Tuesday, February 18, 2014

WildflowersUnscripted | DAY #18: My Body

Wildflowers Unscripted Day #18:
My Body

In my eyes, I am bigger than average, but in very much in shape. Wide shoulders propel me through deep waters and flawless legs kick behind me effortlessly when I fly, but I never considered my 5'.2" tattoo art covered frame on its own to be a bit of sexy, at least not in a physical sense (although I feel sexy very often). The curls in my hair rise toward the sun, defying gravity.  Despite what society would deem as imperfect, I've learned to celebrate my body and I honor what makes it happy.  With a few exceptions, of course, here is a list of things that my body completely benefits from on so many different levels:   

Things that make [my body] happy:

  1. Dancing around the house to my favorite tunes. I am probably the worst dancer ever in the history of my bloodline, but it gives me so much joy to just release and allow my body to just move without limits or structure to music.  
  2. Meditation.  Recently, I began Kundalini yoga classes. It's hard to even explain in a few sentences what it's done for my mind, body, and spirit and how much more I'm learning about my own internal energy. I will say though that, so far, it's majorly improved my balance in keeping me present and centered.
  3. Good food.  Being vegan has really changed how I see food, but it doesn't change my appetite. However, the way I eat the food I love now isn't damaging or counterproductive to a healthy lifestyle. It's awesome really. [Check out my vegan blog : EVOLVEGAN --- shameless plug.]
  4. Swimming. Occasionally, I'll go shoot some hoops at a local park or gym. Sometimes I'll run a few miles. But swimming is truly what I love to do and will do for the rest of my life. 
  5. Nature walks/jogs are so peaceful and refreshing.  Science would say it's a very mind stimulating activity that gets the creative juicing flowing, so that in theory is a plus.
  6. Daytime showers and night baths are just as relaxing and good for you as movement is. Perfect for starting the day and perfect for unwinding at the end of a long one. 
  7. Spa treatments.  I don't do this as often as I probably should, so when I do, it's like Christmas. Great way to recharge and recenter.
  8. Waking up naturally.  You know those rare days in the mix of the constant go where you don't have anything to do the next day except to just be and somehow, everyone and the universe knows to not interrupt your slumber?  I adore days like that.
The original intent for today's challenge was to muster up the courage to create some model-esque visual for this post, but that never happened. And I thought it to be misleading to use a shot of someone else's. Perhaps one day, I'll come back and fill in the spaces with a classy risque photo shoot, but for now, this is the best I can give.  



  1. Great post! I think as people we will always have those things we wish to change but it's important to love ourselves as we are. I love what you do for your body, meditation feels wonderful. And I too like to dance badly to myself around the house lol music and water make my body instantly feel alive

    1. Thank you...and yes...water is absolutely my happy place.

  2. There's this day spa in Norcross that would be perfect for an Atlanta bloggers' meetup... I feel an idea brewing!


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