Tuesday, January 28, 2014

WildflowersUnscripted | February 2014 Writing Challenge

From a Wildflower and Twenties Unscripted, two amazing lifestyle blogs for women, has invited us all to participate in a writing challenge that will inevitably force us to dig a little deeper and explore our creativity. It intrigues me, mainly I'm usually the one to skip details and sort of avoid the topic itself by writing around it. I encourage you all to participate as well; you may just learn a bit about yourself. Just the same, it will be a fun experience to learn about other people, who are also writers, artists, bloggers, etc.

With this daily project, the month of February will be stuffed with content on this blog, since there are a few post that I already have scheduled and the regular Soundtrack Saturdays will be posted along with all of that. I'm really excited and hope that some of you are inclined to join me! 

Chymere Anais


{For a further explanation, rules, and hash tags, click here}


  1. Very inspiring, but will/can you do all this?


  2. Can't wait to see your writings! These women came up with a brilliant idea. You really do learn a lot about yourself through that sort of honest self-reflection

  3. When I first discovered this challenge, I thought it was amazing. I started writing bits down in my notebook but I'm not sure if I'm going to participate publicly. Either way, it's an awesome idea.


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