Monday, February 17, 2014

WildflowersUnscripted | DAY #17: Near Death Experience

The night before I hadn't slept, but I made several lengthy trips like the one ahead with no sleep to speak of. However, this time, I was extremely sleepy; apart of me knew it felt a little different this time and I should schedule my time accordingly.  My agenda called and I needed to get back to NC.  I even tweeted for someone to pray for me, because I was facing a 6 hour drive in a sleep deprived condition.  

Well apparently someone prayed for me...

Janet Jackson sang in the background as I drove along. I purposely planned to listen to songs I could sing along to. Usually, that keeps me awake on long drives.  All of a sudden...B O O M !!!   The car went thrusting violently in the back of a massive SUV.  How long had I been sleep? I'm alive, I guess. Did I kill anyone? I had no time to sort through and answer the millions of questions swimming in my thoughts. The airbags exploded as the car spun out of control with me in it.  Eventually, I landed smashed in a tree in the middle of an interstate median.  My head was spinning; I couldn't decipher whether I was in a realm between death and hell or if I was still in my human existence on earth. 

Shell shock. Hypertension. Panic attack. Trauma.  All of these things happened at once. I felt my breathing shorten, eyes flushed with tears. My body was in so much pain and I could've sworn I was bleeding from the inside out.  

The scene swarmed with blue and red lights. Cops. Paramedics. The works. Finally, I caught my breath. Not really sure how I went from point A to point B, but I found myself in the passenger side of a police car, conversing through sobs and sweat with a friendly cop about what just happened, or at least, what I could recall.  According to one of the nearby witnesses, I fell asleep at the wheel, which prompted them to dial 911.

Immediately, I wanted to know the status of the people around me.  It always happens that the irresponsible driver lives while the innocent bystanders reap the consequences.  That was not the case.  There was only one other vehicle involved. All the passengers inside were safe.  The other surrounding cars pulled over to call the accident in.  I discovered from my talk with the cop that it was actually an entire web of strangers who genuinely cared about the safety of the other and the other driver involved decided not to press charges, even though there was a young child in the back seat. Incredible.   

I was released to view my car before the tow truck came.  My 2004 Toyota Corolla was completely perished.  As much as it hurt me to see my dependable little Carrie in such a harsh condition, I couldn't figure out how I even made it out of that car, or how I still had functioning limbs.  Everything had completely caved in from the midpoint of the front two seats all the way to the tip of the hood, glass was everywhere from the shattered windshield, yet I survived without a scratch. 

I made one phone call and three of my closest friends were there in a heartbeat. No questions. No hesitation. They carpooled an hour out of town to come to my rescue, sympathizing with me to make sure I was okay and long enough to make a laugh seep through my tears.  That was the coconut icing on the cake.

Once I was able to catch my breath again, prayers began to erupt from my soul. Oh sweet breath! I praised God for sparing my life and the lives of others.  From that point on, I was so humbled, so grateful for the smallest of things.  I didn't know what I did to deserve such amazing grace that day, but I knew it could only mean that I am here for a reason and the best way to show my appreciation is to live on purpose every. single. day.

-Chymere A.


  1. I'm so glad you're ok. What an eye opening experience! I'm so glad others were there to help.

  2. Woooow Ive never been in car accident but I am so glad you are okay, I always like to think that God has a plan for those He blesses with survival from these kinds of situations. What a great write up of this experience and I imagined it gave you your perspective on life :)

  3. Wow Chymere that just gave me chills. Look at GOD. Those strangers were your angels riding along with you while your angels above rode in the car with you. I am speechless.


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