Saturday, February 22, 2014

WildflowersUnscripted | DAY #22: Long Lost Friend/Family Member

You're not so much long lost as I'd like you to be at this point. I know it sounds harsh, but allow me to explain...

I've been praying hard about who to keep and dismiss to protect my realm. For some odd reason, I keep trying to mend what God himself has intentionally pulled apart by constantly allowing you to make room in my life. It's not to say that you're a bad person, but I do think we are better off without each other. If you understand the growth process, you'll understand where we differ. I am finally learning how to let go of people who drain me completely of all my good energy; it's not safe to continue to hold on to that. 

Perhaps, you will decide one day that my words are important and stumble across this blurb of sorts. If this open letter hurts you on some level, I hope you have the bravery to communicate that with me. I have nothing but love and respect for you.

I haven't always been compassionate towards you. I claim responsibility for the distorted image you must carry of who Christ is (God materializes himself in each one of us as humans). Many times, mostly out of defense, I would yell at you, instead of praying for/with you and for that I truly apologize. I will try to do better in the future with every being I encounter, jusy because I know better. 

This does not speak specifically one person, but I think "you" will know exactly who you are. As much as I want to hold on, it is time to forgive and release.

-Chymere A.

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  1. This is sad, but it's a necessary growth in life. I still look back kinda fondly at a former best friend and wonder how she is and what she's doing but then I think about how draining her energy was and like you said, how it went against my energy to protect my realm. I always remember that things happen for a reason and if someone's out of your life, that should be heeded to. It's great that a demise was able to teach you so much about becoming a better person to others


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