Saturday, January 25, 2014

Soundtrack Saturdays: Vol. 84 {A Whimsical Mood}

1. A Thousand Years x Jon Schmidt (piano), Steven S. Nelson (cello)

2. Dream of You x Grillade

3. Dreamland x Andy Allo (Blu)

4. So Many Details x Toro x Moi
5. By Your Side x Sade
6. Move Love x Robert Glasper (King)
7. Unexpected Delight x Flying Lotus (Laura Darlington)
8. Liquid Spirit x Gregory Porter
9. Like a Star x Corinne Bailey Rae
10. Free x Stevie Wonder

This week, I've really been in a mood for whimsical music and thought provoking sounds. While I was in the process of creating the playlist for today, I stumbled across an absolutely beautiful piano/hello instrumental of one of my favorite love songs of all time, A Thousand Years x Christina Perri. Together, these two amazing musicians just took me to some kind of enchanted foreign land and I couldn't figure out why it's my first time hearing this cover. Not only did it put me in a spiritually refreshing mood, it sent me on an unexpected voyage, so to speak, of digging relentlessly through musical archives on the world wide web.

By the end of the journey, I came across San Francisco based band, Grillade, and fell in love instantly. I've also rekindled a musical love lost by rediscovering singer/songwriter, Andy Allo. Her voice truly is paradise; how in the world did I ever forget!? Continuing the playlist, I've also been listening to a lot of Corinne Bailey Rae, Stevie Wonder, Gregory Porter, Sade, King, Toro y Moi, and, still studying Robert Glasper material closely. Last but not least, I finally took a listen to Flying Lotus' LP, Until the Quiet Comes, which lead me back to all the way back to his first LP, I believe, 1983. Talk about a week long jam session that will prolong well into the rest of my weekend, I'm sure. What a great week it's been!

On another note, I have been meaning to take serious time to organize all of my music and put more music on my iPhone, as I have intentionally saved an efficient amount of space just for audio.  It's just so much easier to have direct access to (most of) the music I love. Somehow, finding new music and rediscovering old loves inspired me to stop procrastinating on the one To-Do-List item that has been screaming at me for months. Too add to that, I have to thing of something to celebrate Vol. 100 of the Soundtrack Saturdays series, because it will be here before I know it.  I thought about doing a Top 100 favorite tracks, but...who knows?  It will be massive, that I'm certain of.  

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed the music post for today.  It was a bit long winded for a music blurb, but I've been in that zone a lot lately. Thanks for rocking with me, despite the occasional rambling! 

Chymere Anais


  1. That's so cool that you're almost at 100 with these Soundtrack Sundays, what a milestone man :) I've never particularly cared for A Thousand Years but this piano cover is changing my mind a little, it's absolutely beautiful - easily one of my favorite musical instruments to listen to. I like that you constantly introduce me to something new that I end up loving. Dreamland is amazing

  2. I love this. I adore your taste in music and I need to do the same as far as putting music on my devices. I am so bad with that,

    1. Yea i've been bad at it, but I'm more about convenience these days lol ...and thank you so much!

  3. I'm blown away by that cover of A Thousands Years and Dreamland. I just added these to my favorites on YouTube.


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