Saturday, May 31, 2014

Soundtrack Saturdays: vol. 95 {Ama Be Happy}

This song makes me so happy and Lord knows I need to hold on tightly to anything that makes me smile at this point in my life.

Monday, May 26, 2014

SoCal is a Lifestyle

As soon as I arrived in LAX, I felt a sudden rush of peace take over me. Everything went by surprisingly smooth and I've  navigated my way around pretty well with little help.  There were good vibrations all around me and the beautiful weather was Polaroid perfect. Saying goodbye to my family was probably the hardest part so far and leaving my comfort zone wasn't easy at all, but the way everything fell into place naturally makes it all so worth it. It feels like God's own spirit is in the midst, reaffirming me with a light, yet overwhelming wave of His presence.  The universe seemed to be perfectly aligned with my purpose for being here and trying to sum that experience up in words does the actual experience no justice.  

The first time I mentioned my California Ambitions on this platform was back in 2012, so many of you are witness to the fact that it has been very long time in the making to be able to claim residency. I spoke all these things into existence; I wrote down the exact emotions I wanted to feel in my journal and hung a huge photo of LA in my bedroom back home where I could see it everyday. Those thoughts and one simple visualization tool manifested where I am now. The law of attraction is very real to me right now. That's just a confession to show that, with the right mindset, absolute trust in God, confidence in self, determination, and a dose of patience (+ hard work), dreams do come true, even if that does mean a few times setbacks along the way.

Throughout this entire process, the heaviest lesson for me personally, has been learning how to move in silence and how to trust God completely, rather than other people. Outside of my immediate family, no one even knew I was leaving and some people, such as those infamous dream killers and Negative Nancys will find out ...eventually. There was no dramatic exit or any going away celebration like originally planned; just me constantly praying this this move would, ultimately, glorify God, because if it weren't for divine favor, a move of this caliber would not even be possible.

So hellllllllooooooooo, California...Chymere is finally home. I am over-the-moon about starting this exciting new book in my life. Cheers to new beginnings.

-Chymere A.

Song of the moment:  'Unwritten' x Natasha Beddingfield


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Soundtrack Saturdays: vol. 94 {For the Road}

Not sure if I stand alone in my opinion, but I really can appreciate Chris Breezy and Tyga as a hip-hop/R&B duo. Something about their collaborations are fresh and exciting and I think their solo careers mesh really well together.  The song itself is a cute love/break-up song with a mellow, summer vibe that goes nicely with the all white theme of the video. As always, Chris' effortless dance moves give me so much LIFE! Enjoy the video and let me know what you all think.
♥ Chymere A.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Soundtrack Saturdays: vol. 93 {Fall in Love}

KeKe Wyatt has such a beautiful voice and range. She sounds incredible on the sultry and seductive, bringing a really special element to classic R&B love ballads every single time she performs.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Inspired by The Indie Byline

In Love with:  The beauty of life's unexpected twist and turns | The people in my life who keep me focused and encourage my growth

Working On:  projects: a children's book + trying to get my first poetry book published | Lifestyle: Getting my body used to a super busy summer schedule and maintaining proper balance (and sleep) | Other: Reading at least 2 books before May is over. The goal is to read 2 books every month for the rest of the year

Music [favorite sounds]: Chargaux | Ross David | Victoria White | Little Dragon

Anticipating :  2 weeks!!! Wait for it...

Reading :  #GirlBoss by: Sophia Amoruso

 Watching: The Big Bang Theory | Dexter | House of Cards
Favorite Words:  Keep going.

Thinking about: Tattoo ideas | Travel plans | Ways to make my blog better and a more prominent platform for art to be a bold voice in a world where the wrong people are silenced | Opening an etsy shop, if time allows. If I do, I'll definitely keep you all in the know :-) | In lighter news, debating whether or not I want to go back to Team Samsung or stay with Team iPhone #firstworldproblems

Over the Moon about: Everything that is manifesting in this moment. Just a couple of weeks ago, I felt morose about everything and nothing, but then one day, I literally woke up with motivation to change my attitude and shift my perceptions. Life becomes really amazing when you hold tight to the magic that lives within hope and optimism. Good vibes only.

Dreaming Of:  sea, sun, and sand


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

05.06.14 | Keep Going.

Keep going. 

I've been hearing/seeing that phrase a lot lately, so it must mean something. Even my horoscope today was relative by saying no matter how colossal my dreams are or how insane they sound to others, to keep going after them and staying positive throughout the process. It's pretty awesome when I think about it, just because the timing couldn't be anymore perfect. 

I've also been attracting amazing people into my life, who stand behind me and support me, even after I fail to listen to wise instruction [in regards to any stupid decision I'm about to make].

It's funny that it always feels like the right choice for me when I start or think about returning to college, but when I get there, I don't actually do what I'm there to do. Perhaps, that is what has always been the issue.

Just because I took a different route-and traveled a little slower than most-doesn't mean I'm not exactly where I need to be right now. 

It's not healthy to look at other people's lives in comparison to mine. All of our individual journeys are different, so I can't be discouraged, especially when it comes to people who have worked hard to get to where they are. 

There is no greater feeling than just knowing you're in a good place. I just have to keep the end goal in mind and not give up until I reach it.


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lessons on Being Present and Moving Forward

"Never hope for it more than you work for it." - Preston Smiles
Honestly, I think I've spent way too much time thinking, hoping, wishing, praying, but not willing to get my hands dirty or always walking away when the job gets too tough. Unfortunately, it's been that way towards a lot of things and I'm finally waking up to how bad of a habit that is. How can I expect to have anything of value if I'm not willing to put forth serious effort in accomplishing things, whether it's graduating from college or publishing a book? At the end of the day, it all boils down to how much I'm willing to do...and by not doing anything at all, I'm being counter productive to doing my best and giving my dreams what they deserve require.

"When a world falls apart in my own hands, the silver lining is the opportunity to rebuild and learn and grow from mistakes of the past." - me, 03.03.10

I love re-reading old journals and stumbling across my own little gems. That could not be any more true. Although it's taken me a while, I feel like I'm getting to the point where the only thing that matters is what I do right now, from this day forward.
"You are only as great as you think you are. Potential energy is equivalent to zero achievement. Mind over matter."

Also, I know that if I truly want to break this cycle of always "starting over", I must stop giving up, simple as that. I've been through so much, but every high and low has been a lesson I needed to grow me and make me stronger, wiser, and ultimately better prepared for my moment when it finally does show up. 

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