Thursday, July 31, 2014

Monthly Faves: July 2014

Despite the heaves of creative blocks and sometimes wondering how I was going to pull this off, the SSE blog challenge 2k14 is finally complete! Writing everyday can be challenging, so I can understand why some people chose to not participate, but I certainly appreciate the few bloggers who put in the effort. Shout-out to my girl Ashley @ Akording to Ashley, Haley @ Haley Rankins, to the lovely Jaz Jones @ Joy of JL, Sheriden @ The Indie Byline and to everyone else who extended their support by sending amazing comments, tweets, and emails my way.

There's a lofty post in store for you guys today with my current favorites [Chymere A. Loves...], July photo diary to summarize the month, and a complete blog recap, just in case you missed a post, so let's get right into it:  

♥ On the WWW:
♥ Music:
♥ Books:
  • Loved: 'Ghana Must Go' by: Taiye Selasi [Read my review on H E R E]
♥ Beauty:
  • Scrambling blog/internet archives to shed light on nude lippies suitable for women of color, I finally found my perfect nude lip combo, Mary Kay's Raspberry Ice liquid lip color on top of Natural Beaute true dimensions lipstick. My mom is a MK beauty consultant, so of course a majority of my collection is Mary Kay by default. Isn't it pretty?? [If you love beauty/inspiration on your TL, follow her on Twitter: @LadyBlessed_MK ...and no it's not Mary Kay talk 24/7]
  • I'm very particular about what shampoo products I use on my hair that tends to get really dry, especially during swim training. Organix Weightless Hydration Coconut Water Shampoo has been a life saver, an answer to my prayers. No sulfates. No animal testing. And it smells so good. Automatic win.
♥ Miscellaneous:
  • App(s): Beats Music app : combines all my favorite music apps into one and I love it. | Twi Phrasebook : currently teaching myself Twi, a native language of the Ghanaian people. 

Outside of blogging, it's been a really incredible month. From hitting the quarter century mark to falling in love with my city again, and appreciating the little things, such as spending quiet moments with my dad in his garden, life has been interesting, to say the least. I'm quite excited to discover what the remainder of the year has in store.



  1. Awe spending time in the garden with your dad, that's sweet! That Mary Kay lipstick looks like such a pretty color!


  2. so happy I made the July photo diary! :)


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