of those!

The attitude of this outfit is so reflective of my personality in a sense that it's playful and semi-casual, yet feminine at the same time. It screams 'I'm an adult, but I'm still young, still growing', which is a fact of life I tend to forget often. There's so many varying elements to this ensemble that makes me incredibly nostalgic and happy. Because it is so easy and inexpensive to re-create, I'm in the process of making this one manifest in my wardrobe before summer hits (side note: I plan on doing more OOTD here, so stay tuned). 

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