Thursday, July 3, 2014

Zero Degrees

[This particular piece was a bit challenging and it was probably the hardest time I ever had writing a poem, but the challenge I gave myself for epic poetry was to create a 26 line poem, each line subsequently starting with a letter of the alphabet...and it had to flow in a way that would make sense. Without even realizing it at first, it ended up being a sequel to the last poem I wrote, as stated in line 3, which is kinda cool. Enjoy! ]

Zero Degrees
Always and in all ways, I will love you, no matter what
Because you were my first love, the neglect is like salt to a cut.
Can we experience a Summer of Love together like the last poem I wrote?
Do you think that arrangement would be the best way to sail this boat?
Even after all this time that has painfully transpired, somehow I still just know.
Forever seems like destiny, but if we tried again, will we be allowed to grow?
Growth is a product of choice, not chance so,
Help me understand your stance.
I can’t possibly be the only one ready and willing to fight for us
Just knowing love is still omnipresent has to be enough.
Kinetic energy is stagnant and the future is no guarantee.
Life without you is how the earth would be without sea.
May we restore and cultivate our love without restrictions?
Nothing will be able to stop us if we are equally committed.
Opportunity lies deep in your eyes, like never before
Prepared to hide myself, but they see me right to the core.
Questions arise that we both never ask; too much pride to digest.
Resurrection is only possible if we remove our masks in order to progress.
Something magical still lingers in the gap of our distance. 
Tortured by the mystery of the unknown, we’ve become resistant.
Uprooted from our history, we still have the tools to make this work.
Vainly, we sit here convinced that the damage can’t be reversed.
We are blind star crossed love-birds with broken wings, unsure of how to heal and mend.
‘X’ marks the spot of where we should start if only we opened our eyes and adjusted the lens.
You and I are so close (yet so far away) from the heights we’re meant to achieve,
Zero degrees separated from where we’re meant to be.

- ♥ Chymere A.

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