Friday, July 18, 2014

How I Write: A Blog Tour

Today an interview scheduled that ended up not happening, so I figured I'd do this tag before it completely slipped my mind to do it. Actually, I was tagged at the perfect time, so thank you, Sheriden over at The Indie Byline for tagging me! Click  H E R E  to read her responses.

1. What are you working on? As far as the blog goes, I'm always working on consistency. If there is anything I've learned from blogging is that you have to be consistent and being inconsistent has really worked against me. For me, I started over with an intention to be more consistent and this time around, I felt that I had a more clear vision of what I wanted to say on this platform. Speaking of time, I'm also working on time management, making sure I always find time to write-on the blog or elsewhere-and make an effort connect with the people who take the time to read my work, no matter how busy I am in real life.

2. How does your work differ from others of its genre? I think bloggers have more similarities than differences and the only thing that makes us different is authenticity.  When you are true to who you are and take on task that align with who you are, you stand out automatically.  There is nothing I do that is just intentionally "different", I'm just me and connect with individuals (both in and outside of the blogging world) with the same mentality about being exactly who they are .

3. Why do you write what you do? I write what I take genuine interest in. Even though I may like what is high demand here and there, I don't waste time skimming through what's popular. It's not my niche to outsource popularity. This goes back to the point I made in #2 about being true to self. 

4. How does your writing process work? Honestly, I don't know if I really have one. If I do, writing is so sporadic for me, so it's hard to tell what the process is. Inspiration hits me at random time and in random places and I'm always taking notes, whether it's on my iPhone, my computer, my journal, a napkin, anything I can get my hands on really. I do know, however, that I can't force it. I'm not the type to turn on music, make some tea, and sit at a desk and start writing; I've tried it and it just does not work for me. 

5. Tag 3 writers to answer these questions next. 

I tag...Lindsay of 2nd and L, Haley of Haley Rankins, Nina of With Love Nina, and anyone else who would like to participate!!!

♥ Chymere A.



  1. I loved your answers to these! Especially the last one, because like you've said, me and you are just on the same wavelength so much and the proof is in the pudding with that one so the speak lol. I also agree with your thoughts on authenticity as well as your statement about not being an outsource resource for popular topics, yes :)

  2. Awee I'm just now seeing your tag! I'll be sure to do this one in my next post!
    Muahhh! :)

  3. I love this "series"! They are probably my favorite and only link ups I like to do....I don't really do link ups but this was right up my alley. Loved learning more about you! -Jess L


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