Saturday, August 30, 2014

Monthly Faves: August 2014

For a good percentage of the month, I was walking around with a heavy heart and mad at the world for good reasons and no reason at all. Things are certainly looking up now, mainly because I grew weary of the weight of the world and decided to be happy. Instead, I chose to make a conscious effort to just do the best I can with the resources I'm given. With that being said, creating this tangible list of favorites reminds me of the things I found that kept me sane during a rough patch and took my mind off of what is going on in the worldwide madhouse, at least temporarily.

♥ Music:
  • LP: GREEN x Daryn Alexus | Songs: Chandelier x SIA (I loved this song even more when I saw the video) | Saving My Love For You x Kem 
♥ On the WWW:

  • Moments: Photographs of thousands of people of different backgrounds and ethnicities from all over the world take a stand for Michael Brown, Ferguson, Missouri, and supporting the black community as a whole, including my city and my HBCU [#AggiePride]. Finally seeing people angry enough to fight for change is a beautiful sight to behold.  | Stopping to smell the roses...just because. | Love finding its way = )
  • I don't always gravitate towards the most feminine or the most stylish things whenever I do shop, but I absolutely adore my new Kate Spade NY Agenda that I won from a giveaway over at She sits so pretty on my desk, fits well in my book bag for school, and is so useful with keeping my life organized.
  • This quote.
♥ Technology:
  • App(s): Timeful is another great way to stay organized, just in case I leave my pretty little agenda at home | iDream has proven to improve my dysfunctional sleep patterns significantly through calm, peaceful sounds of nature.
  • My new desktop computer! It's not really a new computer, but it's new to me. My Grandma wasn't using hers and knew I was long overdue for one so she let me box it up and take it home with me the last time I was at her house.  So thankful for the blessing, because it really was time. 
  • My new iPhone! Because I was eligible for an early upgrade with my cell phone carrier, I decided to go ahead and get the iPhone 5c, for my own reasons. It suits me quite well and I absolutely love it, so I'm pretty happy with my decision. 
♥ Currently Reading: Miles from Nowhere  by: Nami Mun  | The Fifth Beatle by: Vivek J. Tiwary
    August, for me, has been an interesting wave of up and down emotions. I'm learning to not remain on the downside for too long. There is so much to be happy about and I have to believe that, even on days when it's hard to. The universe is constantly shifting, so that things are always positioned the way they should be. Seasons are in transition, fall is approaching, and I'm just glad to be able to witness transformation in that way. 

    -♥ Chymere A.

    Monday, August 25, 2014

    Things Smart Girls Do

    [Disclaimer: This list is not to discount girls who do not go the traditional route when it comes to school or the ones who don't go to college at all.  I'm not perfect and I certainly haven't always made the best decisions, so, essentially, these are just things I am learning along the way from my own life experience and the incredible women I have chosen to surround myself with. Please, don't take anything personally, because if you know my story, you'd know I'm not out to offend or judge anyone for their personal life choices. In addition to that, some of the points are pure satire and not meant to be taken too seriously.]
    {Source. Dr. Joan Higginbotham, engineer & former NASA astronaut.
    2nd black woman to become an astronaut}
    I love moments when great conversations are sparked via social media, which I have been a huge fan of for a very long time.  The other day on  Twitter, as I was passively rambling about securing finances while you're young, I was inspired by two incredible women-one a blogger and the other a friend of mine-who both graduated from college debt free. Responding to one, I used the hashtag #ThingsSmartGirlsDo and the idea bulb turned on instantly. Like I said in the disclaimer, I'm not perfect and sometimes I get really upset with my younger self for her poor decision making skills. However, I am still growing and learning along with everyone else.

    With no further ado, here is my list of 20 things that I believe smart girls are able to do. 

    Smart girls...
    1. Write their own rule book and are confident enough to define themselves. 
    2. Surround themselves with positive energy, things, and people.
    3. Make time for and appreciate the people they love.
    4. Give credit where credit is due. 
    5. Read my blog, because...that's a thing! 
    6. Go to college or enroll in a career centered program.
    7. Focus on educating themselves with the resources given, whether they choose to go to college or not.
    8. much as possible.
    9. Graduate from college debt free. 
    10. Spend more time chasing God and success more than men and shots.
    11. Learn from their mistakes.
    12. Treat men in general with respect and kindness.
    13. Recognize the goddess in themselves as well as other women.
    14. Know when to stop and listen; when to stand and speak up.
    15. Know how to play it cool, even when they're dying inside.
    16. Know how to be beautiful, even on blah days.
    17. Put in work while waiting for "the next big thing" whatever the next big thing may be. 
    18. Don't wear heels to football stadiums, at least not uncomfortable ones. 
    19. Celebrate wins and learn from their losses. 
    20. Bloom into SMARTER women. 
    I know the women reading this have some pearls of wisdom to share! What would you all add to the list??

    - ♥ Chymere A.

    Sunday, August 24, 2014

    Self-Love ♡ Sundays | Continue.

    There are certain things that I admit to allowing to get under my skin; one of those things being injustice and disrespecting human rights.  When the news about Ferguson hit, it was like I'd never heard bad news a day in my life and it became a domino effect. When it comes to human tragedy imposed on another human, I will never be immune to things like that. However, what I've been learning about myself as all of this has transpired is learning how to not take on the negative energies that takes place outside of my control. Protecting my peace, as Lindsay so eloquently put it H E R E

    The other day while we were watching a gospel program on TV, Mother Darling told me that I'm becoming more and more cynical. Although I defended myself, her sharing that put a mirror to my face. Then, I finally realized that my defense told me she was right and I know if she noticed it, others have too. Another similar incident made me see that mirror once more. In a debate I got into with a former classmate of mine surrounding the recent issues in Missouri, I was called out about my delivery. Let me just say, she is an extremely intelligent girl with a constant flow of beautiful thoughts, but my attitude interrupted what could have very well been a descent conversation. We later talked about it and her words sparked something that mom used to tell me all the time: it's not what you say, but how you say it. That also confirmed that my current state of cynicism is rubbing off on how I speak to people, which is not cool. 

    Honestly, I have become jaded by all the darkness I open my spirit up to every time I turn on the news or anytime I let someone else's hurt define me. A number of things exist in this world that cause me to react, more than understand, and even though I know this about myself, it's almost like I indulge in the torture of it all.

    Of course this was a gradual shift in my character, because things like that happen over time. There is a Lauryn Hill song that immediately comes to mind as I reflect on what transformation I sense happening at the moment. Don't be a hard rock when you really are a gem, baby girl. Yeah...that one. And I'm really trying to learn how to not let how passionate I am by nature get the worst of me. 

    I am at a place now where I want the love I know I have inside of me to shine at its full capacity from every single dimension of who I am. I want to love myself enough to be more at peace...with myself, with others, and the world/my community in order to find true happiness and not let go when something bad happens.  When I leave an impression on someone, I don't want it to just "be good" or acceptable; I want it to make a difference. This has inadvertently become the chief aim, so to speak, of my self ♡ love journey. 

    Pearls for the day: Continue to pray. Continue to dream. Continue to love (and let it be magical). Continue to thrive in every environment God places you in. And let people wonder and be inspired by how you do it. 

    ♡ // Chymere Anais


    Wednesday, August 20, 2014

    Music Collective: Vol. 10 {Sonna Rele + Daryn Alexus}

    * Hi, everyone! *

    Apparently, I have been under a rock somewhere, but my musical heart box has fallen in love again with yet another cluster of underground creatives, so today's Music Collective is a double header: one, London gem and the other a native of the District of Columbia. This beauty of a singer/songwriter/musician goes by the name of Sonna Rele. Her voice takes me to another place and the chills cover me undisturbed. Discovered via her 'Music Mondays' covers on Youtube, it makes me extremely happy that my beloved, Ne-Yo, has taken her talent under his wing, because he has absolutely stumbled across pure gold.

    I've spent the past few nights lost in a zone from Daryn Alexus' dreamy voice. Drawn to her creative soul, I've been following her for awhile via tumblr and had no clue she was a vocalist. When I clicked to listen to her SoundCloud (click to listen), not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised with her sound. And the about crawling inside all of my feelings. Assuming that GREEN will an LP of sorts, we are hours short of its release and I'm super excited. I may even do a review.

    These ladies are two very lovely artist with mountains of potential and I anticipate future projects from them both.

    - ♥ Chymere Anais


    Sunday, August 17, 2014

    Passion Speaks Louder Than Words

    All week long, I've experienced waves of both positive and negative emotions and it's been an internal whirlwind, which, I'm sure, is something a lot of people can relate to at this time.  The world has been in an uproar, it seems, because of the tragedies that have taken place. As much as I try to imagine how Michael Brown's mom feels, or even how the family and fans of Robin Williams are coping, I just cannot put myself in their position. My heart hurts deeply for them, but I'm sure it's not the same kind of hurt. It saddens me that people are critiquing the emotional state of anyone, because we all react to things differently. What solace does it offer a mother who's son was wrongfully executed or an entire town being treated like animals, to not blame anyone?  Honestly, all week, I've just grown weary of the never-ending debates, and taking on all the negative energies associate with them, but still feeling helpless in not knowing what to do that will solve anything.

    Suddenly, a thought came to me.  I truly believe that God gives us all assignments in this world and it's our responsibility to find what that calling is. In that case, there is no such thing as a big or small purpose, because it all matters to some extent.  No dream holds more weight than the dream next to it.  In this realization, I said to myself: Passion Speaks Louder Than Words.  It's no accident when we are passionate about certain things and it differs from person to person. For a few days, I just let that resonating thought marinate.

    It's a wordplay on that very common and overused phrase, action speaks louder than words, however, this does not have the same definition. Action can easily be a routine or a habit. A person can act on things that may not necessarily be aligned with their purpose, but passion is so much bigger than that.  I mentioned the the two most heavily discussed news headlines, mainly because I think in order for something good to emerge, we have to follow our individual passions. How do you channel your negative energy? How can your passion make a difference in this dark world we live in? What do you do already that is beneficial to the greater good? How does your passion speak for you and what does it say you stand for?

    Change may not happen over night. Years may pass before a real solution is present and active in society. Perhaps, it will come in the moment it's being done, and the person making it happen is not even paying attention. That's what I think is important; using your gifts, skills, and education to promote a better life for the people around you and all the silent ones on the shadowy sidelines, steady watching.  That's where the true fight lies, but right now, that idea is probably too simple to comprehend. We are not all called to go into the police force and become that massive change that the justice system needs, or go out and become the CEO's of a major company to turn it into a revolutionary infrastructure, but we all have something special to contribute. Talk is cheap, but who is absolutely willing to have the bold faith to believe that something they can't see right now can only manifest by pursuing what they love?


    Wednesday, August 13, 2014

    Music Collective: vol. 9 {Cadillactica is Coming!}

    image source

    Justin Scott, better known in the music world as Big K.R.I.T. is one of my favorite hip-hop artist, hands down. Circa 2006 was when I first fell in love with that southern drawl and the poetry hidden in those powerful lyrics. I heard one freestyle he did back then and was convinced that he would blow up one day. Vintage. Witnessing his career take off the way it has has been so amazing.  His music moves me, literally and spiritually, and in many cases it saved my exagerration. One minute I'll be in my room, twerking in the mirror and the next I'll be in a deep, reflective state; he's just that versatile.

    I could go on and on, but to avoid sounding too much like a groupie, I'll just leave it at proclaiming 'CADILLACTICA IS COMING!' like a toddler flower girl announcing a bride. 'Pay Attention', the most recent single featuring Rico Love, is only a sneak peak of his extraordinary work ethic and I cannot wait to see what he's been working on, besides all the free releases he's been dropping this year.  In the meantime, here's a play list of some of my faves Big K.R.I.T. tunes (in no particular order) to keep me occupied.

    ♥ Chymere A.
    1. Wake Up [ft. Willie B., saxophone]
    2. The Vent
    3. Hometown Hero
    4. Moon & Stars [ft. Devin the Dude, Curren$y & Killa Kyleon]
    5. Get Right
    6. Good Togetha' [ft. Ashthon Jones]
    7. If I Fall [ft. Melanie Fiona]
    8. Neva Go Back
    9. Highs & Lows
    10. Insomnia [ft. Mike Hartnett, guitar]
    11. Yesterday 
    12. Egyptian Cotton
    13. Praying Man [ft. B.B. King]
    14. King Without a Crown
    15. Rem
    16. Multi 'til the Sun Die
    17. Pay Attention ft. Rico Love
    18. Supreme (rmx) x Rick Ross ft. Mase, Big K.R.I.T., Fabolous
    More music H E R E...


    Monday, August 11, 2014

    Justice for...All

    [I wrote this post a little over a year ago during the Martin vs. Zimmerman trial, tweaking the names accordingly. And sadly, here it is again, still relevant to today's issues. Originally this post was titled 'Justice for Mike Brown', but I realized that because this is a race issue, it's much bigger than the who. If you are unfamiliar with the Michael Brown shooting that occurred over the weekend or any of the names listed later on, please feel free to utilize Google, a very resourceful tool for finding information. It breaks my heart that this is still happening, but the right kind of anger produces change and I can only hope that we can activate reform as soon as possible. Monday morning sorrow...

    [Re-post from the 07.17.13]

    A huge part of me wants to write my piece on the social injustices that surrounds innocent young minorities, but I haven't found the right words to say.  How am I supposed to project it in such a way, so I don't sound bias or angry? How do I put my heart on the line for my voice to be heard? What do I say what I want to say without pointing fingers and something that will remotely make a difference? How do I travel through all the details to spark a discussion of things people are scared to talk about? I don't know the answers to any of those questions, and because I don't know, it's hard to write anything at all. 

    On top of that, there is so much other stuff happening in the world that I want to speak on without losing my own sense of self, without stumbling out of balance, without misplacing my own happiness in the process. I have to be careful of how much of my energy I feed into negativity. On the other hand, I have no clue about how am I supposed to stay silent/nonchalant through all of it. 

    Most people fail to realize that letting yet another Caucasian cop* off guilt free digs way deeper Mike.  It just hits close to home, because I have brothers, cousins, and friends, who look and dress like him, that could very well be approached by the same police officer, trained to protect and serve, with a different name and it will be them [in the grave] against the law and bad public attorneys. So as I'm building up to write something that makes a difference, I'm speaking on the behalf of so many individuals who either think they don't have a voice or who don't the means to express themselves on a legal level without anger; and quite frankly, that's a heavy load to carry.  

    To Kimani Gay, 
    Kendrec McDade, 
    Travares McGill,
    Ramarley Graham, 
    Ervin Jefferson,
    Wendell Allen,
    Tyrone Brown, 
    Alonzo Ashley, 
    Steven Washington, 
    Amadou Diallo.
    Patrick Dorismond. 
    Quamane Zongo,
    Timothy Stansbury, 
    Sean Bell, 
    Orlando Barlow, 
    Aaron Campbell, 
    Victor Steen, 
    Ronald Madison, 
    James Brisette, 
    Oscar Grant, 
    Jordan Davis, 
    Kenneth Chamberlain, 
    Abner Louiama,
    Trayvon Martin

    And those I failed to mention.... 
    I'm [still] working on something that will be good enough for them.

    However, I do know that something must be done in a timely, so that another Martin vs. Zimmerman case doesn't happen again.  At that point, the question becomes: 'What can be done to reverse the systematic racism?' because what is being done so far is apparently not working in the favor of those who these crimes are against.  Yes we are angry. Yes we are hurt, but it's not enough to just go through with the emotions today and tomorrow view it as just another thing that happened. The voice that stands behind these trials aren't loud enough to overpower what is tolerated. 

    Whatever message I feel God-inspired to script, I want to to be loud and obnoxious, globally viral and in the hands of millions for decades so that even the echoes are cohesive enough to comprehend. Not sure when, but it's coming and I pray it's everything I hope it to be. I apologize if I'm late at all. 

    - ♥ Chymere Anais

    Sunday, August 10, 2014

    Self-Love ♡ Sundays | The Introduction

    “I found God in myself and I loved her...I loved her fiercely” - Ntozake Shange
    Hello and welcome to the first installment of Self-Love Sundays!

    Wanting to start this bi-monthly series was sparked by a few things, the first thing, or set of things rather, being a few epiphanies I've had so far this year like t h i s  o n e. The best way I can explain those: it is like watching a close friend grow into a mutual love with someone. A few years pass and you're at their wedding. You're so happy to have witnessed the glow of answered prayers, the excitement rising, the happiness that seems to flow effortlessly between two human beings, something you desire for yourself as well. Not so much jealousy as it is human nature; to want love and to be loved.  That's the same feeling I get when I see individuals who exude a certain level of confidence and have fallen completely in love with who they are. These are usually women who have become whole and confident within themselves and I really do admire that. When I did my own self-evaluation, I felt like something was missing; like I was happy, but not complete. Writing in my journal, talking to good friends, I was able to see that and knew it was up to me to do something about it. 

    The second spark was from a couple of young ladies I stumbled across on YouTube, AshleyDBeauty. Inspired by Heather L. Lindsey's ministry, Ashley spoke about her journey to self-love, becoming the woman she was created to be, a woman after God's own heart, and not depending on randoms to satisfy her or make her feel complete. She candidly shared her struggles with chasing the wrong things rather than God and initially having the wrong motives. after watching her, YT suggested Angel Walston, who basically has the same message in regards to taking advantage of single season to strengthen her daily walk with Christ. Both of them made me realize that maybe that the "something missing" was my faith was staggering, that my connection with God had grown weak, and above all else, I knew that was a relationship I wanted and needed to restore.

    So now, here I am, opening myself up to allow you guys to be apart of this journey with me. It has been on my heart to do so at some point this year, and I'm hoping that someone will be inspired whatever I'm lead to say. Even if you don't consider yourself to be a Christian, this is more about spirituality than it is about religion. God is just my way of reaching the depths of myself and how I'm able to recognize divinity in others. Also, it is my conviction that God loves us all, despite our beliefs and/or religious practices.

    The Self  Love journey is just as much for me as it is for others. I don't think I'm perfect, far from it, but it's on my heart do do this and that's what this is all about. I'm so excited about the transformation I sense is about to take place and hope that it encourages at least one person out there.


    Friday, August 8, 2014

    Music Collective: Vol. 8 {The August Mix Tape ft. Lauriana Mae}

    Perhaps not officially, but summer as I know it is coming to a close. That's not a bad thing necessarily, I just wish summer was more eventful than it was, but no complaints, because everything that came my way this season was exactly what I needed to happen in my life. 

    As I'm preparing for school to start and trying to maintain a certain zen to engulf myself in, my automatic musical mood turns into more graceful sounds; sultry vocals, and nice, calm melodies.  It's so fall. Unfortunately, the weather won't reflect the sentiments of the season until late September. The point is: I'm ready for fall, which has become my favorite season. So now the songs on my August play list revolves around giving me that seasonal warmth until the cooler weather actually gets here. 

    The feature of today's mix tape is Lauriana Mae, a phenomenal singer/songwriter that I was introduced to by Chelsea over at Contemporary Teal. Let me just say that Chelsea's taste in music significantly matches mine and it's extremely impressive when someone can introduce new/unheard of music to the infamous music connoisseur herself!  

    Mae has a very authentic sound, trumpeting with apparent notable jazz influences, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, and Amy Winehouse, and giving it a modern R&B/pop/hip-hop flare. I don't know much about her, but I do know that she's gorgeous, exceptionally talented, and I look forward to more of her work in the future. Find her on:
    Website / Soundcloud / Twitter

    - ♥ Chymere Anais

    The August Mix Tape:
    1. Divinity x Sza, Jill Scott
    2. Black Panther x Ayanna Witter-Johnson 
    3. Maybe She'll Dream of Me x The Foreign Exchange
    4. I Got Lost in His Arms x Terri Lyne Carrington, Gretchen Parlato
    5. Fall Winter Summer Spring Summer x Carolyn Malachi
    6. Become (Unplugged) x Camille Michelle Gray
    7. Set Me Free x Mara Hruby
    8. Lullaby x Chargaux, Soft Glas
    9. Nirvana x Sam Smith
    10. Love x Lauriana Mae + The Pains
    11. Nakamarra x Haitus Kaiyote, Q-Tip
    12. Beautiful x Mali Music
    13. Let Go x Little Dragon
    14. Fall For You x Leela James
    15. Moved By You x India.Arie

    + For more hand-picked music selections, browse through the archives H E R E. +

    Thursday, August 7, 2014

    The Fifth Beatle by: Vivek J. Tiwary

    Image source. Cover by: Andrew C. Robinson

    Intrigued by the lost humanity of Brian Epstein, the man who was namely responsible for discovering and managing legendary band, The Beatles, Vivek J. Tiwary began a 21 year research journey to resurrecting the infamous character of Epstein, which lead to the creation of the upcoming graphic novel and film, The Fifth Beatle

    Tiwary, the man responsible for such a fascinating piece of work, is what I would refer to as a world class visionaries. Not only was this a well calculated business move, it also caters to human rights. During the late 50's/early 60's, it was pretty much unheard of for a homosexual, Jewish man to walk around, strangely proclaiming (believing in) about some underground band people had never heard play before, even more so that their success would trump that of Elvis. The story of Brian Epstein is an exploration beyond the facts that aims to also unveil the struggles and victories of the man himself. Although society is a lot more diverse and accepting that it was back in that time, the reality of Brian Epstein himself is still a little bizarre. With gay rights still being a relevant cultural topic of discussion, the the cultural significance stands out even more and makes for a plot that is not only quite interesting, but one that people will be able to relate to in generations to come.

    An Indian American attending undergrad at University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business with ambitions to enter the entertainment industry was practically a sin, which further explains his infatuation with Epstein. Despite the setbacks he must have faced, Vivek Tiwary was vastly determined to break the mold of what was expected of him and dive head first into entrepreneurship and entertainment, starting with Broadway. From transforming stage play A Raisin in the Sun into a hip-hopera against naysayers who weren't interested in including African Americans on Broadway to boldly re-creating this history he is constantly surpassing insane barriers to continue to promote the love and peace movement by supporting minority groups across the board. 

    In a recent interview in the summer 2014 issue of Wharton Magazine, he tells journalist, Paul Richards:
    "I felt incredibly inspired by that sense of pursuing a dream that's outside of what people of your ethnicity are steered toward"
    This quote caught my attention, mainly because of the connection I felt to that statement. I love when people have the courage to step outside of their cultural norms to do something as daring as what Tiwary is attempting to do with this project.  As someone who is going into a field that is not particularly common, I draw inspiration from people like this as well.   

    With marks of approval from Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, and Yoko Ono (the long-term love interest of John Lennon, for those of you who are unfamiliar) and having secured rights to Beatles' music, shooting for the 9 year film venture is scheduled to begin some time in 2015. I am anticipating the book, which I've already pre-ordered on , and the movie, release date TBA. 


    Watch the Trailer:


    City of Dreams and Nightmares

    Things started to fall apart and I needed to get out before I lost control; control over my emotions, my circumstances, my sanity, etc.  This is what I thought I wanted, right?

    It was a little disheartening for the city of my dreams to turn out to be the city of nightmares. So much happened in such a short time frame that I literally have to leave in order for everything to fully register. I've never felt so lost in my entire life. Maybe I was too ambitious and overly optimistic with my expectations. Maybe it really wasn't the right time. However, rather than continuing to be discouraged about how things played out or feeling like a failure, I just count it as a lesson learned so that next time, I am able to do it better. If at first you don't succeed...

    There were parts I did enjoy after the initial excitement subsided.  If it really is apart of God's plan for me to be there, then I'll return one day with a better blue-print, more money, and a more clear perspective on why I feel so attached to this place. I honestly tried, with everything in me, to make this work. Perhaps, I'll go into more detail later on, but for now, I have to go home to regroup and recharge. Fortunately, I'm one of the lucky ones who always has a home to go back to. Never realized how much of a blessing that is. 

    Thank you for all the good luck wishes and congratulatory comments. All were so appreciated, because having people believe in me is just phenomenal. I am forever grateful to have so much support.

    Goodbye, my sweet California.  If it is meant to be, I'll be back before you know it.

    Wednesday, August 6, 2014

    City Finds | Osteria del Fugo Mid-town ATL

    {Photo credit for 1, 6, & 7: Sheriden  | All others are original photos}

    Last month, I met up with bloggers Vett (Real College Student of Atlanta) and Sheriden (The Indie Byline) at Osteria del Figo in mid-town Atlanta. Since it was my first time meeting Vett in person, I admitt to being a bit anxious, which seems to naturally happen when anything new transpires. Although I was nervous initially, the three of us had a wonderful time laughing, conversing, and sharing stories like old girlfriends.

    Considering how much I love Italian food, choosing an Italian dine-in  for this mini blogger meet up was a perfect, inexpensive option. Before being seated, patrons were asked to order their main dish, an order of business that made things go by much smoother throughout the course of the meal. I ordered the penne with 4 formaggio sauce, a safe choice. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. 

    The general squared area was really nice, full of little shops and restaurants, and the perfect outdoor courtyard inside the perimeter for dog walking and leisurely enjoying the outdoors. It's in the same plaza as Yeah! Burger, which is where Sheriden held her birthday dinner the previous weekend. The restaurant itself had a nice rustic, Tuscany feel that made the ambiance really warm and inviting. Craving something sweet afterwards, the three of us went across the parking lot for ice cream at Jeni's. Vett left early, leaving me and Sheriden to roam, have a mini-photo shoot, and ended up having an unexpectedly eventful night.

    Overall, I'd recommend this restaurant to anyone who has never tried it before. It's also great date night place if you're someone who prefers more relaxed/casual environments.

    ♥ Chymere A.
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