Saturday, February 1, 2014

Soundtrack Saturdays: Vol. 85 {Nikki Jean}

Remember back in 2007 when Lupe Fiasco's second album, 'The Cool' dropped and these beautiful vocals strummed on the chorus of 'Hip Hop Saved My Life'? Well, she sings to me once again, giving me butterflies and nostalgia all at once. Words cannot express how excited I was to discover that singer/songwriter, Nikki Jean partnered with producer, Double-0 to cover to Ab-Soul's "Drift Away". This song and the one to follow have been the background to my thoughts and in heavy rotation all week.

Little did I know, she released new music sometime towards the end of last year for a project scheduled to release this year! Nikki Jean is such an incredible artist and I only hope her career sky rockets from this point. However, she's one of the few artist, I think, who does what she does purely for the art, whether fame and fortune is the end benefit or not. I'm excited to see what she has up her sleeve, but until then, I'll just rock to this a million times per day. Ah-mazing.

Chymere Anais

Also love: Steel & Feathers (Don't Ever), co-written by Bob Dylan.

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