Monday, June 30, 2014

June 2014 Favorites + Blog Recap

At the beginning of the year, a few months before I stopped posting on the blog I had prior to this one, I started doing Current Faves monthly, where I would post a list of favorites from that particular month, broken up into different categories. It was inspired by the magazines and blogs I frequent that do monthly favorites or editor's picks as some would call it. I really liked the idea, so I figured I would get back to it once I started up my new blog.  To change it up a bit, I revamped the structure and gave it a new name, which is 'Chymere A. [insert month + year accordingly]', witty enough and pretty self-explanatory. I'll also do a blog recap each month, so you'll never miss a beat.

Here are the things I've been loving in June:

        • I was so inspired by this interview conducted by GG Renee of All the Many Layers on her Soulful Beauty series: "By clawing my way out of the mess I made, God worked with me to transform me into a more humble, diligent, and appreciative person."
        • Operation #GetYourLife: A "Zen" Checklist For The Modern Woman was exactly what I needed. Mission in progress.
        • Sailor Moon is coming back!!! Talk about nostalgia, realized. 
        • The video below is a synopsis of my childhood and with the proper freedom to do it, I know for a fact would have created something just as epic with toys and other random household items. I saw this video towards the beginning of fall 2013, but now that my career ambitions are aligned to go in the engineering, I strongly believe in the concept of this start-up even more and love how it exposes young girls to the opportunities available in the S.T.E.M. fields.
    • ♥ Music
    • Album: Xscape - Michael Jackson. How anyone expected for this album NOT to be absolutely flawless, I don't know.
    • Song:
      • I have fallen absolutely in bliss with this song, Here x Shadows on Stars. Special thank you, Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes, for the introduction to the incredible duo!
    • ♥ Beauty:
    • The Skinvigorate™ Cleansing Brush [used with Mary Kay® Botanical Effects® Skin Care skin care line] from Mary Kay is like a spa experience in the privacy and convenience of my own bathroom. I had heard of similar facial cleansing tools from the YT beauty community. The others were all a little out of my price range, so I never tried them out to compare them, but I will say that Mary Kay's version is the most reasonably priced one and works wonders on my sensitive skin. 
    • Miscellaneous:
      • Semi-annual sales are gifts from God. That was confirmed with my purchase of the Lemon Verbena candle from B&BW, such a summery clean scent that I absolutely love. May have to go buy more of the same kind (and bigger) ones ASAP!
    • ♥ Shows 
      • Dexter
      • Game of Thrones
      • The Big Bang Theory
      • Hit the Floor
    • ♥ Currently Reading: The Astral by: Kate Christensen // #GirlBoss by: Sophia Amboruso  
    • ♥ Blog Recap 06.14
      • 06.13: #livebeautifully
      • 06.15: Summer Reading List 2014
      • 06.17: City Finds-The Beehive ATL
      • 06.19: June/July 2014 Wish List
      • 06.20: Less is More
      • 06.23: Why I Chose a Career Path in Engineering
      • 06.26: Shamelessly Inspired (Do You, Boo!)
      • 06.28: Soundtrack Saturdays Exclusive: vol. 1 {For the Love of Geekdom, Pt. I}

    What things/places/blogs/books/concepts have you been loving this month?

    ♥ @ChymereA


    1. I'm going to have to check this Mary Kay Cleansing brush out or something close to it.

    2. Love the Shadows on song. I, for some reason, just discovered Alex Isley this month, so I've been listening to lots of her. That Goldie Blox commercial is seriously the cutest/tightest thing ever. I would have most definitely bought up all their stuff as a kid and would have probably went on to be an engineer, ha! Happy July!

      xo, Krist |

      1. *goes to purchase all skin care items* lol have you heard any of Ari Lennox:s music? If not you've really got to give her a listen! Soulful, beautiful, and transitional! Her latest song is Bound and she also has an EP titled Ariography, let me know if you listen tweet me @shadaenaturally


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