Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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Sporty Chic

Although my style has evolved quite a bit since high school, it has always been pretty simple; casual with a hint of feminine.  Sometimes, I get a lot of back lash for not dressing like a grown-up-whatever that means-and at some point, I took on that negative energy about what I choose to wear. On occasion, I do clean up quite nicely, but when it comes to my everyday style, I really just prefer comfort over everything and I've learned to embrace that about me.  

This outfit works really well for my lifestyle, because it can easily go from work (clearly not an office job), to school, to the gym without me having to worry about changing clothes too much. It also is suitable for a day full of errands. 

How would you define your everyday style?  What are some of your staple pieces?


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  1. I love these sneaks and that backpack! Quilted anything pretty much has my heart (except for quilts themselves...go figure). I define my everyday style sort of like I define myself as a person: softly eccentric. I think I have a unique overall style that tends not to follow rules or trends. I do my own thing, I come up with the most random of pairings sometimes, but I never go overboard. Hmm I'm not sure if I have staple pieces -- maybe my new quilted black boots that I looove ;)


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