Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Morning Glory

The idea of this post was to write down my waking thoughts today and write a post about it. I keep my journal on the coffee table next to my bed, so I wrote this in my journal before typing it here.

I’d planned to write an entire post about how much I love him, respectfully so, since I still do and probably always will.  However, I realized that right now is the prime time for me to work on becoming complete without attachment to another person, without limitations.  It is the perfect time for me to commit to loving and building myself up, not to be anything for you, him, or anyone else, but to simply grow into the woman I’m supposed to be.

As the years have gone by, I admit to have grown a little sadder about being alone, but this morning I had an epiphany: In order for me to attract what and who is best for me I have to first find comfort in being the best woman I can be. That means to understand when I am ready, things like love and companionship will begin to manifest. The love I carry for myself is the most important aspect of becoming. In the case that he and I are meant to be, I must first learn to let go, hope that whatever route he takes is that of happiness and truth, even if it doesn't involve me, and not obsessively worry about where he is at any point in his life. 

This morning, I thought about the love I have held on to  so tightly in a different light. I literally woke up feeling Oren Lavie's 'Her Morning Elegance' video. Instead of allowing nostalgia to dominate the present moment like I usually do, I allowed myself to feel a [deeper] love I forgot existed and was so happy to wake up in all her excellence. 

♥ Chymere A.



  1. I recently had a little breakdown when being faced with solitude... not necessarily from missing a significant other, but just from being in a new place without friends & family and completely out of my comfort zone. Slowly, but surely, I started venturing out and doing things on my own, including things that I don't normally do, even with friends, and in this time I've learned so much about myself. I have definitely developed a new love for me! :)

    1. Oh I know that place too and it's so amazing that you can move pass that and really start to discover so much about yourself.

  2. Let me say that this is the first post I have read written by you. Your words have drawn me in. You have definitely gained a new reader.

    So often we find ourselves consumed by being loved and loving someone, when in fact, the only love we should be focused on is loving ourselves to the point where being alone is OK. Being in our twenties will be some of the best years of our lives (I'm sure they same the same about being 30 and so on), but it's something about being single in your twenties that weighs heavy, in a sense. As you stated in your post, no time is the perfect time than RIGHT NOW to start building ourselves up as a woman, an individual.

    Discovering who we are is the greatest accomplishment of all.

  3. YESSSSS! Amen to all of this! I am so proud of you for writing this, for reflecting deeply within yourself and realizing that now is the time to begin again, without the memory of this person holding you back. I'm blown away. This was beautiful. I'm excited for your journey

  4. I love this post and what you're saying is so very true. You can't love someone else until you truly realize how to love yourself. I wish you the best and look forward to reading through your journey :)

  5. This post is beautiful, and it's definitely original. I love the truth in it as well. I've been there before as well; Once you empower yourself with self love, no one can bring you down. I know'll you find happiness. As for my own morning glory post : I struggled with what to do, so I decided to do 6 things that will make your morning glorious. to find out what post to do for poetry A-Z

  6. That's beautiful & gives me hope!


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