Monday, February 3, 2014

WildflowersUnscripted | DAY #3: Story Setting {Love & Color Lines}

She paced back and forth in the bridal quarters of the church, glancing with blurry eyes and a broken heart at her past lover while her present beau waited in a distant sanctuary.  Grabbing the crease of her white dress with her hand, as if to stop herself from vomiting, she ached for her fiancĂ© to know how much she loved him. In this fatal moment, she was stuck between a rock and a hard place and she could feel it literally squeeze the air out of her.

Her heart stopped briefly as the man in the room with her pulled her into to him.  Minutes ago, Mari-Anne was supposed to stand before the Lord, with her family and friends as witnesses, to tie the knot of eternity with a man who, up until today, was her soul mate, instead of dealing with confusion and caving in to a former lover’s charm. As this familiar, strong, beautiful man with copper skin held her to keep her calm, she felt a sense of security that she had never felt with the man who was waiting anxiously to marry her. Was it because he was white? Suddenly, her unrealized, inner prejudices resurfaced.

Why did he have to come here on her special day? Mari escaped from his grasp and walked to the only window in the room. As she stared down at the scene outside, she watched carefully as street performers gathered around the church’s exterior, loudly chanting with signs hailing from their hands. Plastered all over the signs were hate words and racial slurs.  She recalled the never-ending arguments with their families to convince just a few of them to show up at the wedding. It was a constant battle, she thought, a voluntary commitment to fight war with war.

John came here to stop her. He wanted to protect her and make her aware the unforeseen perils of what life would be like if she went along with the decision to marry a white man.  Unlike Jacob, he was accomplished and controlling, raised by freed men who managed to become the “Uncle Toms”, and respectfully the token black elite in the country clubs across New York City.  Mari knew submitting to him would immediately win her family’s approval. With him, she would have a chance at a better life outside of the slums she grew up in. However, her dreams lead her elsewhere and that’s when she met the love of her life, Jacob. 

Her thoughts drifted. Jacob was such a wonderful man. For almost 2 years, he courted her, and was nothing but gentle in his pursuit.  He had a beautiful heart and was the complete opposite of the white men that her family hated.  It never even occurred to him that they were bred from two different worlds and class systems, as she reminded him countless times. The moment she gave in, a beautiful love story had begun. Despite the history, society would never learn to approve.

In her head, questions shot out like fireworks. How could she pretend like riots weren't breaking out right outside of this old Northern cathedral? It was approaching the year 1968, and considering the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. earlier that year, the war on racism was only magnified.  She couldn't understand why she felt so foolish to think that together, they would have the power to fight to keep their love whole, through all the torturous events of the current decade. 

As of last year, interracial marriage had been legalized in New York, but apparently that didn't stop individuals from wanting to rise above said law. Mari wondered what would have been the response to newlyweds exiting the church today. Ideally, it would be rice grains and joyous tears and laughter, but no one was actually applauding this forbidden marriage, and by the looks of the gloomy weather on that day, not even God.  

The reality of the matter was finally starting to set in. Hit by a whim of the heart impulse, she raced through the doors of the church, only to catch a glimpse of her future fill the empty shadows.  She stood in the door way, appalled to find her groom was the only person there. His grey, blue eyes shined back at her.  Everyone else made an exit, assuming she'd never show up. Jacob was the last man standing. This would be the story of their life forever, she thought as she ran down the isle, apologizing for being so late.

“I’d wait forever, Mari.” They shared a kiss and fate was sealed, but now it was time to be a force and fight in the battle they signed up for.

-The original work of: Chymere A

{Story concept inspired by Richard & Mildred Lovings. Lovings vs. Virginia, 1958}


  1. Love This!!!!!!! More please. I'm marrying Jacob, she loves him. And The lovings Story is touching, isn't it?

    1. I haven't decided If I'll be sharing more or not but I'll let you know if and when I decide to. And yes, it is ! Thank you so much...glad you enjoyed it!!

  2. Such an amazing story Chy! Book writer? =P! Have a Happy Monday!!

    KIMBERLYLUXE + From A Wildflower

    1. Lol it's in the plan! I appreciate you, thank you!

  3. Beautifully written. I can't wait to read more and hope you'll share!


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