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Monthly Faves | September 2014 + Blog Recap

It's a little bizarre that tomorrow will be October...already. Midterms, colleges' homecoming season, and election day are right around the corner and it's finally starting to feel like autumn outside. Every year around this time, I have to take a moment to reflect on how fast time flies. The end of the year never fails to catch me off guard, even though I know it's coming. Nonetheless, I'm excited about the season and how beautiful this year turned out to be, thus far, despite the few hiccups. 

♥ Books + Shows:
  • Favorite book read in September: Purple Hibiscus by: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | Currently reading: Blame by: Michelle Huneven
  • Show: Gotham, Mondays at 8pm on Fox  
♥ Music:
  • Concert: OutkastATLast surpassed my already wild expectations. Experiencing all this good music in the middle of the illuminated Centennial Olympic Park, with phenomenal weather, I couldn't have thought of a better setting, even if I tried. On top of that, I was surrounded by beautiful people good vibes all around.  I wasn't heavily concerned with capturing photos and videos, because I was honestly in a zone, taking it all in. 
  • Albums: When Big K.R.I.T. drops a new mix tape and announces 11.11.14 as the official release date for his upcoming album, Cadillactica, I'm a happy camper. See Me On Top: vol. 4 is basically preparation for the Pay Attention tour (November 15th. Atlanta, GA. Yes, I will be in attendance). | 
  • Yesterday, Prince dropped two new albums, Art Official Age and Plectrumelectrum, one being his 34th solo LP and the other premiering as the debut album of his new band, 3rd Eye Girl. The purchase of these two will definitely happen in the next couple of weeks, as homage to my very first vinyl, which was Prince's 1999 and gifted to me on my 10th birthday (fun fact about C.)
  • Last, but certainly not lease, Ne-yo's new album, None Fiction, is scheduled to release today. Other than me just being a fan, in interviews, he talks about getting back to the classic, pre-pop R&B era, so I'm anticipating what's in store in that aspect. 
  • Song: i x Kendrick Lamar. Bae did that! 
♥ Beauty:
  • To explain the gorgeous lingerie shot, most girls of color have struggled with finding the perfect nude. That is why Nubian Skin Lingerie is an absolutely brilliant concept! And the models are absolutely gorgeous.

♥ On the WWW:
  • Ever reached a point at a rock bottom and, in that moment, felt like you would never be able to rise and conquer? Find out my thoughts and personal journey of  Fighting Depression that was featured on FAWF . I wrote this for you. 
  • I did participate in the #30Layers30Days Challenge hosted by the lovely G.G. Renee of It's a little hard to link directly to each post, but you can find them all relatively easy H E R E on my tumblr.
  • This particular piece on Darling Magazine about discovering your style (and owning it) was perfectly worded and I don't believe I could have said it better myself. | "Solidify your own style by curating your own interests...Take an honest glance at your wardrobe, and find muses who inspire you. Don’t follow someone simply because thousands of other people do."-Janet Sung
  • I've fallen in love with an artist by the name of AriJazmin, mastermind behind the up and coming Bgoti (be gold on the inside) artistic brand. Her angle on architecture is what lured me in. Total thanks to Ms. Janelle finger of Artistically Engineered for the introduction. Check out the interview H E R E
  • I was so intrigued by the insight in this article in regards to how women in S.T.E.M. fields are treated by their male counter parts. I love the voices behind the Dear Kate brand as well. 
  • Want to know how to accomplish your goals 30 seconds at a time? It would be beneficial for you to get into Think + Grow Chick to Step Your Game Up
  • Photography: Mike Lewis, Ola Vista Photography, has an extremely impressive portfolio. I was originally blown away by his under water shots and then the fascination grew when I saw how he's able to capture life in a single frame so brilliantly.
♥ Miscellaneous:
  • Bonfire Nights candle from Target
  • Toronto, Ghana, D.R...will all see me in 2015. Travel plans in the works! 

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    Overall it's been an exceptional month, but let's continue to keep Ferguson, MO in our prayers. It is literally a war zone out there, so it's so important do the work to stay informed on the situation and to educated yourself on the people running for office prior to voting on election day (November 4, 2014). 



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    1. September flew by, but I'm excited for October because it means the holidays are almost here :) I SO appreciate that bottom paragraph. so sad that Ferguson is still fighting for justice and I really hope people are paying attention because it could happen anywhere if we don't elect the right ppl. Great recap!


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