Monday, September 1, 2014

2014 | Last Quarter Goals (September & Beyond)

September already...

This year, so far, has honestly been significantly better than 2013. In January, I made a commitment to doing more all around, and I did just that. I wanted to move to Cali and I did it. Although it didn't work out, at least I tried. I'm just so blessed and all of it makes me extremely optimistic about how things will continue from this point.  I also started a happiness jar, that I don't always remember to keep up with like I should, but I still look forward to opening it on December 31st and reading all the little notes of good things that happened this year. 
  • Stay centered. Stay balanced. Stay positive. The first day of classes this semester was a big adjustment for me.  It's still the beginning and I already feel overwhelmed. I have to work on not getting so caught up in one area of my life that I allow it to burn me out completely. The key is balance and to slow down when I need to and find ways to escape when I start to lose my inner peace. 
  • Make at least a 3.0* this semester. This is not a game and knowledge is power. 
  • Prepare myself for some kind of paid internship next summer in my field. Plan. Research. Act as if I know that it already exist in the cards for me.
  • Continue planning for my trip to Ghana, West Africa. #Ghana2k16...more details to come.
  • Laugh more; explore my city more. Sometimes, I feel like I don't laugh enough. Other times, it's really hard to. Sometimes, I think that I haven't seen enough of the cool spots of my city and different place I travel to. Other times, I don't want to, lol. that regard...I have not been surrounding myself with things that allow me to just let my hair down and feel more alive. Also, I've been missing great networking opportunities and chances to get out there, connect with new people, and experience new things. This month, I'm making it my business to gain my spirit back. 
  • Every day, even off days, wake up, work out, shower, get dressed, and get the day started early. Except Sundays...Sundays are always the exception, unless I'm going to church. 
  • Drink more water; eat more green veggies. 
  • ORDER MY FREAKING #BLACKGIRLSWHOBLOG TEE + CREW NECK. Like...whyyyyyy haven't I done that yet?? Beats me. {via CosMorgPolitan}
  • Get out of my funk and stop being lazy!!! I really should focus on gaining my athleticism back as well, just for the sake of being and staying young. I took one day off and it turned into...too long. I really have to push myself, which is why I needed to prepare my body this week with my fitness challenge at the end of August (which lasted 5 days, by the way) and get back into the habit of healthy eating at home. I've actually lost some weight, but I have 4 months to reach the ideal size/number. Aiming to run 10-14 miles + swim 8,000 yards per week. It sounds like a lot, but trust me, it's not. With that plan of action, I should be in great shape by NYE. 
So that pretty much sums it up for my goal list for September until the end of the year. Nothing that extremely deviates from what I was already doing beforehand, but as I watch my seeds manifest in this harvest season, I'm simultaneously living in the moment and constantly aiming for better.

What are your goals for the rest of the year and how do you hold yourself accountable?

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  1. You pretty much hit a lot of points that I'm struggling with myself with a new job and having take another semester off. Life man lol. But I know we both will get out of this funk and our circle back together just takes some time and commitment. and this Ghana trip sounds like a great move for 2015 can't wait to read more about your planning for that trip!

  2. Balance is key! Lol still so proud of you and the steps you've taken with continuing your education. I'm with you on exploring the city and laughing more, things I already do but there's never enough of a good thing in my book :) And Ghana sounds amazing! Excited for you! And I need to join you with the fitness thing. I'm on such a whim when it comes to gym visits and fitness dedication, I'd like to stop being lazy as well about that


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