Monday, August 11, 2014

Justice for...All

[I wrote this post a little over a year ago during the Martin vs. Zimmerman trial, tweaking the names accordingly. And sadly, here it is again, still relevant to today's issues. Originally this post was titled 'Justice for Mike Brown', but I realized that because this is a race issue, it's much bigger than the who. If you are unfamiliar with the Michael Brown shooting that occurred over the weekend or any of the names listed later on, please feel free to utilize Google, a very resourceful tool for finding information. It breaks my heart that this is still happening, but the right kind of anger produces change and I can only hope that we can activate reform as soon as possible. Monday morning sorrow...

[Re-post from the 07.17.13]

A huge part of me wants to write my piece on the social injustices that surrounds innocent young minorities, but I haven't found the right words to say.  How am I supposed to project it in such a way, so I don't sound bias or angry? How do I put my heart on the line for my voice to be heard? What do I say what I want to say without pointing fingers and something that will remotely make a difference? How do I travel through all the details to spark a discussion of things people are scared to talk about? I don't know the answers to any of those questions, and because I don't know, it's hard to write anything at all. 

On top of that, there is so much other stuff happening in the world that I want to speak on without losing my own sense of self, without stumbling out of balance, without misplacing my own happiness in the process. I have to be careful of how much of my energy I feed into negativity. On the other hand, I have no clue about how am I supposed to stay silent/nonchalant through all of it. 

Most people fail to realize that letting yet another Caucasian cop* off guilt free digs way deeper Mike.  It just hits close to home, because I have brothers, cousins, and friends, who look and dress like him, that could very well be approached by the same police officer, trained to protect and serve, with a different name and it will be them [in the grave] against the law and bad public attorneys. So as I'm building up to write something that makes a difference, I'm speaking on the behalf of so many individuals who either think they don't have a voice or who don't the means to express themselves on a legal level without anger; and quite frankly, that's a heavy load to carry.  

To Kimani Gay, 
Kendrec McDade, 
Travares McGill,
Ramarley Graham, 
Ervin Jefferson,
Wendell Allen,
Tyrone Brown, 
Alonzo Ashley, 
Steven Washington, 
Amadou Diallo.
Patrick Dorismond. 
Quamane Zongo,
Timothy Stansbury, 
Sean Bell, 
Orlando Barlow, 
Aaron Campbell, 
Victor Steen, 
Ronald Madison, 
James Brisette, 
Oscar Grant, 
Jordan Davis, 
Kenneth Chamberlain, 
Abner Louiama,
Trayvon Martin

And those I failed to mention.... 
I'm [still] working on something that will be good enough for them.

However, I do know that something must be done in a timely, so that another Martin vs. Zimmerman case doesn't happen again.  At that point, the question becomes: 'What can be done to reverse the systematic racism?' because what is being done so far is apparently not working in the favor of those who these crimes are against.  Yes we are angry. Yes we are hurt, but it's not enough to just go through with the emotions today and tomorrow view it as just another thing that happened. The voice that stands behind these trials aren't loud enough to overpower what is tolerated. 

Whatever message I feel God-inspired to script, I want to to be loud and obnoxious, globally viral and in the hands of millions for decades so that even the echoes are cohesive enough to comprehend. Not sure when, but it's coming and I pray it's everything I hope it to be. I apologize if I'm late at all. 

- ♥ Chymere Anais


  1. This is a powerful post and I remember this post as well. Gosh this is such a touché topic but a topic that needs to be talked about .

  2. Wow, this is powerful Chymere. I often struggle with how much to feed into the many social issues that occur within our country and our world as well. The amount of despair that happens daily is enough to make anyone depressed, if that's what they were to concentrate on. However, it doesn't seem right to ignore the problems and to remain speechless. The world needs people like you who have the courage, willingness, and ability to voice their oppositions. The madness has to stop.

    - Krist |


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