Monday, July 14, 2014

Think Global, Act Local

Many times we tend to believe that when something happens on a global scale, there is nothing we can do about it.  We think that small acts won't make a difference, when it's not taking action that is worse.  Even I, sometimes, have a hard time understanding that my seemingly minimal acts can make such a colossal difference. How dare we bask in our own daily luxuries, fooled into thinking that sitting idle will ever trump acts of service, acts of kindness.
"...I don't care what kind of brand you are/ I'm concerned what type of man you are/ What your principles and standards are..." -Mos Def, "Sunshine"

With this in mind, I've gathered some information geared to create a sort of graph of problems in the world including solutions as well as local volunteering opportunities in the city of Atlanta.  Most of the websites linked have access to locations elsewhere.

I strongly encourage all of you to reach out and do something that matters.  At the end of life, claims to fame, social media status is insignificant compared to what is most important, which is what kind of impact you've made on the world.

Chymere A.



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