Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Christmas Wish List 2014

Christmas Wish List 2014

It's no secret that my mind automatically switches to fall/winter mode as soon as fall officially hits. The excitement for Christmas time starts to boil unreasonably early for me. Maybe I love the season so much, because when Christmas Eve finally gets here, it's all over so fast...or maybe, I'm just a crazy nut who is utterly obsessed with the holiday itself. The lights. The festivities. The smells. The coziness of cold outside/warm inside. If I'm crazy, then so be it, because I absolutely love it all.

Naturally, my head is already in the clouds about the most wonderful time of year, discussing plans with my loved ones, brainstorming everything from how I'm going to decorate my living space to what I wish to do to. I also think of ways to make it a special holiday for someone else, because it ruins the purpose if I'm selfish. In the same breath, I'v always kept with the tradition of creating a Christmas wish list, just in case anyone in my life is feeling a little generous; no pressure. Even if I don't get anything on this list, a girl can dream, right?

With that being said, I now present my 2014 Christmas Wish List:
  1. Crosley X Portable Record Players: "Girl, put your records on!" It's weird that I've been collecting vinyls since the 90's and never owned my own turn table (I just used my dad's.) This has been on my radar for forever, seems like, and I believe this year will finally be the year for it to be in my possession, even if I have to treat myself. It's about that time. 
  2. Chance by Chanel: This scent is my holy grail, my signature fragrance. Such a beautiful aromatic touch for a lady like myself. My Grandma, who swears by Chanel no. 5, always used to tell me, "Ladies wear Chanel." Noted. 
  3. MARC by MARC JACOBS watch: For this particular item, any watch is welcomed. For those of you who aren't aware, I've recently began watch collecting that I hope to grow significantly over the years. 
  4. Samsung NX3000: This camera is sweet! I've been meaning to step my technology game up and this would be a step in that direction. Also, I just really miss photography and am ready to get back to it on a larger scale. 
  5. MF DOOM 'Operation Dooms Day' cassette box set: My vinyl collection continues because of this obsession with a time I didn't even exist in. However, when it comes to cassette tapes? Talk about childhood nostalgia at it's finest. Pretty soon, I'll be discussing my resurrected love for MF Doom on a Music Collective post. Wait for it. 
  6. H&M Shoulder Bag: I'm not one of those girls who owns a ton of bags nor do I feel like that many are necessary, but this would be a nice one for my day-to-day needs, especially on school days. 
  7. Zara Riding Boots: Although I am one of those girls who can never have too many shoes, I don't actually own that many shoes. A new pair of winter boots are long overdue.  
That pretty much sums it up, pretty reasonable list compared to the ones I've conjured previously. What's on your Christmas Wish List this year? 

- ♥ Chymere Anais


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