Sunday, February 16, 2014

WILDFLOWERSUNSCRIPTED | DAY #16: I'm a Wildflower Because...

After writing this, I realized that the words came out as an expansion of my manifestA, therefore, I feel like I'm constantly adding to my story.  That's a beautiful thought and it may not have ever crossed my mind to write one in the first place.  

I am a wildflower because I am shamelessly myself.  
I am aware of my divine feminine energy the lies within and I recognize that same power in other women.
I become more self aware with each passing day.
I have grown into a woman who aims for internal completion rather than seeking temperamental, external things/people to complete her. 
I no longer make room for people who are toxic to my being. 
I believe in love, magic, friendship, despite what has happened in the past, because I am able to shift my attention to things that really matter.
I have become aware of the things I radiate by what I feed my mind, body, and spirit. 

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