Sunday, August 10, 2014

Self-Love ♡ Sundays | The Introduction

“I found God in myself and I loved her...I loved her fiercely” - Ntozake Shange
Hello and welcome to the first installment of Self-Love Sundays!

Wanting to start this bi-monthly series was sparked by a few things, the first thing, or set of things rather, being a few epiphanies I've had so far this year like t h i s  o n e. The best way I can explain those: it is like watching a close friend grow into a mutual love with someone. A few years pass and you're at their wedding. You're so happy to have witnessed the glow of answered prayers, the excitement rising, the happiness that seems to flow effortlessly between two human beings, something you desire for yourself as well. Not so much jealousy as it is human nature; to want love and to be loved.  That's the same feeling I get when I see individuals who exude a certain level of confidence and have fallen completely in love with who they are. These are usually women who have become whole and confident within themselves and I really do admire that. When I did my own self-evaluation, I felt like something was missing; like I was happy, but not complete. Writing in my journal, talking to good friends, I was able to see that and knew it was up to me to do something about it. 

The second spark was from a couple of young ladies I stumbled across on YouTube, AshleyDBeauty. Inspired by Heather L. Lindsey's ministry, Ashley spoke about her journey to self-love, becoming the woman she was created to be, a woman after God's own heart, and not depending on randoms to satisfy her or make her feel complete. She candidly shared her struggles with chasing the wrong things rather than God and initially having the wrong motives. after watching her, YT suggested Angel Walston, who basically has the same message in regards to taking advantage of single season to strengthen her daily walk with Christ. Both of them made me realize that maybe that the "something missing" was my faith was staggering, that my connection with God had grown weak, and above all else, I knew that was a relationship I wanted and needed to restore.

So now, here I am, opening myself up to allow you guys to be apart of this journey with me. It has been on my heart to do so at some point this year, and I'm hoping that someone will be inspired whatever I'm lead to say. Even if you don't consider yourself to be a Christian, this is more about spirituality than it is about religion. God is just my way of reaching the depths of myself and how I'm able to recognize divinity in others. Also, it is my conviction that God loves us all, despite our beliefs and/or religious practices.

The Self  Love journey is just as much for me as it is for others. I don't think I'm perfect, far from it, but it's on my heart do do this and that's what this is all about. I'm so excited about the transformation I sense is about to take place and hope that it encourages at least one person out there.


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