Tuesday, February 4, 2014

WildflowersUnscripted | Day #4: Poetry

Day #4: Poetry 

To Be in Love

Breathe me for I am in your vicinity 
Get comfortable while I pour you tea
And just let the silence in the air
Fill the empty spaces of imagination 
Where we are free to be love
No boundaries, no impossibilities, feel what’s real even if we pretend it
Let the music uplift us and escape in it
Dance amongst the stars and tiptoe back to this afternoon
And quietly drift back into the peace of mind we create in my little room

Love is natural. We were not born with hate or fear
Such instincts are learned, but for a flash make them disappear
Bring back the innocence of birth
And rebuild the lessons we knew first
We were created to be love and light
So let’s not argue and create mindless battles, let’s not fight 
Let’s just enjoy what we are and what we have in this moment
And dream endlessly let’s not control it

Wrap me in your arms and hold me close to your heart
Consider all our beautiful colors and give me art
Can we use this time wisely since we are already here, together
Without stress, or drama, or worries about forever
And learn to live in love, laughter, and true happiness
As long as love and laughter exist
Life is so short and I desire for my time to be well spent
Don’t waste time analyzing moments that are heaven sent

Love me for no reason at all; love me just because you can
We can be apart of each other's lives and make future plans
Even if we don’t fulfill them we can aim for the sky
We’re flying on the wings of love ; no one can possibly destroy this high
Letting our love drown out past heartbreak and for your sake
I’ll swim across the oceans and run endless miles to see your face
Spontaneous and liberating to love someone with no logic to recall
Just learning day by day how to give love my all

Chymere Anais



  1. This was beautiful. In the midst of always hearing about sidechicks, divorces, and single mom it's refreshing to read poetry like this.

    1. Yea I don't get into things like that, lol. Thank you so much!!!


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