Saturday, April 19, 2014

Soundtrack Saturdays: Vol. 92 {Dreaming of Coachella 2014}

By default, Coachella, an annual music festival held in Los Angeles, California, is every music lover’s dream-or at least people who are heavy into art pop, funky dub-step, house music, and classic hip-hop. Unfortunately, not all of us have the funds to afford ticketing packages to such lavish events. However, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to bask in the energy of it all.

This is a playlist in honor of one if the biggest music festivals since Woodstock. It’s compiled of 40 of handpicked songs from familiar favorites. All of the artist, plus some, are in the lineup for this weekend. The original list had about 150 songs on it, but I decided to cut it down to 40. Thankfully, it was completed just in time for today’s S.S.

One day, I’ll be able to attend, but until then, I’ll just listen to this play list and imagine I’m there, parlaying with the rich hipsters, jamming out to the music:

1. Slum Beautiful x Outkast
2. Fancy Footwork x Chromeo
3. Something You Can Feel x Aeroplane
4. Two Different Ways x Factory Floor
5. Your Drums, Your Love x AlunaGeorge
6. Flaws x Bastille
7. Ancient Dreams x Lucent Dossier Experience
8. Drive (Los Angeles) x Lolawolf
9. Fragile Bird x City and Colour
10. Without You x Art Department
11. Soko x Bo Ningen
12. Twice x Little Dragon
13. Green Lights x Aloe Blacc
14. Weekends x Skrillex ft. Sir ah
15. I Follow Rivers x Lykke Li
16. The World is Yours x Nas
17. I Got U x Duke Dumont
18. Lost Queen x Pharrell Williams
19. Electric Feel x MGMT
20. Lovers in the Parking Lot x Solange
21. This is What it Feels Like x Banks
22. I Breathe x Mako
23. Gold x James Vincent McMorrow
24. Fall Into the Sky x Zedf
25. Crush on You x Group Love
26. City Swans x Neko Case
27. The Throw x Jagwar Ma
28. Animals x Martin Garrix
29. Pumped Up Kicks x Foster the People
30. NiƱo Brown x Co.fee
31. Cirrus x Bonobo
32. First Fires x Bonobo
33. Heart Out x The 1975
34. Chosen x Blood Orange
35. Clash x Alesso
36. Sweet Nothing x Calvin Harris & Florence the Machine
38. Let’s Dance x Cajmere & Russoul
39. Elevated (Original Mix) x Deorro
40. Girl’s Not Grey x AFI

♥ Chymere A.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Trusting the Process...or Trying to

Lately, I've given a great amount of thought to the process of things and learning that God has ways of showing me the importance of that whenever I neglect it. I also understand that trusting the work of the universe isn't based on a timeline that I've set for myself. 

Make a decision + commit has been the theme of the year so far, however, it helps to see the options I do have. All of the confusion that's happening right now could, more than likely, be a matter of faith and trusting the process, rather than trying to control it; to take things one step at a time and not be in such a hurry. Where God leads, he'll also equip us with everything we need, which is something I often have to remind myself.

More than anything, I'm just ready to move forward into a place where I no longer feel so stagnant or bound to a given set of circumstances, because I have the power to change my reality. I want the freedom to work on my passion projects and pursue higher learning at the same time, no matter where I am, and believe that whatever choice I do make will lead me in the right direction. I just have to decide and stand firm in the decision. 

Sometimes, I think our own desires have the potential to manifest false signs. For instance, wanting something so badly, that signs show up, simply because the belief is so strong. Typically, I want what I want right now, but too often give up before there's any real effort or preparation, neglecting the entire process completely out of anxiety. It's true; faith is work.

All that being said, whenever I become frustrated about the time it will take to achieve a certain goal, I try to remember that time is a man-made concept and that God's timing is perfect.


-Chymere A.
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