Friday, February 21, 2014

WildflowersUnscripted | Day #21: 21st Photo + A Story Behind the Photo

DAY #21: 
Share the 21st picture in your phone and story behind it

Have you ever just had a perfect day, where everything seemed right with the world? I experience a myriad of these days, sometimes in clusters. I am convinced it's because I believe they actually exist and I hold on to them tightly, in the case that I forget.  This day was perfect and I can't remember if anything in particular happened to cause this;  I only remember feeling completely free, and being happy, full of energy, and blissfully in love...

It was Spring semester 2008 when this photo happened, so this is definitely a throwback.  Unplanned and candid, my boo (at the time) snapped a photo of me and my bestie/teammate/roommate/sister-separated-at-birth holding hands as we were leaving his dorm room.  Time with him always made me happy, but it was something about this day in particular...

Now that I think about it, both of us were literally in an extremely good mood at the same time, a type of telepathically in-sync thing that we experienced quite often.  The weather was aligned with that mood, too. I can't recall where we were headed exactly, but I do know that the day only got better from that point.  And no, we didn't plan to have on similar outfits for the day.  It was the first time I'd seen her since practice that morning and when I left the dorm, she was sleep. 

Browsing through old pictures, I came across this one and immediately saved it to my phone, because it was so reflective of how I felt that day.  I adore photos that capture the moment perfectly, just like this one.

When God blesses you will special memories, don't just let them fade with the passing time.  Hold on to them tightly, in the case that you ever forget.



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  1. Love the closing line. I wish one photo could spark such vivid memory such as this, feelings yes, but I think a memory is harder for me to conjure up, especially one from so long ago so I'm envying that about you as I read lol. And it was cute that you guys ended up wearing something similar without trying to, it's a bff thing :)


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