Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Look Book | Kid @ Heart

Kid @ Heart

The child in me will always love Disney's very own Mickey Mouse character. The Mickey Mouse theme adds a child-like innocence to this outfit that makes it more adorable than sexy. I can definitely see myself out and about on a perfect summer day, flourishing, in this outfit. I love everything about it-from the iPhone case all the way down to the shoes. Although it's hard to tell from the picture, the sunglasses are so fun and similar to the cool flip-up ones Dwayne Wade was notorious for rocking in the 90's sitcom, A Different World. I've always wanted a pair of those!

The attitude of this outfit is so reflective of my personality in a sense that it's playful and semi-casual, yet feminine at the same time. It screams 'I'm an adult, but I'm still young, still growing', which is a fact of life I tend to forget often. There's so many varying elements to this ensemble that makes me incredibly nostalgic and happy. Because it is so easy and inexpensive to re-create, I'm in the process of making this one manifest in my wardrobe before summer hits (side note: I plan on doing more OOTD here, so stay tuned). 

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Music Collective: vol. 32 { S U M M E R V I B E S }

Love is in the air and I'm flying in love with life again; my favorite season of the year is finally on the horizon. Once upon of time, summer was a break from the world and the "stress" of everyday life. As adults, we tend to allow ourselves to get so bombarded with responsibilities and forget that play is essential to establishing a healthy work-life balance. It's good to work, plan, all that jazz, but sometimes, it's better to just live in the moment...and lately I've been feeling-deep down inside-like I don't live enough. However, the 80+ degree weather inspires me to restore days of youth and experience life as much as possible, simply because Life is Meant to be EPIC.

Today's  mix is a collection of the tunes I've been loving to welcome summertime with open arms. Although several genres and time frames are represented, I feel like each song has its own way of bringing out those happy, carefree vibes that summer ignites. It's the perfect compilation for a weekend beach adventure with friends or a Sunday drive (to nowhere in particular) on a beautiful day with the windows rolled down, which I plan to do a lot of both this summer. 

There have been so many musical gems that were released so far in 2015, but there is nothing quite like browsing the internet to discover underground sounds. The best track I've stumbled upon recently would absolutely have to be 'Voco Loco' x KRNE, Lewis, and Brasstracks , a super dope collaborative beat with sick instrumentals and an unpredictable melody flow. If you happen to love it just as much as I do, it's available for free download H E R E.

Listening to this play list, I hope it reminds you to take time to release all the built up stress and negativity in order to achieve balance and have fun. So lift your glass (or flask) to music and all around good vibes, press play, and enjoy.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sometimes, I Miss You...

"Missing you comes in waves and tonight I'm drowning." 
-Hannah Taylor
It's 7 a.m. and the night never really ended, just up thinking about life and other things, which happens quite a bit.  Paying attention to one thought at a time, my mind drifted to this time last year, when I was "stranded" in Los Angeles, California. Looking back, it's hard to not wonder how life would have unfolded if I decided to face my fears and stay.  Was leaving a blessing or an excuse? Where did that road eventually lead? I guess I'll never know.

The city of dreams and nightmares is what I re-named L.A., because that's exactly what it was in that moment. I spent my whole life daydreaming of living there only for it to not at all be what I expected it to be. Still not sure if immediately falling flat on my face was a test that I failed miserably or if my standards were a bit too high, but sometimes I wish I did trust myself a little more more, had more perseverance and faith, or better yet, trust God (enough) to carry me through it all. I remember believing it was His will for me to go in the first place, yet convinced myself it was His will for me to leave when I no longer felt safe. 

Craving security and the comfort of a familiar habitat, I decided to run back home.  The moment after settling back into my comfort zone, I couldn't help but wonder if I had done just that: settle. This is not the first time I've been in this place of passive regret, so obviously, a part of me still feels that way. Even when I re-read something I wrote explaining what I felt upon arrival, it breaks my heart a little, because there was honestly so much positive energy surrounding that move. I vividly remember writing in my journal the first night and feeling so overwhelmed with joy.  I do not, however, remember the exact moments where the sweet turned sour...or perhaps, I forced myself to forget.

At this point, I'm pretty content with where I am in my life. It isn't always smooth sailing, but for the most part, things are going well and there's not much to complain about. Maybe it's the rise of the summer that makes me miss being so close to the ocean, so close, I could escape there whenever I needed to spend time with God or feel one with the universe. I could go there to center myself when my sanity was compromised or when I was having a bad day. Now, I'm 2,000 + miles away from paradise, the only place that has ever felt like home, and the only sensible thing I know to do, is to write about it.


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Music Collective: vol. 31 {Rush x Kali Uchis}

I was introduced to Kali Uchis not too long ago by a fellow music head who told me I would like her. Trusting his musical judgement, I gave her album 'Por Vida' a listen and instantly fell in love with the sound; it was like a breath of fresh air. She gave me a little Amy Winehouse, some Lana Del Ray, a taste of Erykah Badu, all mixed into this cool looking hipster songstress.  I don't know much about her as an artist, but I'll be doing research soon, which could consequently mean a full on review for her next project. 

The visuals for Rush are such a free-spirited and fun reminiscent of summertime in the 60's (?) and made me love the song even more. While I was watching the video, I thought it would be fitting to share this it on the blog, especially considering it's almost been a month since the last Music Collective post. Just press play and I hope you enjoy!

Side note: I've been completely swamped with life lately, so my little space on the internet has been a little neglected, but as I'm finding my groove again in a semi-new environment, I'm feeling good about content to come. 
Thank you for being so patient. 
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